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Premier League Winners: 1992-2022 | Rise and Fall of Giants!

The Premier League has ever since the start in 1992, been the league with the most attention. Not only are the English people involved in the league, but millions of people worldwide are and it has been the most-watched sports league for more than a decade.

Below are all the Premier League winners, since the start in 1992 to the most recent season. In the end, we also listed all the end-of-season tables.

Before going through each season, here’s how many Premier League titles each team have.

Manchester United135
Chelsea FC55
Manchester City53
Arsenal FC36
Liverpool FC15
Blackburn Rovers11
Leicester City10
Newcastle United02
Aston Villa FC01
Tottenham Hotspur FC01

Premier League Winners of Last 10 Years (92-22)

Here are all the Premier League winners by year, from the first season in 1992 to the most recent season.

1992/1993Manchester UnitedAston Villa FC
1993/1994Manchester UnitedBlackburn Rovers
1994/1995Blackburn RoversManchester United
1995/1996Manchester UnitedNewcastle United
1996/1997Manchester UnitedNewcastle United
1997/1998Arsenal FCManchester United
1998/1999Manchester UnitedArsenal FC
1999/2000Manchester UnitedArsenal FC
2000/2001Manchester UnitedArsenal FC
2001/2002Arsenal FCLiverpool FC
2002/2003Manchester UnitedArsenal FC
2003/2004Arsenal FCChelsea FC
2004/2005Chelsea FCArsenal FC
2005/2006Chelsea FCManchester United
2006/2007Manchester UnitedChelsea FC
2007/2008Manchester UnitedChelsea FC
2008/2009Manchester UnitedLiverpool FC
2009/2010Chelsea FCManchester United
2010/2011Manchester UnitedChelsea FC
2011/2012Manchester CityManchester United
2012/2013Manchester UnitedManchester City
2013/2014Manchester CityLiverpool FC
2014/2015Chelsea FCManchester City
2015/2016Leicester CityArsenal FC
2016/2017Chelsea FCTottenham Hotspur FC
2017/2018Manchester CityManchester United
2018/2019Manchester CityLiverpool FC
2019/2020Liverpool FCManchester City
2020/2021Manchester CityManchester United
2021/2022Manchester CityLiverpool FC

End-of-Season Tables

1992/1993 – Manchester United

1993/1994 – Manchester United

1994/1995 – Blackburn Rovers

1995/1996 – Manchester United

1996/1997 – Manchester United

1997/1998 – Arsenal FC

1998/1999 – Manchester United

1999/2000 – Manchester United

2000/2001 – Manchester United

2001/2002 – Arsenal FC

2002/2003 – Manchester United

2003/2004 – Arsenal FC

2004/2005 – Chelsea FC

2005/2006 – Chelsea FC

2006/2007 – Manchester United

2007/2008 – Manchester United

2008/2009 – Manchester United

2009/2010 – Chelsea FC

2010/2011 – Manchester United

2011/2012 – Manchester City

2012/2013 – Manchester United

2013/2014 – Manchester City

2014/2015 – Chelsea FC

2015/2016 – Leicester City

2016/2017 – Chelsea FC

2017/2018 – Manchester City

2018/2019 – Manchester City

2019/2020 – Liverpool FC

2020/2021 – Manchester City

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