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FA Cup: Winners By Year

The FA Cup is one of the oldest tournaments in the world. It started in the late 1800s and developed quickly into one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. Today, the popularity and status of the FA Cup have only increased.

With the rich history of the FA Cup, it’s always interesting to look back at the past winners. Below is breakdown of all the FA Cup winners, from the first tournament in 1871 to the most recent event.

Before going through each year, here are the teams with the most FA Cup titles

Here are all the FA Cup winners, from the start in 1871 to the most recent tournament.

1871–72Wanderers FC1–0Royal Engineers
1872–73Wanderers FC2–0Oxford University
1873–74Oxford University2–0Royal Engineers
1874–75 (First Game)Royal Engineers1–1 Old Etonians
1874–75 (Second Game)Royal Engineers2–0Old Etonians
1875–76 (First Game)Wanderers FC1–1 *Old Etonians
1875–76 (Second Game)Wanderers FC3–0Old Etonians
1876–77Wanderers FC2–1 (e.t)Oxford University
1877–78Wanderers FC3–1Royal Engineers
1878–79Old Etonians1–0Clapham Rovers
1879–80Clapham Rovers1–0Oxford University
1880–81Old Carthusians3–0Old Etonians
1881–82Old Etonians1–0Blackburn Rovers
1882–83Blackburn Olympic2–1 (e.t)Old Etonians
1883–84Blackburn Rovers2–1Queen’s Park
1884–85Blackburn Rovers2–0Queen’s Park
1885–86 (First Game)Blackburn Rovers0–0West Bromwich Albion
1885–86 (Second Game)Blackburn Rovers2–0West Bromwich Albion
1886–87Aston Villa2–0West Bromwich Albion
1887–88West Bromwich Albion2–1Preston North End
1888–89Preston North End3–0Wolverhampton Wanderers
1889–90Blackburn Rovers6–1The Wednesday
1890–91Blackburn Rovers3–1Notts County
1891–92West Bromwich Albion3–0Aston Villa
1892–93Wolverhampton Wanderers1–0Everton FC
1893–94Notts County4–1Bolton Wanderers
1894–95Aston Villa 1–0West Bromwich Albion
1895–96The Wednesday2–1Wolverhampton Wanderers
1896–97Aston Villa 3–2Everton FC
1897–98Nottingham Forest3–1Derby County
1898–99Sheffield United4–1Derby County
1899–1900Bury FC4–0Southampton FC
1900–01 (First Game)Tottenham Hotspur2–2Sheffield United
1900–01 (Second Game)Tottenham Hotspur3–1Sheffield United
1901–02 (First Game)Sheffield United1–1Southampton FC
1901–02 (Second Game)Sheffield United2–1Southampton FC
1902–03Bury FC6–0Derby County
1903–04Manchester City1–0Bolton Wanderers
1904–05Aston Villa2–0Newcastle United
1905–06Everton FC1–0Newcastle United
1906–07The Wednesday2–1Everton FC
1907–08Wolverhampton Wanderers3–1Newcastle United
1908–09Manchester United1–0Bristol City
1909–10Newcastle United1–1Barnsley FC
1909–10Newcastle United2–0Barnsley FC
1910–11 (First Game)Bradford City0–0Newcastle United
1910–11 (Second Game)Bradford City1–0Newcastle United
1911–12 (First Game)Barnsley FC0–0West Bromwich Albion
1911–12 (Second Game)Barnsley FC1–0West Bromwich Albion
1912–13Aston Villa1–0Sunderland FC
1913–14Burnley FC1–0Liverpool FC
1914–15Sheffield United3–0Chelsea FC
1919–20Aston Villa1–0 (e.t)Huddersfield Town
1920–21Tottenham Hotspur1–0Wolverhampton Wanderers
1921–22Huddersfield Town1–0Preston North End
1922–23Bolton Wanderers2–0West Ham United
1923–24Newcastle United2–0Aston Villa
1924–25Sheffield United1–0Cardiff City
1925–26Bolton Wanderers1–0Manchester City
1926–27 Cardiff City1–0Arsenal FC
1927–28Blackburn Rovers3–1Huddersfield Town
1928–29Bolton Wanderers2–0Portsmouth FC
1929–30Arsenal FC2–0Huddersfield Town
1930–31West Bromwich Albion2–1Birmingham City
1931–32Newcastle United2–1Arsenal FC
1932–33Everton FC3–0Manchester City
1933–34Manchester City2–1Portsmouth FC
1934–35Sheffield Wednesday4–2West Bromwich Albion
1935–36Arsenal FC1–0Sheffield United
1936–37Sunderland AFC3–1Preston North End
1937–38Preston North End1–0 (e.t)Huddersfield Town
1938–39Portsmouth FC4–1Wolverhampton Wanderers
1945–46Derby County4–1 (e.t)Charlton Athletic
1946–47Charlton Athletic1–0 (e.t)Burnley FC
1947–48Manchester United4–2Blackpool FC
1948–49Wolverhampton Wanderers3–1Leicester City
1949–50Arsenal FC2–0Liverpool FC
1950–51Newcastle United2–0Blackpool FC
1951–52Newcastle United1–0Arsenal FC
1952–53Blackpool FC4–3Bolton Wanderers
1953–54West Bromwich Albion3–2Preston North End
1954–55Newcastle United3–1Manchester City
1955–56Manchester City3–1Birmingham City
1956–57Aston Villa2–1Manchester United
1957–58Bolton Wanderers2–0Manchester United
1958–59Nottingham Forest2–1Luton Town
1959–60Wolverhampton Wanderers3–0Blackburn Rovers
1960–61Tottenham Hotspur2–0Leicester City
1961–62Tottenham Hotspur3–1Burnley FC
1962–63Manchester United3–1Leicester City
1963–64West Ham United3–2Preston North End
1964–65Liverpool FC2–1 (e.t)Leeds United
1965–66Everton FC3–2Sheffield Wednesday
1966–67Tottenham Hotspur2–1Chelsea FC
1967–68West Bromwich Albion1–0 (e.t)Everton FC
1968–69Manchester City1–0Leicester City
1969–70 (First Game)Chelsea FC2–2 Leeds United
1969–70 (Second Game)Chelsea FC2–1 (e.t)Leeds United
1970–71 Arsenal FC2–1 (e.t)Liverpool FC
1971–72Leeds United1–0Arsenal FC
1972–73Sunderland AFC1–0Leeds United
1973–74Liverpool FC3–0Newcastle United
1974–75West Ham United2–0Fulham FC
1975–76Southampton FC1–0Manchester United
1976–77Manchester United2–1Liverpool FC
1977–78Ipswich Town1–0Arsenal FC
1978–79Arsenal FC3–2Manchester United
1979–80West Ham United1–0Arsenal FC
1980–81 (First Game)Tottenham Hotspur1–1 Manchester City
1980–81 (Second Game)Tottenham Hotspur3–2Manchester City
1981–82 (First Game)Tottenham Hotspur1–1 Queens Park Rangers
1981–82 (Second Game)Tottenham Hotspur1–0Queens Park Rangers
1982–83 (First Game)Manchester United2–2 Brighton & Hove Albion
1982–83 (Second Game)Manchester United4–0Brighton & Hove Albion
1983–84Everton FC2–0Watford FC
1984–85Manchester United1–0 (e.t)Everton FC
1985–86Liverpool FC3–1Everton FC
1986–87Coventry City3–2 (e.t)Tottenham Hotspur
1987–88Wimbledon FC1–0Liverpool FC
1988–89Liverpool FC3–2 (e.t)Everton FC
1989–90 (First Game)Manchester United3–3 Crystal Palace
1989–90 (Second Game)Manchester United1–0Crystal Palace
1990–91Tottenham Hotspur2–1 (e.t)Nottingham Forest
1991–92Liverpool FC2–0Sunderland FC
1992–93 (First Game)Arsenal FC1–1 Sheffield Wednesday
1992–93 (Second Game)Arsenal FC2–1 Sheffield Wednesday
1993–94Manchester United4–0Chelsea FC
1994–95Everton FC1–0Manchester United
1995–96Manchester United FC1–0Liverpool FC
1996–97Chelsea FC2–0Middlesbrough
1997–98Arsenal FC2–0Newcastle United
1998–99Manchester United FC2–0Newcastle United
1999–2000Chelsea FC1–0Aston Villa
2000–01Liverpool FC2–1Arsenal FC
2001–02Arsenal FC2–0Chelsea FC
2002–03Arsenal FC1–0Southampton FC
2003–04Manchester United3–0Millwall FC
2004–05Arsenal FC0–0 Manchester United
2005–06Liverpool FC3–3 West Ham United
2006–07Chelsea FC1–0 (e.t)Manchester United
2007–08Portsmouth FC1–0Cardiff City
2008–09Chelsea FC2–1Everton FC
2009–10Chelsea FC1–0Portsmouth FC
2010–11Manchester City1–0Stoke City
2011–12Chelsea FC2–1Liverpool FC
2012–13Wigan Athletic1–0Manchester City
2013–14Arsenal FC3–2 (e.t)Hull City
2014–15Arsenal FC4–0Aston Villa
2015–16Manchester United2–1 (e.t)Crystal Palace
2016–17Arsenal FC2–1Chelsea FC
2017–18Chelsea FC1–0Manchester United
2018–19Manchester City 6–0Watford FC
2019–20Arsenal FC2–1Chelsea FC
2020–21Leicester City1–0Chelsea FC
2021-22 Liverpool FC0-0 (6-5 p.)Chelsea FC

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