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About Us

I’m Connor, the owner of I started playing soccer when I was 3 years old and I’ve loved it ever since. As a junior, I was one of the most promising players in my state, which lead to a lot of different alternatives when it was time for college. When I turned 19, I moved to Florida to play NCAA Div 1 college soccer, which turned out to be one of the greatest and worst decisions that I could do for my career.

I had 2 great years, played every match and scored pretty much every other game as a midfielder. However, in year 2, I injured my knee very badly and were unable to play for an entire year. One year later, I was back on the soccer field, but after only 10 minutes of play I injured my knee once again. I got told that If I kept playing at this level, I wouldn’t be able to run at all in a few years. So, I decided to quit and a new career started – as a soccer coach.

I’m now 24 and coaching is just as fun as playing yourself (if not more). I started this site to share my knowledge about the sport and to genuinely give out helpful information. You will find everything from gear recommendations, what the pros use, to articles about how much soccer players make. SoccerPrime is the ultimate resource to learn everything about soccer.