Serie A: Player Salaries (All Teams)

Serie A have been one of the highest paying leagues for many years now. However, the pay gap is bigger than any other league in Europe. If you compare the highest paying clubs with the lowest ones, it’s pretty shocking.

Below is a breakdown of the average player salary for all the teams in the Serie A. As you can see below, Juventus FC is currently the club that pays the best in the league, while Spezia Calcio pays the least.

The average player salary in the Serie A is €1,800,930 and the average yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €40,068,650.

TeamAverage Annual SalaryYearly Wage Bill
1. Juventus FC€7,688,250€102,307,000
2. Inter Milan€4,481,130€102,307,000
3. SSC Napoli€3,778,200€94,455,000
4. AS Roma€2,707,700€70,400,000
5. AC Milan€1,840,750€49,700,000
6. ACF Fiorentina€1,687,888 €30,382,000
7. Torino FC€1,646,864€36,231,000
8. Atalanta BC€1,459,500€24,812,000
9. UC Sampdoria€1,222,800€30,570,000
10. Genoa CFC€1,217,188 €19,475,000
11. Cagliari Calcio€1,135,000€24,970,000
12. SS Lazio€1,109,375€35,500,000
13. Bologna FC€1,051,640€26,291,000
14. Sassuolo Calcio€882,267€21,174,400
15. Udinese Calcio€862,611€15,527,000
16. Benevento€731,653€19,023,000
17. Hellas Verona FC€406,850€13,833,000
18. Spezia Calcio€196,590€4,235,000

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