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Ligue 1: Player Salaries

The Ligue 1 has been one of the top-paying leagues in the world for quite some time now. However, the pay gap between the teams is higher than in any other league. While Paris Saint-Germain receives the most attention, there are many other quality teams in the league that are a little bit overlooked.

Below is a breakdown of the average player salary for all the teams in Ligue 1. As you can see, Paris Saint-Germain is currently the club that pays the best.

The average player salary in Ligue 1 is €1,176,910 and the average yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €25,755,500.

Below is a breakdown of the average player salary for each team in the Ligue 1

ClubAverage Annual SalaryYearly Wage Bill
1. Paris Saint-Germain€6,623,478€152,340,000
2. AS Monaco€2,565,789€48,750,000
3. Olympique de Marseille€2,149,067€38,683,200
4. Olympique Lyon€1,712,360€39,384,300
5. AS Saint Etienne€974,434€22,412,000
6. FC Bordeaux€846,400€19,467,200
7. Stade Rennais FC€840,615€20,174,700
8. LOSC Lille€826,420€19,834,100
9. OGC Nice€768,746€19,218,660
10. Montpellier HSC€630,120€10,712,000
11. FC Nantes€592,956€14,823,900
12. Angers SCO€509,275€12,222,600
13. Stade De Reims€504,895€10,602,800
14. RC Strasbourg€469,300€9,386,000
15. Stade Brest€312,709€6,879,600
16. FC Metz€306,750€7,668,650
17. RC Lens€296,391€7,113,400
18. FC Lorient€255,463€7,408,440

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