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7 Best Soccer Gifts for Boys

Soccer is the biggest and best sport on the planet and children around the world become obsessed with the game from a young age, soon they’ll be wanting gifts for their birthday or at Christmas that are tailored to this love. 

There are so many different soccer-related gifts that you could get a boy, however, some are just better than others.

Today we’ll be giving you an idea of what to buy, by showing you what the 7 best soccer gifts for boys are. 

1. A Soccer Jersey

First up, possibly the most obvious choice in this list (but also the most reliable and easy to find items), you could buy your boy a Soccer Jersey.

Of course, the choice of which one is very important, especially if you don’t know what team the boy supports as there would be nothing worse than buying a Liverpool Jersey for a Manchester United fan for example. 

The best places to find Soccer jerseys are at sports stores, however, these days they are almost always cheaper when bought online. I would always recommend buying your jersey from the team’s official store as this removes the possibility of fakes, it also means you can get official name printing and sleeve patches on the jersey. 

If you are unsure of what jersey to buy, Messi and Ronaldo’s jerseys are always a good idea. Otherwise, I listed the coolest soccer jerseys of all time in this post.

2. Backyard Soccer Goal

You need space for this gift, so make sure you know that the boy you’re buying a soccer goal for has a big enough backyard to fit them in (and that the parents are ok with it too!).

Soccer posts in the backyard are a staple for many soccer fans, they allow you to practice your skills without having to leave home and play for a proper team.

There is a range of posts available, from full-sized to pop-up goals the choice is a difficult one. I would recommend starting at the smaller end for younger children and gradually increasing the size of the goal for older ones. 

You may also want to include a soccer ball with this gift. 

I listed my backyard soccer goal recommendations in this post.

3. Backyard ‘Rebounder’

Similar to buying soccer posts, a backyard rebounder can be the perfect gift for a boy that likes to play by himself or does not have parents that can play soccer 24/7. 

The way a rebounder works is simple, you kick the ball at the ‘net’ area of the device, which is springy, this of course fires the ball back towards you so that you can practice your first touch. The speed that the ball comes back to you depends on how hard it is kicked at the rebounder to begin with. 

This gift is the ideal way for a boy to improve both their passing and close control of the ball, once again without having to leave their backyard and engage in any official training sessions. 

I listed my soccer rebounder recommendations in this post.

4. A Copy of FIFA

Over the past decade, the world’s obsession with EA Sports’ FIFA Franchise has simply grown and grown. Boys around the globe have become transfixed by the game that allows them to live out all of their soccer fantasies from the comfort of their bedroom. 

The concept of the game is that you get to control (or build) your favorite team and take on the world, with both online and offline modes included in the game. The latest edition of the game will be FIFA 23 which will be released towards the end of September and should cost around $60 to pre-order from any reputable retailer. 

FIFA 23 is also set to be the final edition of the franchise, so grab it before it’s too late.

I listed the best FIFA games of all time in this post.

5. LEGO Soccer Stadium 

This is a more niche choice of a gift but is certainly one that will impress any boy who loves both Soccer and LEGO. The LEGO Brand has recently released a collection of the world’s best soccer stadiums in a brick form that is extremely detailed and very cool. 

Some of the stadiums included are Old Trafford, Nou Camp, and the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The price range of these gifts is on the more premium side, so make sure you know it’s a gift your boy will like before buying one. 

The best place to purchase these stadiums is directly from the LEGO website as they are not available cheaper anywhere else (this is not a guarantee though, so keep your eyes peeled for deals). 

6. Soccer Cleats

Another rather simple gift, but one that you cannot go wrong with is a pair of Soccer cleats. They are the most basic item of clothing that is needed for a boy to play the game, so if they don’t have a pair yet they simply have to get them. 

Boys can often be rather picky about which brand of cleat they want to wear on the field so make sure you know what company their favorite is before buying. The most notable brands are of course Nike and Adidas, these are also the highest quality cleats on the market right now. 

If I were to buy a pair of cleats for a boy, I would go for a pair of Adidas Predators. The German brand has made this model of cleat for many years, and they are as historic as they are stylish. 

Here are some more resources to help you find the right pair of cleats:

7. Tickets To a Match 

This gift is a foolproof one, tickets to see your favorite team play are just the best gift that any boy can receive, especially if they have never been to see a match before. There are some things to look out for when buying match tickets though.

Firstly, make sure you buy them for the right team! Nobody wants to go and watch their rival play, trust me. Secondly, ensure that you always buy tickets directly from the ticket office of the team you want to see in order to avoid being scammed by fakers. 

The best place to watch a Soccer match is behind the home goal in my opinion, as these stands usually contain the most loyal supporters and generate the most noise in support of their team. 

Hopefully, this short guide has helped you decide on what soccer gift to buy for a boy in your life.

If you’re interested in soccer gifts for girls as well, I listed my gift recommendations in this post.