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9 Best Adidas Soccer Cleats

Adidas has been one of the leaders in soccer cleats for quite some time. Soon after officially launching, the Adidas Samba became the first soccer cleats on the market with a molded multi-side rubber sole. Shoe technology has advanced quite a bit since those early days, but Adidas has remained a significant player.

There are quite a few different boots out there, so it’s a little difficult to pick out the best of the best. The good news is that with plenty of choices, a person can find the fit for them that works best. Here are the best nine right now for any type of player.

1. Adidas Performance Copa 20+

The very first Copa Mundial shoe was released in 1979. It has seen plenty of updates since then, and it now comes with the best technology and plenty of high-quality material. The leather is used specifically to help mold the shoe to the foot.

Players love the glove-like feel that it provides, and it works specifically well for players who rely on supreme touch on the pitch.

It’s not the flashiest looking shoe in some colorways, but it is a performance model that stacks up well against anything out there. It does well in providing players with a shoe they can trust every single time they play.

It has outstanding traction, is very lightweight, and holds up throughout a long season. It might not be the best cleat for everyone, but it’s a true stand out as a cleat that does a lot of things very well.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Perfect amount of touch and feel on the ball
  • Break-in not necessary


  • Lacks some of the technology of other cleats out there
  • Sizing is a bit tricky

2. Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi 17.3 FG

As a signature shoe of Lionel Messi, Adidas has to put in great technology. The stand-out Argentinian has been with Adidas for quite some time, and this shoe brings a lot of value to the table to make it fit for the best.

Standard features include top-level traction, an outsole built for fast and aggressive play, and some great technology overall in the boot. Players at many different positions can benefit from the cleat, but strikers, in particular, seem to gravitate towards them.

The focus should be on the outside here, as it’s one of the things that helps it stand out from others from Adidas. They use an outsole inspired by Messi himself, and the studs are configured to help with explosiveness on the field. They work very well on firm conditions, allowing players to dictate the match on their terms.

All the cutting-edge technology a person could ask for is found on the shoe as well. It is very breathable in the top, as the mesh upper is also extremely supportive. It feels a lot different than a leather cleat, but some people prefer the modern technology type of feel instead.


  • Top-end technology makes for a very lightweight shoe
  • Outsole provides great traction
  • Endorsed by Lionel Messi


  • Not everyone will appreciate the shoe’s design with Messi’s name on it
  • Some complain about it feeling too flimsy and lightweight in certain conditions

3. Adidas Performance Nemeziz 17.3 FG

Players don’t necessarily have to get the shoe that is fully endorsed by Lionel Messi. Adidas also makes a version that is a little cheaper and doesn’t have the branding of the superstar on it. It still functions pretty much the same exact way, so it’s more of a stylistic difference than anything.

Players will benefit from the same type of cutting-edge technology on the shoe, and how supportive it is on the field. Players love the futuristic feel of the boot and the way it plays compared to other options out there.

They tend to have a few more colors available that aren’t endorsed by Messi as well, which is a positive for some people out there.


  • Slightly more affordable than the Messi option
  • Provide the same technology as the other Nemeziz


  • Feels a little lightweight
  • Popular sizes and colors sell out quickly

4. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1

At first glance, these cleats are going to grab some attention. They have a very high cut to them, and a unique texture on the outside. Some people are instantly drawn to these and intrigued, while others might think it is a bit too much.

The Sockfit collar is perfect for people who want a great amount of support while also keeping the weight down. Even though it is a high-top type of fit, it certainly doesn’t feel that way from a weight perspective. Players will get added stability and better ankle support by going with this cleat over some of the lower cut options.

Spin and control are essential for any soccer player, and the 406 spikes on the cleat definitely stand out. The Demonskin provides some amazing swerve on the ball for players who are capable of doing that.

This makes it a very advanced soccer shoe for great players out there looking to take their game to the next level. There is a reason why top players are using these cleats now more than ever.

The cleat is built for any surface, so there isn’t much to hate on with the Predator Mutator 20+. They aren’t for everyone, but a certain type of player will really enjoy these.


  • Outstanding ankle support
  • Spikes allow for amazing spin
  • Very stable


  • Hard to benefit from the added spin for lower-level players
  • Laceless design isn’t for everyone

5. Adidas Freak X Carbon

Some players enjoy a more high top level of design, which is exactly what the Adidas Freak X Carbon brings to the table. Not only will players get a very comfortable and lightweight feel, but having that extra protection in the ankle area is something that certain players will truly benefit from.

Ankles are very important to soccer players for obvious reasons. While some players are just fine with low-cut shoes, they aren’t for everyone. For high-top designs to have success, it’s still must be very lightweight and not restricting at all. Adidas does exactly that with the Freak X Carbon.

Beneficial for any type of player, it’s worth trying out for a different fit if other Adidas shoes don’t really feel right. Some people fall in love with a high top and never look back.


  • Very comfortable
  • Outstanding ankle support
  • Works for all positions


  • High top design adds a little weight
  • Not the most durable cleat

6. Adidas Predator 20.3

The Predator line for Adidas is known for providing high-quality shoes at an affordable price, especially with the 20.3. They might not have all the technology of some of the others out there, but the Predator 20.3 is a great budget option.

There are some things that people will love about the issues that make their way from the higher-priced options. It has a laceless setup that provides a very big strike zone, and players will have more accuracy as well.

It doesn’t have the same type of spikes as some of the other cleats out there, but there is a bit of texture to add spin to the ball on the shoe as well.

The Predator comes in a mid-cut option, which helps support ankles very well. They also have a low cut option for players who want that instead. It just really comes down to personal preference in the end.


  • Great budget option
  • Quality ankle support
  • Laceless design


  • Added texture doesn’t make too much of an impact
  • A little bulky

7. Adidas Performance Goletto VI

For players looking for excellent value out there, the Adidas Performance Goletto VI is a great option to pick. It has very lightweight leather that holds up on real grass very well, and it gets more and more comfortable the longer a person wears it.

The shoe lacks the same type of premium technology that people might be used to, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some people like a little more simplicity, and it makes for an affordable option for players who are just starting out as well.

The cleat stays very comfortable on foot the entire match. Even though it weighs a little heavier than some of the premium options, it doesn’t feel that way in real-world situations. Players will find that this is a surprisingly good takedown option that can work for practice or matches.


  • Lightweight for the cost
  • Great traction on grass
  • Very affordable


  • A little heavy
  • Cleats don’t do that well on wet surfaces

Making The Final Decision

While all of the soccer cleats mentioned above are great options, the Adidas Performance Nemesis 17.3 is the one that I would recommend the most. Try it out at least once and I would be surprised if you didn’t end up buying a pair. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Whether a person is a fan of Lionel Messi or just wants a more basic version of the cleat, it is the best overall option right now for the average player. It fits most feet very well, has position versatility, and the color choices are amongst the best. It is not the perfect cleat, but most will find it beneficial.

Here is the full list of the best Adidas soccer cleats