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11 Best Soccer Rebounders

There are plenty of soccer drills people can practice on their own, but there are certain situations where an extra set of feet could come in handy. For those who do not have anyone to practice with, a soccer rebounder might be the next best thing.

Rebounders have been around for some time, and they are used in sports as a way to help individuals train. It is not always an ideal situation, but investing in a rebounder ensures that a player continues to improve. These are the best in the business right now, with options for kids to professionals.

1. QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

This rebounder is the perfect size for soccer players, but it can be used in other sports as well. Available in a few different sizes, players can get precisely what they need out of training every single time.

Although only one side is useable, there is a 30° angle adjustment for the right type of ball delivery. Players can get a high or low pass back, and they can work on precision as well. If everything tilts a certain way, there is a small box for low passes, and a high box to pop things up.

A lot of rebounders are not exactly designed to stay outside all the time. It is a very quick way for them to show their age and break down in general. With durable construction, headlined with a powder-coated steel frame, people do not have to worry as much about the durability of this rebounder. This allows people to even go as far as anchoring the rebounder to the ground in a more permanent way, preventing it from moving around at all.

QuickPlay has a few different options out there, and they are known for high-quality products overall. People are paying a bit of a premium for this high-quality design, but with outstanding materials and a two-year warranty, some feel it is worth the extra bit of money.


  • Built for all-weather play
  • Adjustable angle for different types of rebounds
  • High-quality netting


  • Sizes could be just a little bit bigger across the board
  • A little hard to move around

2. Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

This is one of the sturdiest, high-end rebounding trainers on the market right now. It seems pretty simple at first glance, but it provides consistency that is hard to beat anywhere else. On top of that, it is built for anyone from beginners to players who can crush the ball.

Made entirely of one piece, the chances of it breaking down are very slim. It is built to handle a lot of power, and it has a very tight pattern so that it is hard to create any type of damage to the netting.

The 2-inch aluminum frame is all supported with 3 mm thick steel brackets. The way it is shaped, it is not going to move anywhere unless it is time to change positioning for practice. It weighs roughly 35 pounds when everything is set up, which gives it enough weight to stay outside during inclement weather as well.

Since it is such a sturdy piece of equipment, it is a little hard to make completely portable. That is one drawback of this rebounder, with the other being the price point. People should understand that they need to spend a decent amount of money to get the best, but it might be hard to justify the price for players still learning.


  • Pro-level trainer
  • Capable of holding up even in bad weather
  • One-piece design


  • A little hard to move around
  • Expensive

3. PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer

This is one of the top sellers online, and many are blown away with just how much they can do with the PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer. It is a true 2-in-1 soccer rebounder net, allowing people to improve all parts of their game.

Players can lineup on either side of the training net to get practice in if they want. This allows for an all-around work out without having to spend any additional money. There are no adjustments that are necessary to get the right angle, although tweaks can be made if a person wants to.

As sturdy as it is, many are surprised that it only weighs about 15 pounds. This means that it can be packed up and moved at certain places, although it is a little bulky. Even when it is collapsed, it might be hard for certain players to carry with them everywhere.


  • Two different ways to train with no adjustments
  • Strong enough for all ages
  • Lightweight


  • Not always in stock
  • Some parts feel a bit flimsy

4. PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer

For something a little more portable and inexpensive, the smaller rebounder from PodiuMax is perfect. It does not give that much space to work with, but it is curved to allow for a very unique bounce that mimics actual soccer balls coming back.

The first thing people notice is that this is much easier to move around than the bigger option talked about above. That comes in handy for people who are doing a lot of solo training and do not have an extra set of hands to help out. It might be a little bit limited as far as sizes are concerned, but being able to adjust for different angles certainly helps.

It is also very sturdy, so players do not have to worry about getting inconsistent bounces if they do not hit the middle every time. That is sometimes a problem for the smaller rebounders, but it provides a consistent bounce every single time.

This is a perfect size for children, and parents do not have to spend nearly as much money for this trainer. For adults, it makes training a little more refined to hit a specific spot.


  • Outstanding size for a portable trainer
  • Helps children learn ball control and passing
  • Angle is adjustable


  • Not durable enough for most adults
  • Some parts feel a bit flimsy

5. Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer

Looking for a true soccer rebounder that also comes in the shape of a goal? This is the perfect option for people who are willing to spend a little bit of money on a high-quality product. Players can use one side to work on different types of training, while relying on the goal side to practice shots without having to retrieve the ball each time.

One of the most enjoyable things to practice with any type of rebounder out there is taking actual shots. Instead of guessing whether they will go in on a goal or not, having a goal built into the rebounder makes a lot of sense. It cuts off some of the angles that a flat rebounder may offer, but it gives instant feedback for all skill levels.

Goalrilla is a trusted name in sports, so it should come as no surprise that this is a very well put together rebounder. It comes at a price, but the construction means that it will hold up for a very long time.

It is something different for people who want a rebounder built more specifically for soccer, and many seem to like practicing all parts of the game.


  • Exellent way to practice actual shots on goal
  • Two-sided for training versatility
  • High-quality build


  • Expensive
  • Ball bounces back in a weird way that could injure goalkeepers practicing

6. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

This brand offers many different training options for all different sports, so it should come as no surprise that they have at least one option for soccer training. This is one of the best overall trainers out there, and versatility is a big reason why.

Players practicing with the trainer will have a chance to use either side for consistent returns. One is more for practicing balls in the air, while the other is built for an aggressive type of ground game. Players need to be able to practice those skills, so having the ability to do both pays off in a lot of ways.

The larger side is 6‘ x 4‘, while the smaller side is still 6 feet wide, but only 20 inches. It might seem like a tiny bit of usable space for some people, but other than that, it is a pretty affordable and versatile option worth putting on any shortlist.


  • Two different sides for different practicing
  • Very durable
  • Provide a consistent bounce for pinpoint training


  • Rebound area is a little small
  • Tough to pack up and move around to different areas

7. Crazy Catch Freestyle

The Crazy Catch Freestyle takes reflex training to a whole new level of flexibility. Thanks to the patented dual layer net, it’s impossible to predict where the ball will return. That comes in handy for players expecting the unexpected, especially when practicing goalkeeping. The same goes for developing a solid first touch that allows players to be very consistent.

It’s hard to find a more portable rebounder for soccer that holds the same quality as the Crazy Catch Freestyle. If you are a goalkeeper and is looking for a cheap, portable rebounder to take your game to the next level, it’s hard to find a better option than the Crazy Catch Freestyle.


  • Helps players react to bad bounces
  • Perfect for goalkeepers
  • Portable


  • Durability
  • Slides around too much without proper anchors

8. Franklin Sports 12 x 6 Soccer Rebounder

As one of the biggest soccer rebounders on the market, there is a ton to appreciate with this option. Players who want to mimic a lot of the same type of play found in actual matches can do exactly that with this setup.

Measuring in at 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall, the rebounder works for those improving their shots, and those looking to improve goalkeeping skills as well. This versatility alone makes it worth it for a lot of people, as it is truly a one size fits all for any skill level or position. Even college or professional players can benefit from a high-quality rebounder like this.

The construction is very solid as well, so it will be able to withstand some pretty hard strikes over and over again. About the only downfall is that the straps are a little vulnerable at times, but it is a pretty easy fix if something does go wrong.


  • Very spacious rebounder allows for realistic practice
  • Beneficial for goalkeepers
  • Capable of handling fast, hard shots


  • Hard to move to different areas for training
  • Straps are not the sturdiest

9. Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder

Priced affordably to help younger players develop skills, the Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder is a perfect first option. Players who kick the ball very powerfully are not going to get too much use out of this, but younger players will love having a smaller option just for them.

The rebounder is very much like a mini version of the 12 x 6 option above. It is so small that it is easy to move around to different parts of the yard, or even take it to a park to practice there. Nothing needs to be torn down, as it will be able to slide into a lot of different cars.


  • Built for younger players
  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Provides consistent solo fun for children


  • Not capable of holding up long for adult play
  • Straps could be better

10. Franklin Sports MLS Soccer 2-in-1 X-Ramp

What makes this rebounder stand out from the rest comes down to a pretty simple curved angle. The angle in the net means that the ball does not bounce back the same way as most. Instead of a pretty consistent, straightforward bounce, the system actually directs the ball a little upward so that there is curve coming back. This looping effect mimics a more well-known way of playing, which is a huge payoff for individuals.

This would be a true contender for the best on the market if it were just a little bit bigger. It seems like a great concept from Franklin, but not built for more advanced players. It limits the rebounder a bit, but it is an affordable investment for many still developing.


  • Easy to fold up and move around
  • Provides a very realistic ball back to players
  • Sturdy


  • Too small for more advanced training
  • Wasted space with subpar straps

11. Forza Rebound Soccer Wall

Getting very closely to the actual dimensions of a soccer goal, the Forza Rebound Soccer Wall is a great value. Players can use either side, allowing them to practice certain skills along the way. Despite being pretty big, it is actually effortless to move around, so players do not need a huge amount of space to get a workout in.

One trade-off for a rebounder that is very easy to move around is the fact that it does not seem particularly sturdy compared to others. In fact, when it takes some tough shots on the upper part of the net, it seems to rattle around a bit to the point that it seems like it might be tipping over. Powerful players who are looking to refine their skills might keep that in mind, as it might not be built to handle such hard shots consistently.


  • Very spacious for different drills
  • Provides a realistic bounce every time
  • In-ground anchors provide additional support


  • Not the best at handling powerful shots
  • A little expensive for the lack of features

Making The Final Decision

There are a lot of high quality option that make this list, but the SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer is the perfect blend of performance and affordability. Players have a ton of variety practicing any type of shot they want, and all ages can benefit from the trainer as well. Above all else, it is built to last, and the company will make things right if anything does break down. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Here is the full list of the best soccer rebounders