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13 Best Portable Soccer Goals

Having some type of goal is pretty much essential for any kind of soccer training. The problem is, traditional goals are very heavy and almost impossible to transport without a lot of effort. That’s why portable soccer goals are so popular, and they come in many different sizes.

Whether a person is looking for a goal that is close to standard size or a mini-goal, there are some very affordable options out there. The 13 options below will give people plenty to think about.

1. GOLME PRO Portable Soccer Goal

Having reliable pop-up soccer goals can help with anything from a small game to training. They are very affordable, portable, and make the game fun. From GOLME, this company has put together a very simple set available in three different sizes.

One of the first things that stands out with this goal option is that they are very easy to set up. They twist right open for easy play, and they are very compact when not in use. The three different sizes help so that a person can get what they need to work on their skills. The 2.5-foot option is great for younger players, while the 6-foot option can be used for actual match play.

Why do these make the list over some of the competition? The build of this net is simple, yet very durable. There’s no reason why people can’t get years of play out of them, as they can withstand even the hardest shots on goal.


  • Three different sizes
  • Glows in the dark for night play
  • Very easy to open and set up


  • Takes a little bit to stabilize completely
  • Not the cheapest option out there

2. GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

Coming in at roughly the same price as the option above, GoSports has a pair of pop-up soccer nets that are very valuable for players of all ages. They have four different sizes to choose from, and picking between a round or square goal is also important.

The set up is very easy to get down just right, and they are ready to use almost right away. The round goals are more for training, but the square goals can help out younger players when they are trying to learn the game. They fit nicely in the backyard, but they can be taken to the local park and work well also.

Why spent a little more money on these nets over some of the competition? The lifetime warranty is perhaps the biggest selling factor. GoSports stand behind their product 100%, and they want to make sure that every person they work with is delighted.

To complete the training set up, there are also six cones included with every order. They fit nicely into the travel bag as people get ready for their next move.


  • Easy setup
  • Includes six cones for additional training


  • Sizing can be a little difficult to figure out for beginners
  • Stakes need checked to ensure proper lockdown

3. RUNNZER Portable Soccer Goal

Exposing children to soccer at an early age can help grow the sport. For backyard training and just the right size, RUNNZER offers these portable soccer goals. It is shaped much like the real thing, and children can get a lot of use out of it before they graduate to something bigger.

The goal has pretty good size, as it is 4.5 feet wide at the base, and 2.5 feet tall. This allows younger kids to grow a bit with that before having to replace it with something else. It’s also very durable, so it will last for years if kids are getting a lot of use out of it. Fiberglass poles are very high-quality, and the mesh used is about as durable as one can find in this price range.

In fact, one of the best things about this net is that people can leave this outside and still get plenty of use out of it. For those who have a backyard set up, that makes a lot more sense than taking it down and putting it back up all the time. All in all, it’s a perfect trainer option that can also go on the road if needed.


  • Very durable construction
  • Easy to set up and knockdown
  • Big enough for years of use for children


  • Only sold by themselves, not in pairs
  • Not everyone is a fan of the goals unique trapezoid shape

4. NET PLAYZ 4ftx3ft Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal

One of the most highly rated full of net options out there for younger players comes from NET PLAYZ. They have one of the fastest setups out there, making soccer a truly portable game played anywhere. With quality parts and a net that holds up in any weather, this is a perfect solution for people with not much space.

Keep in mind that these goals are not meant for the power of highly skilled players, and they will hold up fine. They are so lightweight and easy to set up that a kid can handle everything without assistance. 


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Built specifically for younger players
  • Netting holds up in any weather


  • Doesn’t work very well indoors
  • Design feels a little flimsier than the competition

5. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

When Franklin put together this portable goal, they wanted something that sets up extremely easily. It might not be the most durable or sturdy option out there, but it plays well and fills in when it is needed most.

Whether a person needs something as big as 12 ‘x 6 ‘, or a much smaller trainer, Franklin has plenty of options. It pops up very easily, and even the biggest model is sturdy enough for adult play without too much of an issue. It’s not going to stand up quite as well as some of the thicker frame models, but people are trading that for flexibility.

Affordability is outstanding for something like this, and that is a big reason why people decide on it in the first place. They might not work for any type of serious match, but as a trainer, they easily do the trick.


  • Built for extreme portability
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Multiple sizes


  • Not incredibly sturdy
  • Tough to use outside of training

6. AmazonBasics Outdoor Soccer Goal

The AmazonBasics Outdoor Soccer Goal is designed for those people who don’t want to spend a ton of money. They have a 12 ‘x 6 model, as well as a 6 ‘x 4 ‘model. It’s not designed for a lot of serious play, but it sets up very quickly and holds up well we left outdoors. Players love the fact that it’s very inexpensive and good enough in many cases, which is all people are looking for when spending such a small amount of money.

If there is a complaint, it’s the fact that the netting could be a bit better. Not only do the Velcro straps sometimes come on done, but the net doesn’t feel as durable as other options. It still holds up well, but just be aware that the netting helps keep the cost down. Amazon stands by their products, and if anything does go wrong, they will gladly make things right.


  • Two different sizes
  • Very affordable
  • Frame holds up well in different weather conditions


  • Netting could be better
  • Ground anchors aren’t the best

7. Vallerta 12 x 6 Ft. Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Soccer Goal

Soccer players online have fallen in love with this soccer goal made available by Vallerta. It is priced just under $100, it has amazing weight and sturdiness to it, and it holds up under any type of weather conditions. It’s about as close to perfect of a training option out there, and the company stands behind their product as well.

Available in either black or white, the most noticeable feature has to be the galvanized steel frame. It is 1.25 inches in diameter, and coated for extra durability and rust prevention. This goal can be kept up at all times, and it will still perform at a high-level.

The netting is also high-quality, as it comes in a square knot and triple twisted polythylene twine. Even the highest skill level of players can kick full power shots into the net and not have to worry about any breaks.

Set up is pretty easy, but it will take a little longer than some of these other portable options. In total, expect set up to take around 10 to 15 minutes. Most people are willing to make that sacrifice, considering the high-quality it provides.


  • Solid, durable frame
  • Polyethylene twine that holds up well
  • One year warranty


  • Takes a little longer to set up and teardown
  • Might be too big for some training areas

8. PowerNet Soccer Goal 12×6 Portable Bow Style Net

A big, portable net that holds up well is hard to come by for many shoppers. This 12 ‘x 6 ‘ bow style option might look tough to set up, but it can be set up and used in different locations in minutes. That’s just one of the huge selling factors of this net.

The net is strong enough that it can be put up outdoors, or even indoors. The frame is very sturdy, so players of all skill levels will find it easy enough to take shots at without any risk.

Players won’t want to do too much heavy actual play with the goal, but it works well for training purposes. It is the largest net available in this article, so high-level players will find plenty of uses for it.


  • Very big size
  • Sturdy frame
  • Packs up well


  • Can’t work that well for serious match-like play
  • While it works indoors, it moves around a lot

9. FORZA Flash Pop-Up Soccer Goals

Need small goals that pop up in a matter of seconds? Forza has everything covered, and they do so at a very affordable price. Sold in pairs of two, their goals have uses for all ages.

Some of the pop-up goals out there are designed only for younger soccer players. This goal is very heavy duty, despite its small size. The fiberglass plastic frame stays dirty the entire time, while also making sure that the goal is lightweight. The net is also very durable, so advanced players can feel comfortable taking full power shots at everything.

A great bonus with these goals come with the visibility strips surrounding the frame. This helps during tougher conditions, or late in the day.


  • Set up in seconds
  • Cheap
  • Very sturdy for a pop-up goal option


  • Branding is a bit in your face
  • Deep stakes don’t go in well in certain ground

10. Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal

Franklin is a very trusted company that provides affordable options across the board. This looks like a very simple soccer goal for many different uses, but it holds up extremely well compared to the competition.

People can choose between anything as large as 12 ‘x 6 ‘, and as small as 6 ‘x 4 ‘. All of Franklin’s goals are made of a premium steel that holds up in any type of weather. They made sure to coat the steel frame so that it holds up even better than the competition, allowing people to leave it outside if they want to.

The netting itself is very durable, and also comes in an optic yellow that many people like. They provide a little more visibility, and makes the goal pop compared to other options.

Setting things up in a new place is very easy, and the goal should stay in the ground just fine using only the ground steaks provided. All in all, it’s perfect for multiple uses for soccer players out there.


  • Three different sizes to choose from
  • Steel frame is coated for extra protection
  • Netting stands out and holds up well


  • Frame could be a little thicker
  • Net color might not be a favorite for everyone

11. AmazonBasics Soccer Training Pop Up Goal Collection

Anyone shopping AmazonBasics knows that they are going to get an affordable option. What many might initially gloss over as a brand trying to do too much by developing soccer goals, really turns out to be an affordable option that works very well.

These pop-up goals are perfect for training, coming in sizes of 2.5 feet, 4 feet, and 6 feet. They are very quick and easy to set up, and made of some solid materials as well.

Players of all ages find a use for goals like these, since they can definitely be beneficial in training. It might not seem like a smaller goal option makes that much sense, but it does help with precision not only shooting goals, but passing drills as well.


  • Very affordable
  • Always in stock and ready for shipping online
  • Pops up in seconds


  • Not the sturdiest pop-up option
  • Won’t last particularly long

12. Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal Net Set

For a smaller training goal option, it doesn’t get much better than these nets. Sport Squad has done a great job putting together an affordable pair of nets that look very modern and stylish, while still serving as durable options for people to use anywhere.

As one of the most lightweight options out there, people might initially think that they are not going to hold up under heavy usage. They prop up well and stay strong, even with advanced players taking shots on net.


  • Fast to pack up and travel with
  • Sold in pairs
  • Steel stakes provide much-needed stability


  • Some parts of the goals can rip easy
  • Hard to fit back into the bag at times

13. Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals

With six sizes to choose from, Forza has a very popular and affordable option for soccer fans. They are all made of premium-level PVC, which means that they are going to hold up even in heavy use. The top end option is a little expensive, but most people are very happy with how lightweight the goal is and how easy it is to move around.


  • Very thick, durable frame
  • Locking system provides additional stability
  • Nets are high-quality


  • Bigger sizes can get pretty expensive
  • PVC might seem a little cheap to some

Making The Final Decision

Out of all the soccer goals mentioned above, the Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals is the one that we’ve had the best experience with.

This option is affordable, durable, and has the perfect size for any type of training. The setup takes a little longer, but the positives outweigh everything else. Players wanting to focus on quality training every single time can benefit from this goal.