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7 Best Soccer Gifts For Girls

Soccer is fast becoming one of the worlds most played sports by girls, with opportunities for youngsters and adults alike growing exponentially over the past few years.

With this in mind, if your daughter, niece, or any other young girl you know has taken an interest in the sport lately you may be wondering what gift you should get them? 

Luckily for you, we are here to answer that question, below are 7 ideas as to what the best soccer gifts for girls are. Let’s get to it. 

1. USWNT Home Jersey

The USWNT is the greatest female soccer team in history, having won the FIFA Women’s World Cup on four occasions (only three other countries have ever lifted the trophy) and as such, they are the base from every other country to build from. 

If you’re from the United States then the ideal gift to get a girl is a USWNT Home Jersey as they can wear it to training with pride, perhaps with their favorite player’s name blazoned across the back. Personally, I’d go for Alex Morgan or Megan Rapinoe. 

If you’re from across the Atlantic, England’s national team is becoming one of the most fearsome sides in the world so maybe go for their shirt instead. The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is fast approaching, so make sure the girls in your life are prepared!

You can check the current price on Amazon here.

2. Soccer Player Guess Who?

A classic board game with a twist. 

We’re all familiar with the idea of the popular board game guess who? If you aren’t, the premise of the game is to guess different features of a fictional person’s appearance until you can figure out which character your opponent is pretending to be. 

For a soccer-themed version of the game, the idea is the same however you must pretend to be a famous Soccer player and guess different things about the player (such as what country they are from, etc.).

It’s a game that will not only help with a girl’s knowledge of the game, especially when they are first getting into Soccer; it is also hours of family fun. 

3. Shin Guards & Sleeves

When a child first takes up a contact sport like soccer, safety always has to be at the forefront of your preparation and thinking when it comes to buying the equipment. The most commonly forgotten item when it comes to safety is shin guards. 

The purpose of shin guards is simple, they protect a player’s shins and ankles from being injured whilst playing soccer. Slide tackles are often rather reckless and uncontrolled in youth soccer, as players don’t quite know how to perform them safely yet. It’s always better to air on the side of caution in this sense. 

Shin guards aren’t cool, but you can get some better-looking sleeves for them to go inside. These sleeves hold the shin guards in place and prevent them from sliding out of position whilst playing, so they are important to buy too.  

I listed my shin guards recommendations in this post.

4. UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 Ball 

The latest edition of the UEFA Women’s Euro Championships was the most iconic ever. Hosted and won by England, the matches were full to the rafter with fans from around Europe wanting to witness the best players from their continent lock horns at some of the most famous stadiums in England. 

Given that this was a major tournament, there was of course an official match ball produced by UEFA that was used throughout the competition. The design of the ball is sleek and stylish, making it a must have for any girl interested in the sport. 

The price tag for the ball is rather large, with it coming in at over $100 so make sure it’s something that your girl wants before you buy it. Be sure though, that if they turn up to the park for their next game with their friends, your child will be the envy of all having this ball at her feet. 

5. Copy of FIFA 23 

Just like Soccer, gaming is quickly becoming one of the favorite pastimes for girls across the country and the most popular game amongst soccer fans is of course the EA Sports FIFA franchise.

The game is released each year and allows fans to play as their favorite team and country as they please.

There is a special reason to buy the latest version of the game for fans of Women’s soccer though, as the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be featured on the game as a post-release add-on later in the games cycle.

There is also Women’s club Soccer in the game for the first time, with the WSL featuring heavily in the advertising campaign for it. 

6. Soccer Books 

For girls that want to learn more about the history of the sport that they love, there is no better gift than a book that explains this in detail.

There are so many books out there that cater for all age groups, so make sure you get one that is age appropriate for the girl in your life. 

For older girls, I would recommend a book that was realized this summer. The title of the book is ‘A Women’s Game: The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Women’s Football’.

The book covers the incredible story of how the game went from being so important during wartime, to it’s eventual decline and later rebirth in the past decade. It is a vital read for any fan that wants to learn about how Women’s Soccer has grown to what it is today. 

7. Posters of Their Favorite Player 

For anyone working on a tighter budget, young girls love to have posters around their bedrooms. What better way to show their love of soccer than having posters of their favorite players everywhere?

There are things to think about when buying these posters though, mainly that you make sure the girl likes the player that you have bought her a poster of (nobody wants a Liverpool player poster as a Manchester United fan for example). 

If you aren’t sure what player to pick, a poster of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Neymar is always a good idea. 

Hopefully, this brief guide has helped you decide what to purchase for the Soccer mad girl in your life, pass it on to your friends if they need some aid too.

If you’re interested in soccer gifts for boys as well, I listed my gift recommendations in this post.