What Are The Best Seats For a Soccer Game?

Although many of us may have stood on the sidelines of our child’s or sibling’s soccer match and handed out orange slices at halftime, there is so much more to live soccer than that.

Soccer is a profitable sport around the globe, and stadiums have been built as monuments to the game. However, fans may not know where to get the best view of the game or know where to sit.

What are the best seats for a soccer game? The best seats for a soccer game are, in general, those seats near midfield, as close as possible to the pitch, or in the Supporters section. It does depend on what you’re looking for as a fan and what type of venue is hosting the game that you’re attending.

Picking The Best Seats For a Soccer Game

SeatCostValue For Money
Field LevelExpensive3/5
Clubs and SuitesVery Expensive2/5
Midfield ViewsAverage4/5
Supporter SectionsAffordable5/5

In Major League Soccer, in particular, soccer games may be held in American football stadiums. These shared venues are beneficial, but in general, American football stadiums have much higher seating capacity than soccer-only stadiums.

While this means there are more seats available for fans, it also means that some of the seats are quite far away. There may also be areas blocked off for soccer games in order to prevent fans from using those areas where they may have a bad experience.

Here’s what you need to know about the different seats.

1. Field Level

Whether you’re in a soccer stadium or a football stadium, field-level seats are going to get you closest to the action. Since they’re in high demand, these will also be fairly pricey tickets. They may also come with amenities like in-seat wait service or access to exclusive and upscale clubs.

In terms of cost, field-level at midfield are some of the most expensive seats fans can buy. However, if you’re looking to spend a little less but stay close to the ground, look for sideline and corner seats.

If you arrive early and head down to your seat, you can also see the players warming up and may even have a chance to talk with them. You may also be extremely close to the players and managers for the entire game if your field-level seats are on the side that also hosts the player benches.

2. Clubs and Suites

Stepping up in both price and distance from the field, the box seats or suites are some of the most high-value areas at any sporting event.

Since the majority of soccer games are played in open-air stadiums, these suites offer protection from the elements, comfortable seating, wait staff, and upscale food and beverage options.

Some stadiums have a level of boxes all around the field, so views will be dependent upon where you’re situated. However, since they’re usually a bit higher up, there isn’t really a bad box seat in the house.

3. Midfield Views

All the action on a soccer pitch starts from midfield, and from beginning to end, midfield seats offer great views of the game. As mentioned before, those seats that are field level and midfield are going to be costly. If you’d rather stay near midfield, there are some cheaper options.

Many fans head to higher rows or even into upper decks in order to stay at midfield. These seats can, in some cases, offer even better overall views of the pitch and the game. With higher sightlines, this game perspective is actually preferred by many fans.

4. Corners

Whether you’re there in person or watching on TV, it’s easy to know when a corner kick is about to happen. This is because all of the fans yell, “Corner!”

Seats at the corner of the pitch give you a decent view of all of the action, especially if you’re a bit higher up.

They also have the benefit of providing great views of set pieces like corner kicks and penalty kicks. These can be some of the most exciting moments of the game, so proximity to them is a win for a lot of fans.

When sitting in a corner section, you are nearer to the goal. Since teams switch sides at halftime, you will get to be by your team’s side for half of the match, and since scoring goals is, well, the goal of the game, you’re sure to have an exciting time.

5. Supporter Sections

Now, the fans are undoubtedly some of the best parts of soccer, and sitting in the Supporter Section is an experience unto itself. These are usually located directly behind the goalie and feature steep stairs and rows.

This is because most of the time the fans are standing up the entire game, and having a steeper incline allows all of the fans to see above each others’ heads. Supporter Section tickets tend to be general admission, so there are no assigned seats.

Liverpudlians (or at least those who are Liverpudlian at heart) will know about one of the world’s most famous Supporter Sections: The Kop at Anfield. Although it looks different now than it did when it was built in 1906, it is still a dream of many Liverpool fans to see a game from the Kop.

Although there are usually no assigned seats in the Supporter Sections, at least in England, there are no Supporter Sections that are strictly standing only.

After a tragedy at Hillsborough in 1989 where too many fans packed into the standing room only section, all stadiums in England were updated so that every ticket now comes with an assigned seat. This allows for better control over the number of people entering the stadium.

In addition to the raucous and rousing atmosphere, seats behind the goal line offer fans a unique perspective. Fans get to see more or less what the goalie sees, which can be incredibly exciting.

Weather Considerations

Since soccer truly is a global sport, there is any number of weather situations that can accompany a game that you want to attend. Be prepared to face rain, blazing sun, or snow. If having some cover is critical, try to find seats that are underneath the stadium’s overhangs.

Many soccer stadiums don’t have roof structures, even retractable roofs, but the aesthetic designs of these stadiums do sometimes mean there are shaded areas.

Additionally, look at shade maps for the time that you plan to be at the stadium. These will offer advice on how the sun and the shade move around the stadium, so you can pick based on your preference.

Since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it’s no surprise that enjoying a live soccer game is a wonderful experience for fans.

Stadiums are set up to provide as good an experience as possible at all levels, but each section of the field offers pros and cons. Just make sure you’re at your seat when the game starts so that you get to enjoy every second of the 90 minutes.

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