7 Best Soccer Balls For Juggling

Juggling a soccer ball is not only a skill that helps players on the pitch, but it can be a very entertaining aspect of the game as well. The problem is, not all soccer balls are meant for juggling purposes, so it could be a little challenging to find the right one.

From pretty cheap ball options to high-end soccer balls, these are all great for juggling. People who want to entertain and train at the same time will love having any of these to turn to. No matter the surface or location, there is never an excuse not to find a way to work on your juggling skills.

1. Senda Street Style

For those who want something to practice juggling nearly anywhere, the Senda Street Style ball is definitely worthy of consideration. It will allow players to work on their juggling skills anywhere without having to worry about a ball getting messed up. A traditional soccer ball can only take so much abuse on hard surfaces, but this is a totally different option.

The soccer ball is rough and tough, but it still allows players to develop skills. It is also very affordable, so players do not have to worry about spending a ton of money to work on their skills in a certain location. Even those who do not plan on playing street soccer can benefit from the durability of a ball to practice juggling with.


  • Three layers of lining for extra toughness
  • Plays on any surface
  • High-quality rubber 


  • Outer surface can be a little sticky at first
  • Not a top choice for people juggling on softer surfaces consistently

2. Adidas Tango Street Skillz

Training with this streetball from Adidas is definitely a good experience for those who do not want to be super safe with their ball at all times. Just simply give this to someone trying to get better, and let them work on juggling skills anywhere. It does great on hard surfaces, but they can perform like a real soccer ball on grass just as well.

Hand-stitched and built to provide a low and realistic bounce, there is a lot to love about the ball in general. It is durable enough that players will get plenty of use out of it, and no one else to worry about marking it up. Adidas knows that street soccer is on the rise, and it is a ball of choice for jugglers who prefer putting in work with hard surfaces underneath them.


  • Trusted brand
  • Works anywhere
  • One of the most durable soccer balls on the market


  • Feels a little heavy
  • Cheaper street balls exist that match performance

3. Uber Soccer Urban Street Ball

Yet another streetball that is excellent for juggling is the Uber Soccer Urban Street Ball. These are sold in many different stores and online, and it is a great way to work on the game without dealing with any damage to another soccer ball.

Built specifically for the streets, the ball is made of 100% vulcanized rubber. There is excellent grip on the ball so that players have plenty of control, and it allows people to juggle during just about any weather condition.

This ball definitely is meant for the streets, but traditional soccer players will still get quite a bit of value out of it overall. Being able to train just about anywhere is certainly beneficial for those trying to up their game. This is especially true when practicing at home, as so many people do not have a ton of room to spread out like a normal soccer field.

Available to work on the concrete, asphalt, gravel, and any other hard surface, those people in urban settings might invest in this to have to juggle around.


  • Very durable
  • Outstanding grip
  • Futuristic look


  • Does not perform well on grass or turf
  • Grip takes some getting used to

4. Nike React Soccer Ball

Players just starting out and not needing anything too fancy will get a lot of value out of the Nike React soccer ball. It is a 26-panel option that is very durable and comes in many different colors. Many love how it gets the job done when providing a good feel and touch for a player.

Made of a butyl bladder that mimics much more expensive balls, players will get a good bounce when juggling. The consistency of the balance also helps out significantly for those who are trying to work on specific skills and get better and better as time goes on.

It might not be meant for any big match by any means, but it is great for a practice ball. So many people buy one or two of these to have for juggling or other types of drills to get better. It plays enough like a real ball for match play that people are satisfied.


  • Butyl bladder is consistent
  • Many different colors
  • Feels a lot like a more expensive ball


  • Not very durable
  • Could hold air a little better

5. Nike Premier League Strike Ball

This ball might seem pretty popular and basic from Nike, but it is one of the best for juggling overall. Not only does it have amazing durability, but there is plenty of technology built into this affordably priced option.

The Nike Aerowsculpt Technology with the ball helps to stabilize everything when it is up in the air. This makes it easier to work on juggling moves, and it plays like a much more expensive ball overall. It is surprising to some that it is right around $35.

The ball also does an outstanding job of maintaining shape and keeping the air inside regularly. There is nothing worse than having to constantly fill a soccer ball up before a session so that they can bounce the right way.

It is hard to find a more well-rounded ball for any type of training or even match play for the price. A lot of people have relied on the Premier League Strike Ball since it was released.


  • Feels like a high-quality ball for a fraction of the price
  • Stitching is very well done
  • Consistent ball flight


  • Not that easy to use on hard surfaces
  • Ball shows dirt easily

6. American Challenge All Terrain Street Ball

Players do not want to feel limited on where they are training with their juggling skills. When changing surfaces is the case, an all-terrain soccer ball is definitely an option worth exploring. This might not look like the traditional type of soccer ball most people are used to, but it is built for a street style of game.

The soccer ball will indeed hold up on anything from concrete to grass. The all-black look definitely stands out, but not everyone is a fan as it blends into some surfaces to hurt with seeing. They have multiple sizes available for all types of players, allowing people to take their juggling skills to the next level.

Priced very affordably, people do not have to worry about this ball at all. It is going to hold up over the long run, and most people end up owning a few of them when they really start to get used to how they feel. It is never a bad thing to have a ball around at all times, and these can be used for drills and juggling.


  • Inexpensive
  • Built to last on any surface
  • Outstanding grip


  • Has a slightly different feel compared to other soccer balls
  • Color can blend into some surfaces

7. Adidas Telstar (Official World Cup 2018 Ball)

The final ball to make this list is definitely on the expensive side, but it is an official match ball that can be used for much more than juggling. Those learning advanced skills to get their game to the next level should look at a ball like this. A lot of matches end up using this as a ball in the first place, so why not try to practice with it?

Since these are very expensive, it is not recommended to use them at any point on cement. It will start to wear the cover of the ball down, and no one has the amount of money to continually make a replacement as far as that is concerned.

Players will get the ultimate amount of performance out of a ball like this with features such as a 3-D texture panel, butyl bladder, stability, and durability. This ball is built to last a very long time, and will be a popular choice when actually playing a match. Having that bit of advantage as far as understanding how the ball moves can help with juggling or an actual match.


  • Consistent performance
  • Textured panels enhance control and grip
  • Officially tested and approved by FIFA


  • Very expensive
  • Does not hold up well when bouncing on cement

Why Juggling a Soccer Ball Matters

Soccer players do not necessarily need to have the best of the best when practicing, but it helps to have something durable enough to live up to expectations for a while. After all, people want to learn how to juggle a soccer ball they are used to in many ways. If it plays too little like an actual ball, the skills aren’t going to translate.

Most players end up collecting at least a few balls as time goes on. Those wanting to make a purchase can start with any of the options above as a great way to learn the game as well. Not only are they great for juggling, but it can be great for matches as well. Anyone wanting to perform and pull off their best moves will need to invest wisely.

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