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7 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

Indoor soccer is one of his many different variations of the traditional sport. With the game being indoors and the surface also differing a bit, that usually means a different ball is used as well.

Shopping for the right indoor soccer ball might seem complicated for someone who has never done so. That’s why these seven are hand-picked to provide high-quality options. No matter the age of the player, getting a quality ball online is a simple process.

1. Select Sport America Brillant Super

The America Brillant Super ball is excellent for high-quality play at an affordable price. It is used for premium matches, and performs well indoors because of the overall feel of the cover.

Every panel is hand-stitched to provide a golf ball-like texture that is consistent. That means when the ball is in the air, it is a nice and stable solution that moves through the air as it should.

An official ball with pro-level quality, it comes in a few different colors to help players stand out in the crowd.

It’s a great indoor ball, and one that also performs well outdoors if a person wants to go that route. The ball will never break the bank, but they provide quality play that shows people that they can train hard indoors.


  • Available on multiple colors
  • Officially licensed
  • Holds air well


  • Some colors can get a little more expensive than others online
  • Availability is sometimes tough

2. Mikasa SX50

One of the best-selling indoor soccer balls of the last few years comes from Mikasa. In particular, this felt covered soccer ball is hand-stitched to perfection and is one of the most durable balls for indoor play. It is excellent with control, and players can direct it to where they want to with relative ease. 

The company has always focused on keeping it extremely affordable for any and all shoppers. The high-quality hand-stitching feels great, and the felt makes it perfect for indoor play.

Don’t take this outside, as it won’t hold up with its cover, but it’s a perfect solution indoors.


  • High-quality hand-stitching
  • Very durable outer cover
  • Works for all types of indoor surfaces


  • Not durable enough for outdoor use, even casually
  • Color choices are limited

3. Franklin Sports Futsal Ball

The Futsal ball offered by Franklin is perfect for parents wanting to make sure their child has the best when playing indoors. It is a bright, vibrant ball that performs well, and having ultimate control for an affordable price helps out in every way.

The ball feels slightly different from a normal soccer ball for outdoors, and it mostly comes down to the cover. It is made of a soft, resilient cover. Even though it’s nothing crazy expensive, it feels like a much more premium ball with the look and performance.

Anyone who has had trouble finding their indoor soccer ball in a crowd will also love that this ball stands out in the crowd. Some indoor facilities don’t have the best lighting, but players never have to worry about it standing out on the playing surface.

Available in a few different sizes, soccer fans playing as kids will like this as an indoor option. It is definitely one to look for at this entry-level price point.


  • Excellent control on passes and shots
  • Easy to see even in poor lighting
  • Bounces consistently


  • Vibrant colors might not be for everyone
  • Not going to last long outdoors

4. Brine Evolution Indoor

Brine may not be the most famous soccer ball company, but their indoor balls are really good. The Brine Evolution Indoor provides an orange color that stands out in the crowd, and the cover is one of the best in the industry for the price.

It is a suede microfiber PU cover that does very well for indoor play. The panels on the soccer ball provide a very consistent touch for players as well.

The ball feels great, but the butyl bladder is excellent for consistent pressure every single time a player steps on the playing area indoors.

Unlike a lot of the balls that are out there, it is going to be pretty easy to keep everything inflated the way it should without topping the ball off every single time.


  • Very comfortable, durable cover
  • Utilizes hybrid panel technology
  • Butyl bladder keeps air in well


  • One color only
  • Shows dirt a little easily

5. Select Indoor Speed

The Select Indoor Speed ball is crafted specifically for indoor play. It is strong and durable, allowing the best players to kick the ball around and succeed. It’s meant to be a durable option, and the cover means that it will last a long time.

The felt cover used is a little thicker than most options out there, while still keeping the same weight. When moving through the air, it is one of the fastest and lightest soccer balls, which allows for some premium shots at the highest level.

Those looking for a high-quality training ball, or even one that can be used for a match, will find this a great option. It’s an indoor soccer ball that most who take the game seriously will use at some point.


  • Premium felt
  • Lightweight, consistent flight
  • Excellent for training or actual play


  • Training with multiple balls can get pricey
  • Feels too lightweight for some

6. Select Numero 10

The Numero 10 soccer ball is meant to be one of the most versatile training balls on the market. It looks like a pretty standard soccer ball at first glance, but the premium materials are what make this a truly sensational option.

It is approved for NHS, NCAA, and IMS play. Why is it such a special option? High-quality stitching and premium materials are used all-around so that it holds up even with the best of the best players. It’s not just one of the best indoor balls, I actually listed it as one of the best overall soccer balls on the market (all surfaces).

There is neoprene foam added to the ball that is not usually included with other indoor soccer balls. This extra bit of softness really helps with not only feel, but getting a consistent bounce. It’s one worth checking out, with virtually no real negatives that will keep people from investing.


  • 32-panel construction holds up well
  • High-quality outer shell for better softness and more control
  • Approved for many different leagues


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Some people have trouble with the ball holding air

7. Mitre Impel Max

Rounding out this list is a quality ball option from Mitra. The company has long been known for putting out quality soccer balls for all different levels, and this indoor ball is perfect for consistent play.

Designed for all types of artificial surfaces, it provides a pretty consistent bounce that players will love.

There isn’t anything too crazy about this particular solution, but it gets the job done as a way to train. A lot of players have at least a couple of these balls to use for drills, but it can also be used in a match in a pinch.


  • Two different sizes to pick from
  • Consistent training ball
  • Trusted company name


  • Might not be premium enough for actual match use
  • A little harder than typical indoor soccer balls

Is It Ultimately Worth Investing In An Indoor Soccer Ball?

If a person finds themselves playing indoors more often than ever, it’s worth spending a little bit of extra money to get something that works for that particular surface.

Too many people don’t understand the differences, and it ends up hindering their overall game. With these affordable, quality options, it is a small price to pay to get a ball that performs well.

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