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7 Best Soccer Cleats For Midfielders

Midfielders need to be capable of doing just about everything on the pitch in order to contribute in a big way. It should come as no shock that a versatile cleat will be the option they are looking for.

What are the best soccer cleats for midfielders on the market right now? These options below are a great starting point for players.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial

When people picture a classic soccer shoe, the Adidas Copa Mundial definitely pops up. It seems crazy that many players are still using a cleat that has been around for so long after all these years. While Adidas has made some upgrades here and there, it still has a lot of the same look that people fell in love with in the beginning.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather, which a lot of central midfielders enjoy. It is a very durable leather that can mold to a player’s foot to feel like they have a genuine connection with the ball. It is a very workman-like cleat that gets the job done without any flashiness whatsoever, which can be perfect for certain types of players.

Some people complain that the lack of color schemes makes this a bit of a dinosaur as far as cleats are concerned. It is definitely not for everyone, but midfielders will still count on this as a cleat that gives them the assistance they need.


  • Stays true to the classic feel
  • Provides great stability
  • Comfortable


  • Lack of color choices
  • Feels a little heavy

2. Adidas Predator 18.2

For a modern upper that seems to be one of the most popular choices out there today, the Adidas Predator has exactly what shoppers are looking for. A PrimeMesh upper that is structured provides a perfect fit for players who want something lightweight and strong.

Everything is designed to help a player feel comfortable when moving around on the pitch, and midfielders, in particular, will love the stability of the shoe.

The heel of the shoe also helps with stability, as a player’s foot stays in place during all the important moments. There is nothing worse than losing even a little confidence because of a lack of stability, as players can feel a little more hesitant about their movement.

Along with the upper being very comfortable, there is ControlSkin located in strategic places as well. Midfielders need to have control of the ball to help their team out, which provides exactly that. Central midfielders have really gravitated towards this cleat over the last few years, and it is one of the best overall options for any type of soccer player needing something that will take them to the next level.


  • PrimeMesh upper is very comfortable
  • ControlSkin helps with passing and shooting
  • Very stable


  • Ankle sleeve is a little higher than some would like
  • Expensive

3. Nike Tiempo Legend

A classic option from Nike that all types of soccer players love is the Nike Tiempo. It is one of the most stable shoes on the market even to this day, and they continue to make some upgrades so that players feel like they are getting exactly what they need.

With the use of fine leather, players love that type of fit right out of the box. It gets better and better as time goes on, which is always a huge positive.. While some are gravitating more towards modern technology and uppers built in that regard, there are plenty of people who still love that traditional leather.

Another way that the shoe has kept up with some modern options is that the stable soul plate is very light. It provides a sturdy grip that makes no compromises whatsoever, while also cutting down on the overall weight.

The great thing about the Nike Tiempo is that it is built for all skill levels. There will be beginners using this cleat, but professionals will still opt for it as well. Maybe there are cleats out there with better technology and cost much more, but there is a reason why this sticks around each and every year.


  • Fit becomes better and better as time goes on
  • Soleplate cut down on overall weight
  • Excellent grip


  • Leather is not for everyone
  • Starts to show wear and tear fairly quickly

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

The Mercurial Vapor is one of the most popular cleats when it comes to midfielders. It has a way of offering an exceptional fit for all types of players, but midfielders have been gravitating toward it for quite some time. Whether it is the AeroTrak technology used to make this a lightweight option or the different style configuration for better acceleration on the pitch, players will feel like they are in control.

The goal of Nike with each new release is to make this a cleat that feels more and more like a barefoot option. It is very secure and rides up against a player’s foot at all times, and it even works well in wet conditions.

There is a reason why so many different professional players use this cleat, and it is not fading away anytime soon. Each new version seems to be better than the next, but midfielders who have a little bit of money to spend should put this at the top of their list.


  • Works well in all conditions
  • Very comfortable
  • Secure, barefoot-like fit


  • Expensive
  • Sizing is a bit hit or miss for new players

5. Mizuno Rebula Cup

For midfielder two are a bit more on the defensive side, this Mizuno option might be a cleat worth considering. It can do a great job of protecting the foot for those trying to get in front of strong attacks. Players can also turn defense and offense, as these cleats provide great precision with passes and quick touches thanks to overall feel.

These all-around options will be great for modern players asked to do so much in the midfield. The versatility of these cleats is great for players who feel like they always need to do something to step their game up for their team. It is even a solid choice for shooting opportunities, as there is a good amount of power behind these cleats that players can unlock.


  • Classic feel with modern technology
  • All-around performance
  • Great touch on passing and shooting


  • Tough to find online at times
  • Feel slightly clunky on the pitch

6. Adidas Nemesiz

A top choice for a lot of players out there is the Adidas Nemesiz. These cleats are back and better than ever, as they continue to make upgrades that make this one of the best options for midfielders out there. It is an all-around option that provides excellent lockdown, but their unique characteristics make them stand out.

There is a split outsole that gives players a soleplate that is very responsive. It is snappier and stiffer in the forefoot, which some players really enjoy. This makes running a little less tiring, and some players have fallen in love with the cleat and never looked back.

Not everyone is a fan of the feel, but it is a great option for all types of players. Midfielders who want to make sure that they are always in control with the ball and playing the way they want to will gravitate towards it in particular. It is a midfielder boot that seems to really be stepping it up to another level, which is all that most people can ask for.


  • Split outsole provides many advantages
  • Lockdown feel
  • Outstanding stability


  • Fit takes a little bit of getting used to
  • Seems to be lacking innovation in the last few iterations

7. Puma One Leather

The cleat might not look amazing at first, but the Puma One Leather is a solid choice for midfielders out there who want stability, support, and a great overall option.

With a lot of leather on this cleat, comfort is going to be great. As a player performs more and more on the pitch, they will have a much better fit overall. There is a really good fit around the ankle, giving players the support they need so that they can make cuts on all type of surfaces.

What people like about a leather upper is that they can have excellent ball control at any point. It can feel like the ball is glued to a person’s foot at times, and it has been a preferred choice for many players out there for quite some time.

Some people do get a little bit worried about leather shoes not holding up for a long time, but this is one of the most durable leather options out there today. Puma has done a great job of ensuring that they have increased the technology used so that these are not going to break down.

Give a Puma One Leather a try if some of the other options have not been able to live up to expectations. Most people come away pretty surprised with how great of an option they are, and midfielders, in particular, love the versatility.


  • Premium soft calf leather
  • Durable for a leather shoe
  • Excellent grip


  • Limited color choices
  • Feels a little heavier than the average midfielder’s cleat

Why Specific Soccer Cleats For Midfielders Matters

Buying specific cleats for positions on the page might not seem completely necessary to some people, but others will realize that it is what professionals do regularly. Each cleat has slightly different characteristics, and what a midfielder needs is a great all-around option.

Since each cleat fits differently, try to test them and see what kind of fit they deliver. Many players will notice that they can get the exact fit they are looking for as long as they have an open mind when going into a situation.

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