7 Best Cheap Soccer Balls

The popularity of soccer is hard to deny in today’s world. One of the many reasons why it is so popular worldwide is that it is so affordable to play at any level. Essentially, all that is needed is the ball to get started, and it becomes an instant hit in schoolyards and open fields everywhere.

The best soccer balls can get pretty expensive, but there are a number of cheap options that work very well. What is the best value out there? Those looking for the cheapest soccer balls that still perform well, these are seven to keep an eye on.

1. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

For people who want to kick around the ball a little bit and enjoy life in general, this is one worth giving a look. It is always nice to have a soccer ball around to enjoy, and this one is definitely worth the investment.

It is not going to be a top performer for advanced players, but people who want to kick around will find it to be durable and very capable of holding air for a long time.

The traditional look of an old-school soccer ball also helps make it easy to sell. Wilson still finds a way to put out a great product even if they are offering when they’re cheaper miles.

For younger kids, there are three different sizes so that a person can shop for the right one. They will not have the longest durability out there, but it will serve its purpose for the time.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to find in the stores
  • Hold up for a while


  • Is not meant for high-performance practicing
  • Discolors easily

2. Adidas MLS Club Soccer Ball

As the official sponsor of Major League Soccer, Adidas offers an official ball and a replica option. This replica option is very affordable, and it is great for those looking to train and move up in the soccer world.

The ball looks very similar to the same one used on the pitch during actual matches. This ball is obviously not as high-quality, but that does not mean that it can’t hold its own by any means. They still put a good amount of technology into this, including using 100% TPU to provide a soft outer shell.

Although it does not affect performance, this is one of the best-looking cheap soccer balls on the market as well. The MLS did a great job with designing the current ball, and this one certainly pops. It is one of those balls that may be pretty cheap, but it certainly does not look like it.


  • Soft feel
  • Durable
  • Great air retention


  • Not suitable for hard surfaces
  • Stitching is only average

3. Champion Sports Extreme Series Soccer Ball

Champion might not be that well-known as a brand, but they have some of the best-selling soccer balls in the market today. There is the Champion Sports Viper and the Champion Sports Extreme series, and although both bring a lot of quality attributes to the table, the Extreme is the better value overall.

For starters, there are three different sizes of soccer balls for people to choose from. They also have one of the most extensive color options on the market, even if they are solid colors.

These are mainly designed for training only, as they probably do not have the quality to hold up for a match. Considering the price, most are fine with just using these for training anyway.

Players will not have the best ball in the world at this price, but it does have a very soft touch overall. The company has put together a hybrid of silicon that works well in helping with all types of practice due to the softness. That makes for some great value overall.


  • Holds up under any weather conditions
  • Surprisingly soft touch
  • Sturdy


  • Not built for any matchplay above youth leagues
  • Durability is not the best

4. Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball

The replica match ball for NCAA soccer play has turned into a major hit for shoppers on a budget. Available in a few different colors, this stand-out ball can be a great trainer for those learning the game. It is made up of a composite leather cover that has great durability, and it plays consistently for a long time.

One of the cool features about this ball compared to some of the others in this price range are the small details that make this last a long time. In particular, there are carcass windings that help with shape retention. There is also a high-performance butyl bladder that will help give the ball consistent bounces each time.

There is certainly a lot to love about this ball, but some people might think that the color is a little loud. It does not exactly do that well on hard surfaces, so keep this on grass or artificial turf only.


  • Great with air retention
  • Multiple colors
  • Composite leather cover lasts


  • Crazy colors might not be for everyone
  • Does not hold up well on hard surfaces like cement and asphalt

5. Adidas Tango Glider Soccer Ball

The second Adidas ball to make this list is the Tango Glider. It is a classic-looking soccer ball made of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a regulation ball, but a person can get smaller options if they are looking for a trainer for a child.

With a butyl bladder that helps with quality air retention, this ball has many premium features that usually means spending a lot more money. The stitching is well done, the outer part of the ball has a very soft touch to it, and it might be the most durable budget soccer ball on the market.

There have been some complaints about the ball not holding air as it should, but that has more to do with random defects than a flaw in the ball. Most places that sell the ball will gladly accept returns if there are any issues.


  • Classic looking ball for practice or matches
  • Butyl bladder works well
  • Very soft touch


  • Some balls ship with inflation issues
  • Can feel pretty hard if overinflated 

6. Mitre Impel L30P Soccer Ball

The Mitre Impel entry-level ball is perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, but still want something that performs at a high level. It is a true favorite out there in the soccer world because it has a very soft touch, is pretty durable, and plays a lot like a more premium option overall.

With machine stitching and a TPU outer shell that provides a soft touch, players can train with this ball or even play with it despite it being so cheap. It is one of those balls that will stay strong for a long time, which will help save people money overall.

Available in many different sizes for growing players, it is worth checking out. There are many different colors to choose from, so no one has to settle on a ball that might not look at them.


  • Multiple sizes for growing players
  • Very soft touch
  • Numerous colors to choose from


  • Some colors sell out faster than others
  • Graduating to other impel models might be the best way to go

7. Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

The Premier League is the most talked-about club league in the entire world, making their official ball pretty recognizable. The only problem is that the official ball costs quite a bit of money, but they make an affordable model that is just a fraction of the price.

One of Nike’s cheapest yet very high-quality options is this version of the Premier League ball. There is still a lot of technology in this ball, which is great news for people who want to use this consistently.

Maybe the best standard feature is the Aerowsculpt technology that helps to stabilize the ball while it is in the air. That is pretty impressive for a ball that is so affordable. It is also very durable since it has quality stitching and a rubber bladder that helps maintain shape and keep air pressure at a premium.

With the Premier League logo plastered on the ball, it is hard to tell the difference between this one and the real thing. Obviously they play differently, but for those looking for a cheap option that looks a lot more expensive than it is, this is the best Nike ball to go for.


  • Plenty of high-quality features included
  • Looks exactly like a genuine Premier League ball
  • Durable


  • White ball gets dirty pretty easily
  • Needs filled with air somewhat frequently

Are Cheap Soccer Balls Actually Worth It?

As long as the right cheap soccer balls are purchased, there is nothing wrong with saving a little bit of extra money for various reasons. Maybe someone is looking for a training ball to abuse and use without worrying about its longevity. Other people want to purchase casual play, or younger players who might be a little rough on balls in general.

Yes, it is always great to have an official soccer ball that plays just like a professional option, but that is not always realistic. Those balls are much more expensive, and some players will not even notice the difference when they are younger.

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