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9 Best Adidas Soccer Balls: Score Big with the Ultimate Best (2023)

From league sponsorships to top players in the game, Adidas has a huge presence in soccer around the world. They put out several products every year, including some of the finest balls around. Arguing the best soccer ball brand may prove difficult, but Adidas would certainly be in the running.

No matter what level a person is playing soccer, a ball is essential regarding equipment. These nine balls listed below range quite a bit in price, but a person should find something that stands out to them.

1. Adidas UCL Finale Istanbul Ball

The 2020 UCL Finale didn’t exactly go as planned this year, but the ball they produced for training certainly looks amazing. This training ball is an excellent value for the price, as it performs well on just about any surface.

The 100% TPU cover is very durable, keeping the ball very consistent and filled with air for a long time. It is carefully stitched by machine so that everything is very consistent, which provides a great overall rool as well.

Soccer ball designs can sometimes be hit or miss, but it was generally well-received when this was released heading into the tournament. It’s a great training ball for older players, and it also makes a perfect first soccer ball for a younger generation trying to learn the game.


  • Very durable TPU cover
  • Retains air well
  • Unique look


  • Won’t hold up under heavy use with older players
  • Starting to become hard to find already

2. Adidas Finale Top Training Ball

Another top training ball option out there is the Finale Top Training Ball. It comes in a very vibrant look that is a replica of the match ball used for the 2020 group stages.

Some people love having the FIFA stamp on any ball they purchase. It is right there, and the rest of the ball performs up to those lofty expectations. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other Adidas training balls, but the design justifies it for some people. All in all, it definitely falls in that category of a great option that’s available in a few different sizes.


  • Very electrifying design
  • Works well as a training option
  • Multiple sizes available


  • A little more expensive than other training balls from Adidas
  • Might be too different color-wise for some

3. Adidas Capitano Ball

The Adidas Capitano ball comes in a few different looks, but they all perform pretty much the same. They are all match ball replicas, and they are extremely affordable for people to invest in. They have a classic look and design in many cases, and the size availability is a pretty great feature as well.

Despite being one of the most inexpensive balls from Adidas, there is still some technology behind the ball. It is a 100% TV cover, as well as durable stitching throughout. It rolls well and has good bounce to it when properly inflated, but don’t expect it to be as great as a top end option. Buy this in a smaller size for younger players learning the game, or use it as a trainer.


  • Many different colors and designs
  • Durable
  • Uniform panels provide a true roll

4. Adidas Messi Capitano Ball

Adidas doesn’t currently sell too many balls that feature Lionel Messi, but they are not shy about capitalizing on that deal with the great from Argentina. This special ball can showcase just how big of a fan a player is.

This ball is a little more expensive than the other Capitano balls, but people are paying for the branding above everything. It also has a slightly different form with the cover, which some people think gives a more premium feel.

Not too many people are going to look at this as a solid option unless they are a fan, but it still performs well for the price. Some will use it just as a display piece, while others will kick around and like the look.


  • Lionel Messi branding throughout
  • Cover layout gives a more premium look
  • Durable on pretty much any surface


  • A little more expensive than other Capitano balls
  • Colors are for his club team, not Argentina

5. Adidas Tango Rosario Ball

For a pretty inexpensive hand-stitched soccer ball, it doesn’t get much better than the Tango Rosario. This is a very similar design to the first international tournament ball sponsored by Adidas in 1978. It provides a perfect touch, and even though it’s labeled as a training ball, some people will even use this in competition.

The biggest selling feature is, of course, the hand-stitched panels, but the cover is pretty durable for most players as well. They feel like it is going to hold up even during tough practices, which makes it an excellent value for the price.

Air retention is solid, and the little things such as passing FIFA’s testing on weight, rebound and water absorption makes it a good overall ball to have. It’s not going to replace some of the higher-end models covered below, but it’s still great for all types of players.


  • Hand-stitched
  • Great air retention
  • FIFA quality certified


  • A bit boring with the design
  • Hard to find in the largest size

6. Adidas Uniforia League Ball

This is one of the higher-end match ball replicas out there for people who are looking for quality. People can train with this ball and get a pretty good performance out of it, and it lasts a long time so people don’t worry about having to spend a ton of money on replacements.

With the look and design approved by FIFA, this ball has great overall construction to it. It lacks seams, which some people like because of the added precision in some cases. It’s a bit demanding for beginners, but more advanced players will have the opportunity to play like a true pro.


  • TPU cover is extremely durable
  • Seamless design
  • Fights off water well


  • Feels a little harder than other soccer balls
  • Air retention is good, not great

7. Adidas MLS Nativo XXV Competition Ball

The MLS Nativo XXV Competition Ball is a nice training option for those who do not want to spend nearly as much money for the official match ball. It is one of the premium training options out there, performing well and providing a true bounce on different surfaces.

The ball looks and even feels much like the match ball, but it lacks that premium quality that makes the huge price difference. With multiple sizes and a great price point, it is no surprise that Adidas has been selling this ball quite a bit.


  • Looks and feels like the official match ball
  • Great for training or match play
  • Handles all conditions well


  • Durability is average
  • Needs filled with air somewhat frequently

8. Adidas Uniforia Pro Ball

This is the first of two balls that make this list and are the best of the best. A person is going to spend a lot of money on a true match ball, but most feel it is worth it for serious play.

The official match ball has a unique design with meaning behind it. It showcases diversity from all 12 of the host cities, and small details are pretty interesting to check out around the ball. Of course, most people are not buying a soccer ball to simply look at it, but to use it on the pitch as well.

This ball has a 100% polyester cover, and a seamless design for a true performance every single time. The ball bounces as it should, spins as it should, and holds up well even after some pretty heavy use.

Every ball is approved according to the standards set by FIFA. This means that quality control is very high, and a player doesn’t run the risk of investing a lot of money into something that lacks those finishing touches.


  • Unique design for all 12 host cities
  • Polyester cover and seamless design brings everything together
  • Certified by FIFA for quality


  • Expensive
  • Not particularly rewarding for beginners

9. Adidas MLS Nativo XXV Pro Ball

The official match ball of the MLS is back for another year, and this one celebrates 25 years of play. It has a slightly different construction compared to the pro ball above, but they both are excellent choices for players wanting the best of the best.

The cover is a little different, as well as the stitching. Other than that, they are both FIFA quality pro certified, which means that they are high-end match balls. The design and color of this ball is fairly simplistic, but most people like that it refers to the first ball used by the league back in 1996.

For most people, it comes down to picking a ball that represents the play and design they are the biggest fan of. Those located in the United States and Canada might be more prone to go for the MLS ball, while international players could go for the other option. Both have very great reviews so far, and make excellent match balls that players depend on.


  • Seamless design
  • Very durable in different conditions


  • The most expensive ball offered by Adidas right now
  • Textured surface plays a little differently

Making The Final Decision

If a person has the money, investing in the MLS Nativo XXV Pro Ball is the way to go. It is about as close to perfect as they can be, and there is a reason why is the most expensive from the company as well. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Any player who takes soccer seriously should have at least one match ball available for training and actual play.

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