7 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Dealing with wide feet can be challenging for any person shopping for shoes. It seems like some shoes are nearly impossible to put on without severe pinching, and playing soccer can be particularly challenging if the cleats are not fitting correctly.

These are the best soccer cleats for wide feet on the market right now. When shopping for shoes with a little bit of extra room on the sides, it can make life much easier for players to take their game to the next level.

1. Adidas Gloro

There are a lot of similarities between this cleat and the Copa Mundial from Adidas. They both utilize kangaroo leather, and that means a very soft and durable feel overall. The difference is that there is less stitching on this cleat, making it even more comfortable while playing.

Players with wide feet will really appreciate the rubber outsole that is sturdy and easy to maneuver with. Whether a person is playing on turf or grass, it makes the foot feel as comfortable as possible. It lasts a very long time too, so no one has to worry about prematurely wearing out their cleats.


  • Kangaroo leather is very soft
  • Durable
  • Less stitching than most models


  • The tongue can feel like it is in the way at times
  • Not a ton of variety

2. Puma Evopower 1.3

Puma has a lot of flashy colors with the Evopower 1.3, but those with wide feet do not care that much about color as much as they do fit. With so many companies coming up short in providing a comfortable wide cleat, this one is a step above the rest.

Having the option to choose between a synthetic upper or leather upper is a great touch from Puma. Some people prefer both options, so instead of having to pick, this is a much better solution overall.

The flexibility of the outsole definitely helps players achieve a great amount of success on the pitch as well. With a focus on allowing the foot to bend much like it can with a bare foot, it provides some of the best touch possible. It has a truly unique and futuristic fit overall, and wide feet players do not have to feel crammed into the cleat at all.


  • Very soft upper
  • Flexible with new bending technology
  • Lightweight


  • Side laces are a little weird to get used to
  • Heel narrows a bit

3. Nike Tiempo Legend

With so many different cleats hitting the market over time, many players still use the Nike Tiempo Legend to this day. Those who have wider feet love the fact that they can fit into these, when so many other Nike options out there are just too narrow overall.

Made up of kangaroo leather on the upper, there is plenty of other Nike technology inside to make this a comfortable option. Players do not have to feel like they are constantly fighting against the cleat, instead using it as something that benefits them.

All Nike cleats come with a bit of an expensive price tag, but that is part of shopping for a name brand. The good news is that these have some of the best reviews out there, and they should hold up for a long time as well. Players can get multiple seasons out of these cleats, depending on the level of play.

The only people who will find the Tiempo Legend a bit subpar are those who want a little bit more protection for their feet overall.

These are pretty lightweight shoes with not a lot of leather in between a person’s foot and anything that could be stepping on it. Players might not worry too much about this since injuries will happen from time to time, but it is something to consider when nursing an injury.


  • Embraces the past while evolving little by little
  • Kangaroo leather is very soft and comfortable
  • Added texture on the upper for supreme control


  • Takes a little bit of time to get the foot fully molded
  • Newest models are expensive

4. Adidas Copa Mundial

One of the main reasons why Adidas has kept around this cleat for so long is that it performs well for wide feet. It is a pretty old-school-looking cleat overall that does not have all of the modern technology that some people are looking for, but it is very comfortable for those who can’t fit in a more traditional soccer cleat.

The great news is that as nice as it feels out of the box, it feels even better once it starts to form to a player’s foot. The kangaroo leather that is used on the upper is going to mold around the foot and provide great protection as well. Anyone who has struggled to find good wide-foot options for soccer in the past should start here.


  • Very affordable
  • Consistent seal
  • Kangaroo leather molds to the foot


  • Limited color choices
  • Feel slightly heavy
  • Adidas Gloro

5. New Balance Tekela V3 Pro

A company known for accommodating wide feet definitely has some options for soccer players. The New Balance Tekela V3 Pro has a knitted upper that helps with a player’s ability to get the perfect touch when playing the game. There is plenty of cushioning inside the shoe and making a very comfortable fit at all times. 

Known as one of the best control cleats for soccer players on the market, New Balance removed the laces for a better strike zone. The fit is still great, and the added stitching helps with both grip and power.

Not only do these cleats help those with wide feet, but it eliminates any slipping issues inside as well. The sockliner has anti-slip foam so players can feel confident with every cut they make.


  • Excellent control
  • Enhanced grip
  • Laceless


  • Changes take some time to get used to
  • Not the softest feel with the upper

6. New Balance Furon 3.0

Another solid pick from New Balance that wide-foot players love is the New Balance Furon 3.0. It is a very accommodating cleat that allows players to have great control on the pitch, but its wide foot design helps quite a bit as well. It is a cleat specifically designed for players who do not have those narrow feet that seem to fit into so many other soccer cleats out there.

New Balance has always opted for less flash, and more substance overall. This might not be something that draws people in from a design perspective, but it gets the job done. Plenty of players at all levels have relied on this New Balance option.

The only real complaint that keeps these from being great all-around is that the ventilation is only subpar. A little bit more breathability would really come in handy during those hot months. Other than that, it is a perfect performer for all skill levels, and priced affordably enough that those on a budget can justify the investment.


  • Numerous color options
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to accelerate 


  • Needs better ventilation
  • Dirty easily

7. Umbro Speciali

Umbrella has been a very dependable option throughout the years, and this pretty basic option for wide feet players is certainly one that lives up to expectations. Although it is not flashy by any means, it is made up of a kangaroo leather upper that can be extremely comfortable. They look good on the pitch, and they hold up under many different types of elements.

Most who rely on these cleats have been wearing something similar for years. They can’t get past the outstanding touch and flexibility they get out of the cleats. Umbro has made a few tweaks to ensure that those qualities stay near the top on the market across all brands.

They might not always feel 100% perfect out of the box, but they get more comfortable and form-fitting as a player plays. At the same time, the leather does not stretch out, so the snug professional fit so many are hoping for stays around. As long as a player does not need flashy colors, these are an excellent choice to this day for wide feet.


  • Outstanding touch
  • Very flexible
  • Fit gets better and better


  • Limited color choices
  • Take a little time for a perfect fit

Why Shopping For Wide Feet Soccer Cleat Options Matter

At the end of the day, soccer players need to be as comfortable as possible on the pitch. There are wide-foot options out there, but it might take a little bit of time to find them.

Soccer players rely so heavily on having just the right footwork at all times so that they can succeed on the pitch. There is nothing worse than not being able to move around and feeling uncomfortable during an important match.

Manufacturers understand more and more that making options that work for all types of feet makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction.

For your convenience, here are all the soccer cleats I recommended above.

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