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5 Best Select Soccer Balls

It doesn’t take long for Select to come up in discussions as a company that produces very solid soccer balls overall. Some people have been trusting what the company puts out for years, while others are just discovering that they have some of the best on the market.

What are the five best Select soccer balls currently? While everyone’s looking for something different, these five give shoppers a large variety to choose from.

No matter what type of player, chances are at least one of these balls will be perfect for investing in. They aren’t necessarily the five best, but they stand out for specific types of players and are therefore worth looking into.

1. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball

This is arguably the most well-rounded Select soccer ball on the market right now. Some people can use this for training, while others use it as a match ball. It’s certainly one that is affordable enough that it makes sense to invest in, and can be used by all caliber of players.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it feels so much like a premium soccer ball. It’s obviously not the best of the best, but it can sure fool a lot of people along the way. It has that feel that allows people to not only get the touch they are hoping for, but they can also watch the flight of the ball.

Since this is such a popular option, Select has this ball in several different colors. That’s great news for anyone who enjoys variety.


  • Perfect balance of affordability and performance
  • Does everything well
  • Durable enough to last a while


  • Please some people wanting more in the end
  • Might not be suitable for matches, even though it says it is

2. Select Strike Soccer Ball

The Select Strike soccer ball is made of a PVC composite that helps with the ball’s softness, balance, and control. It’s also a little more durable, which is great for players training with this and trying to get better. As long as people understand the limitations of the Select Strike, they should be good to go.

The great thing about this ball is that it is a perfect training ball for all types of levels. It’s available in sizes 3 to 5 and priced extremely low so that players can get out there and kick it around at any point. It comes in a variety of colors, so people have great flexibility with that as well. Kids have the opportunity to pick out their favorite color online.

Some people might not agree that this is one of the best balls offered by Select, but it’s one that’s made mostly for the masses. Maybe someone who takes soccer very seriously won’t be crazy about the ball, but everyone else will be fine. They are cheap training balls at the very least, but can also act as a first soccer ball for those just learning.


  • Most affordable soccer ball on this list
  • Size availability helps out all types of players
  • Numerous colors


  • Not the greatest for advanced players
  • Not recommended for matchplay above recreation level

3. Select Royale Soccer Ball

Select Royale soccer balls are thought of by many as the big brother to Numero 10. It is a little bit better with durability, and it looks a bit better as well. That’s good news for people who might feel like they are not getting the same type of professional feel they are hoping for, which means it’s a bit more for the advanced players.

As an NFHS certified model, it can be used for all types of high school-level games. Not only that, but recreational leagues will use a ball like this in many cases.

People are paying a bit of a premium, but most feel like it is worth it for those who take soccer seriously enough. The Royale is a nice mid-tier option for a lot of people.


  • Added durability compared to the Numero 10
  • Performs well in the air
  • Retains air well


  • Needs a bit of breaking in
  • No high visibility colors available

4. Select Blaze DB Soccer Ball

The company is thinking a little out of the box with this new option that they have developed called the Blaze DB. Instead of the regular setup, this soccer ball has two bonded panels, which means that they are both stitched and sealed with glue. This is to help with less water uptake and more consistent performance overall.

The build of the ball also means its durability is outstanding, and it’s one of the lowest maintenance balls as far as performance is concerned. The ball is very soft to the touch with a slightly higher bounce and a faster feel overall. If other balls are just not cutting it on the playing surface, this might be one to speed up the game a bit.


  • One of the best soccer balls with air retention
  • Fight off water uptake
  • Extremely soft touch


  • Only size 5 available
  • Might feel too fast for some

5. Select Brilliant Super Soccer Ball

Finally, the best of the best offered by Select. The Brilliant Super option comes in a few different styles, but they all provide outstanding play overall.

Whether it is the official match ball of the USL Championship or some of the other colors available, all of them come with a new 3D diamond structure with the new materials to provide a better trajectory than ever before. This means that field players will love it because they know where it’s going, and goalkeepers will love the extra grip.

Only the finest materials are used to make these balls, as the 32 panels are all very clear and visible no matter what type of weather a player is participating in. It has a lively but dependable bounce to it, which is exactly what players of the highest level want.

As is the case with any ball at this level, it does cost money that some might not justify spending. However, those who want the best of the best know that this is where it all starts.


  • Durability
  • Great for practice & match play


  • Expensive

Final Tips

A soccer ball that might be perfect for one person, is not perfect for the other. In order to pick a soccer ball, it really comes down to the intended use. Buying the best soccer ball in the world for a four-year-old makes little sense.

For matches or training, a more expensive option is going to last longer and perform better. It makes sense to invest in at least one nice ball for those situations.

For younger players, it’s the size that is just as important as the quality of the ball. Getting the proper size will allow for players to learn the game the right way, instead of feeling as though they don’t have too much control over the ball at all.

When in doubt, invest in a cheaper option first, and see how everything goes. If it’s a little underwhelming, it can simply be used as another training ball of some sort. There’s always a need for more balls if a player is serious about getting better.