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Premier League: Average Player Height (All Teams)

The Premier League is by far the biggest sports league in the world. With millions of fans around the globe, it doesn’t get bigger than this. A recurring topic by Premier League fans is not only the salaries, but also the player heights.

I’ve listed all player heights in the Premier League divided by each team. If you click on a team name below, you’ll see all the player heights for that specific team. I ranked them from the tallest team to the shortest.

The average height in the Premier League is 5′ 11.9″ (182.6cm). The tallest team is Everton FC with an average height of 6′ 0.7″ (184.7cm) and the shortest team is Manchester City with an average height of 5′ 11.2″ (180.8cm).

TeamAverage Player Height
1. Everton FC6′ 0.7″ (184.7cm)
2. Manchester United6′ 0.5″ (184.2cm)
3. Chelsea FC6′ 0.44″ (184cm)
4. Tottenham Hotspur FC6′ 0.2″ (183.4cm)
5. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC6′ 0.2″ (183.4cm)
6. Nottingham Forest FC6′ 0.1″ (183.1cm)
7. Brentford FC6′ 0″ (183cm)
8. Crystal Palace FC6′ 0″ (182.9cm)
9. West Ham United FC6′ 0″ (182.8cm)
10. Brighton & Hove Albion FC5′ 11.9″ (182.7cm)
11. Newcastle United FC5′ 11.9″ (182.5cm)
12. Aston Villa FC5′ 11.8″ (182.4cm)
13. Liverpool FC5′ 11.7″ (182.1cm)
14. Arsenal FC5′ 11.6″ (181.9cm)
15. AFC Bournemouth5′ 11.6″ (181.9cm)
16. Leicester City FC5′ 11.6″ (181.8cm)
17. Leeds United5′ 11.5″ (181.7cm)
18. Fulham FC5′ 11.5″ (181.5cm)
19. Southampton FC5′ 11.2″ (180.9cm)
20. Manchester City5′ 11.2″ (180.8cm)

Click on a club name to see all the player heights in that specific team.