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7 Best Soccer Video Games Of All Time

Soccer is one of the most enjoyable games to play in the video game world. It can be a very intense battle between two teams either locally, or online.

Soccer games have existed for a while now, but, what are the best soccer video games of all time? More often than not, people like playing the most recent version of the top games out there. However, there are also a few that have stuck out and are worth revisiting from time to time.

To keep some variety with this list, franchises are discussed instead of specific years in most cases. This allows for seven different playing experiences that players enjoy.

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Whether it is the latest version in 2021 or another game in this lineup, FIFA is the standard for a lot of video game players. A lot of people love the fact that it has very realistic settings, and EA Sports never skips on licensing and graphics.

Some people believe that it is not exactly the most realistic game out there, but players do not necessarily want that all the time. It can feel a little arcade-ish to some, but others love what it brings to the table.

There are a bunch of different modes for people to get into, which is great for those who might not necessarily be a huge soccer fan in general. It helps grow the game in so many ways, and every year it is one of the most popular video games not only in sports but across all genres.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer

This video game series has been put out by Konami since 1995. There are a lot of supporters each and every year, as some people believe that it is better than FIFA. It does not have quite as much licensing as FIFA, but the gameplay is a little more refined and realistic.

On a limited budget compared to EA Sports, Pro Evolution Soccer continues to be a formidable rival. They have recently pushed out options that allow them to grow on just about any platform out there. It is nice to see a rivalry in the video game world, as the two franchises push each other a bit so that neither one ends up being complacent.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both companies, as they are now making the transition to the new generation of video game systems. There are some kinks to work out in both situations, but unlocking the full potential of the new consoles will be a high priority in winning the battle head-to-head.

EA Sports might always have a bit of an edge due to how much money they can put into the game, but Pro Evolution Soccer understands their fan base as well.

3. Football Manager

Football Manager is a game that focuses on the management part of soccer. Instead of focusing on playing the games, it is more about managing before and after. It might not be for everyone, but some people love this aspect of managing and seeing what they can come up with.

The details in Football Manager are unmatched anywhere else. It seems like a lot of people have fallen in love with that in particular. So many people want to play something a bit more laid-back, and this is a way to passively play instead of having to be fully engaged when playing a traditional video game.

Constant updates keep this a very refreshed option for people who love to deep dive into the game itself. As long as people understand what they are getting into, it is very much a popular option that so many people have counted on. Consider it a bit of an unconventional video game in the traditional action, but not everyone has t control the players to enjoy.

4. FIFA 98: Road to World Cup

There is a FIFA game every year, but it becomes particularly unique when it is a World Cup year. For 1998, EA Sports did a great job bringing the World Cup to life in video game form. Maybe there are much better games out there graphically right now, but it is always enjoyable to fire this backup and play.

It might not seem that crazy now, but 3D graphics were relatively new when this game was released in 1997. There is an option to play regular soccer, but people also could enjoy indoor opportunities that spend the game up a bit as well.

Offering a variety of gameplay made it very much enjoy the time, and a nostalgic type of play now. Just taking advantage of some of the rosters at that point is a step back in time, and it’s simple, yet effective gameplay makes it one of those timeless entries.

5. Rocket League

Is Rocket League considered a true soccer video game? Some people might vote against it, but its popularity should at least give it a spot on a list like this. Instead of soccer players and grass, the playing surface is an arena with cars zooming around in a crazy variation of the sport. It has really grown over the last few years, as people play competitively due to all that it brings to the table.

The core concepts are the same as soccer, as one side is trying to score more goals in the other. They are usually a bit more high-scoring than any type of soccer game, but that is part of what makes the video game fun in general.

6. Actua Soccer

The reason why Actua Soccer makes this list is that it was the first 3-D match engine on any console. When this game came out for the PlayStation 1, it was very much a rival to FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and any other option out there. That is no longer the case today, but it was pretty amazing to see it happen in real-time.

The game obviously shows age now, but it is still an interesting step back in time to see how things have progressed. In 1995, this was as cutting-edge as one could find, and they even became the first game to use players to capture motions.

Even though they are no longer competing with EA sports and Pro Evolution Soccer directly, it shows how different the video game world was at the time. There were so many companies trying to compete for a piece of the pie, and it led to innovations that fans can take advantage of more than 25 years later.

7. FIFA Street

This may come as a surprise to many, but FIFA Street is one of the most iconic soccer video games out there. It’s a different type of play that gives people options to enjoy soccer a bit more casually. Although it never quite had the type of depth that some people crave, it is a nice variation to try things out and compare to something like the soccer version of NBA Jam.

Simulation seems to be the main driving force for everyone trying to play soccer video games. Realism has truly evolved, but the people who are not entirely into soccer might want to have something more laid-back. It is a fast-paced game that does not take much time to finish, so playing a game or two with some time off is a perfect fit.

Maybe there is a chance of a new FIFA Street releasing in the near future. For now, a lot of people go back to the 2012 version, as it was the best of the series. The graphics still hold up pretty well, and it is fairly easy for a player to get some of the basics down. This makes the learning curve a little less severe for casual players.