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4 Best Soccer Games On PS4

Now that the PS4 has been around for several years, there are plenty of options for players to turn to when playing soccer games on the console. Some want a full simulation option, while others are hoping for a casual game.

Instead of littering a list with a bunch of lackluster soccer game options, these are the four best on the platform. Two of the games are purely for those wanting the best simulation. The other two are for more casual players who like the idea of soccer, but might want their own variation to really enjoy.

All games on this list have satisfied millions of fans of the sport looking to hop on their PS4 and play the computer, an online opponent, or even someone else on the couch.


The reign of FIFA has gone on for a long time, and EA Sports continues to produce a game that millions of people love every year.

It might be criticized somewhat for people who believe that the game has become too arcade-like and based on how much money a person can spend to build a team, but it continues to be a great option for people to play. Not only that, but those who like the best competition will get exactly that on the PS4 every year.

While there are always exploits around here and there regarding online play, it is much better to play online with a console instead of a computer.

Even the previous year’s release of FIFA is still going to hold up well, and can be found at a discounted price. Online does not last forever, which is a bit of a bummer, but they usually leave the servers up for at least a couple of years before turning them on.

Offline, FIFA has plenty for fans to dive into as well. The career mode gets better and better, and improvements to the AI give even seasoned veterans a true challenge. With something for everyone, FIFA is about as well-rounded as a sports game can get.


  • Most realistic game with true licenses
  • Plenty of different modes to play
  • Online is very competitive


  • Game feels a bit too arcade-like for some
  • Some online modes become pay-to-win

2. eFootball PES

Can eFootball PES actually pass FIFA in the overall rankings? In the eyes of some, that has already happened. For others, they see the gap close all the time, as there are many refinements to each version of the game.

They directly battle with FIFA for certain licensing, but the gameplay itself has been tweaked quite a bit to make it as realistic as possible.

Where eFootball PES stands out is making a pure simulation. The physics on the pitch is a little bit better, and it plays a little more slowly as well.

This is a good thing for those who feel like FIFA can be a bit too arcade-like, which is frustrating for those who want the game to be fair. Skill often outshines gimmicks with eFootball PES, which keeps players a little less frustrated.

At some point, every soccer fan should try at least both games out once before deciding. Some people will gravitate more towards FIFA, while others will check out what PES brings to the table. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but whatever a person feels is best for them.


  • Added licenses makes the game even more realistic
  • Improved online performance makes it competitive
  • Play is more like a simulation than FIFA


  • Lacks some major licenses that kill realism in some instances
  • Presentation could be a bit better

3. Active Soccer 2 DX

Not everyone wants to sit there and play soccer matches every single time they fire up the PS4. Active Soccer 2 DX might be the way to go for those who want something a bit more nostalgic. It reminds a lot of people how video games played in the 1990s, as the action is fast-paced and easy to learn.

One of the biggest advantages to playing games like this is that people can go up against others who might not necessarily know it’s all about the game at first.

In order to really compete in FIFA or PES, a player must know the controls and some of the minor nuances that go with it. It takes just a few minutes to really get the hang of active soccer to DX, leveling the playing field a bit.

The one drawback to this game is that it doesn’t exactly play that well for people who are only going up a case computer. It’s more for battles head to head, and there is no variation in the game to make it a challenge.

It also lacks licensing that might hurt the immersion, but people usually find it to be pretty easy to get used to. For the price, there isn’t one game out there that has better overall value.


  • Easy to learn
  • Great for beginners
  • Nostalgic


  • Playing the computer isn’t the best

4. Rocket League

Calling Rocket League a soccer game might frustrate some people, but the premise is very similar to the beautiful game itself. Instead of using players, these are machines that have special powers that can make for a very challenging game.

There is definitely some strategy and brains that go into playing this game the right way, but it can be played casually as well.

What makes Rocket League so addicting is that it is a pretty easy-to-learn game that is a bit over the top, but it just works because of all the different ways to approach a match. Playing the computer is not exactly going to be a huge challenge, as most people are going to hop right into online play and see what it brings to the table.

This game continues to be wildly popular online, and the leagues on PS4 are as competitive as ever. Just do not expect a pure form of soccer, but it is still very much a soccer-related game.


  • Easy to learn
  • Over-the-top action
  • Very competitive online community


  • Plays better on PC
  • Servers are occasionally unreliable

What Is The Best Soccer Game On The PS4?

The comparison between FIFA and eFootball PES has been going on for years. While both bring some aspects to the table, FIFA is just a little bit more well-rounded.

For those who want to purchase just one soccer game, this is probably the way to go. There are just more modes to go with, an opportunity to play both simulation and casual, and the best licensing in video games for sports.

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