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4 Best Soccer Games On Xbox One

Soccer gaming on the Xbox One has seen a pretty good run over the years. Not only do the top-selling games release every single year, but there have been some additional options that make a lot of sense for people who maybe want to play a more casual match or two.

Out of all the releases, these four titles stand out above the rest. Even if a person is only a very casual soccer player, they will find these games to be worth the price.


The FIFA series plays very well on the Xbox One, even if a person does not really want to necessarily touch online play. There are still plenty of modes offline, including a way to manage and play with every single top team one can think of.

There are a few licenses that EA Sports does not have that kills immersion a little bit, but they do boast over 17,000 players in total.

FIFA has always been billed as a simulation game, but more and more people are also finding a lot of fun with it in a casual sense. Matches do not take very long, and the action is very fast-paced the entire time. In fact, offensive-oriented matches are becoming more of the norm online than ever.

What makes it the game to beat on Xbox One? EA Sports pours millions and millions of dollars each year to ensure that there are new improvements all the time ready to be utilized by players.

As long as a player wants to challenge themselves to build the best team online or manage an EPL team in a career mode, they can do just about anything they want with the game.


  • Caters to offline and online players very well
  • Easy to fit in games during busy schedules
  • New updates to the game every year keeps the game fresh


  • Game has started to lose a little bit of realism as far as gameplay is concerned
  • Building an online Ultimate Team takes a lot of time and extra money to stay competitive

2. eFootball PES

As is the case with other platforms, eFootball PES is very close to matching what FIFA provides gamers. Players have the opportunity to use ultra-realistic players in matches, with a slightly slower pace to the game overall. This is actually well-received by a lot of purists who want to ensure that the game is played at the right pace.

Keep in mind the learning curve for eFootball PES is a little bit higher than FIFA. Players will not be able to just turbo around the field all the time and hope things work out. Much discipline is required to become great at this game, but it’s very rewarding when it comes together.


  • Plays more realistic than FIFA
  • New focus on eSports allows people to stay competitive
  • Added licensing helps with realism


  • Still lacks in some areas with licensing
  • Casual players might find the game too challenging

3. Rocket League

It is hard to overlook Rocket League as a true sports title or just a popular game in general. It has a very strong following worldwide, even if they replace actual soccer players with vehicles. It was first released in 2015, but constant updates to the game have kept it very popular.

Anyone trying to get involved with eSports should give this game a serious try. Not only is it one of the most-watched games online, but there is some serious money available for the best of the best. It is just one of the reasons why the game has received excellent reviews since first coming out.

Think of it as an arcade version of a real soccer match. There are definitely some strategies and builds that cater to a certain type of player, but for the most part, this can be a fun game to play as well.

People are always looking for different ways to enjoy the game of soccer, and this has turned into a bit of a surprising hit.


  • Can be played casually amongst friends
  • Very competitive at the highest level
  • Fast gameplay


  • Lacks the realism of other soccer games
  • Some builds of cars cost a lot of money

4. Football Manager

Playing Football Manager on the Xbox One might not be the first pick for those who really get into the game, but it is an option for those who love the tactical side of the game. Published by Sega, Football Manager has evolved over the years as a very addictive game that is available on nearly every platform (even if it has its roots on the computer).

With the latest release, there are numerous features for people to mess around with. There are updates to the interaction system, the overall matchday experience, and recruiting.

They continue to tweak the artificial intelligence in the game to make it challenging at just about any different level. With better licensing than ever before, everything is a lot more realistic than in the early stages of the series.

Since it is a game where people are not actually playing matches, the preferred setup for some is to have a keyboard connected to the Xbox.

Not everyone is going to go this route, but it is a suggestion for those who really start to get into the game. What might seem like a boring endeavor at first has convinced a lot of people to spend hours and hours managing their fictional squad.


  • Improved recruiting
  • Better licensing than ever before
  • Matchday experience is better than ever


  • No actual match action turns off some gamers
  • Does not play as smoothly on the Xbox one as the computer

Our Top Pick

It is very tempting to possibly give eFootball PES the nod as the best soccer game on Xbox One right now, but the lack of licensing kills it just a little bit. FIFA holds onto the title as the best soccer game right now on the platform, even if their lead is dwindling.

There is just too much content available from FIFA, and they continue to buy exclusive licensing that allows them to have the edge over the rest of the competition. If people do not care about having realistic-looking players and uniforms, eFootball PES has slightly better gameplay. However, the best investment right now overall is FIFA for the vast majority of players.

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