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4 Best Soccer Games On PS5 

There’s nothing greater in life than scoring the winning goal in a Champions League final or being the top scorer in the league. Unfortunately, not all of us can play soccer to the level required to make it to the top. 

But luckily for our generation, all is not lost, thanks to some of the greatest games labels on the planet, utilizing some of the coolest technology available today, to bring us truly awesome soccer games that keep us up past our bedtimes. 

If you’re a soccer fanatic like us, playing in our local park, watching our favorite teams live and on TV as they push for glory, one more way to immerse ourselves in the world of soccer is always a welcome distraction. 

And thanks to the rapid progression of gaming technology, especially on the PS5, playing soccer games has reached new heights where it’s almost as realistic as the real thing, and there’s not a pulled hamstring in sight! 

Let’s take a look at the 4 best soccer games on the PS5, keep an eye out for number 2 in our list, a hilarious new twist to the genre, a game that when played with friends, will have you going back for more just to see what happens next. 

4. eFootball 2022 (PES)

eFootball 2022 has not had the auspicious release that its developers, Konami, were hoping for, with bugs aplenty and a player base up in arms. Given that’s the case, you may be wondering how eFootball made it onto our list, 

Well, firstly, the price is right, the latest incarnation of the much-loved Pro Evolution Soccer series is free to play in its most basic state, and also nostalgic: what soccer fan hasn’t played Pro-Evo until dawn before? 

And secondly, there aren’t a million soccer games available, choices are limited, and given eFootballs’ more gloried past, it deserves its place on our list. 

It is telling that eFootball has been beaten in our list by a game that isn’t released yet, and a game that looks like Sensible Soccer on steroids, but fans of the game will still hold out hope that patches due will fix the underlying issues and turn around the game’s fortunes. 

Konami promised much for eFootball, and as yet has delivered little, but a graphics upgrade, and a resolution of gameplay issues like sharp kicks, charging commands, and collision issues could breathe fresh life into the game. 

We loved Pro-Evo once upon a time, and as such we are giving Konami the tentative benefit of the doubt, with luck they can revamp and reinvigorate, at worst they’ll have to start again. 

The Verdict:


  • Rich history 
  • Loyal fanbase 
  • Potential for patches and updates 
  • Solid developer 
  • Cost 


  • Not delivered on its promises 
  • Very buggy 
  • Graphics are poor 
  • Gameplay has serious issues 
  • Missing promised features 

3. UFL

Slightly cheeky of us to have UFL on our list at present, but with an imminent 2022 release date, we had to give some page time to what looks like a really well-polished and exciting soccer game. 

A game that is 6 years in the making, recently released game footage will have you salivating at the chance to finally get your hands on a game widely tipped to give FIFA 22 a run for its money. 

The modeling, game engine and graphics look top-notch, and the gameplay has a definite Pro Evolution feel to it. Trading cards and the usual paraphernalia look crisp and we really can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of this game. 

Player and club names are accurate, there is club management to sink your teeth into, and the chance to work your way up an online leaderboard should have players fighting for supremacy. 

UFL’s motto, “Fair To Play”, may just be a dig at the FIFA franchise, but so far were highly optimistic about just how good UFL looks. 

The Verdict


  • 6 years in development 
  • Graphics look awesome 
  • Gameplay looks solid 
  • Potential rival to FIFA 
  • Additional features like trading cards 
  • Longevity of play


  • Not released yet 
  • It’s unfair to pick any other issues until the game has been released and tested 

2. Guts ‘N Goals

A massive twist in the soccer game genre here, as in Guts ‘N Goals you’ll find yourself using your hands as much as your feet to move the ball around. 

Guts ‘N Goals is a hilarious, fast-paced alternative to your usual soccer game, fouling is the way to go here, it’s a bit like Lemmings meets Sensible Soccer, where your players’ special moves determine how you go about winning the game. 

From paintballs for soccer balls to using baseball bats and lightsabers, this manically quirky arcade-style game is great for solo play but really comes into its own when played co-operatively with friends. 

Not your usual 11 vs 11 let’s win the league setup, and more of the 3v3 deathmatch, Guts ‘N Goals has enough characters, and enough special abilities for the characters to keep you entertained and going back for more. 

The game engine is slick, the top-down pixellated view seems to work great, the colors are crisp, and the music is fast-paced, which is handy, as the gameplay is frenetic. 

Don’t be put off by its quirkiness, try out Guts ‘N Goals with friends and you’ll absolutely love it. 

The Verdict


  • Innovative and different 
  • Fun to play 
  • Great multiplayer 
  • Quick games, you can drop in whenever you want 
  • Different characters to play, with different special features 
  • Cost 


  • Not exactly a soccer game to play season after season 
  • Graphics 
  • Longevity, can it hold your attention for months? 

1. FIFA 22 

The daddy of soccer games, and the undisputed number 1 on our list yet again, is the legendary EA Sports franchise FIFA 22.

FIFA has long been the go-to game for soccer fans, and with good reason, the polished gameplay and worldwide fanbase cements this stalwart of the EA Sports stable as the game to beat. 

The gameplay is noticeably more difficult, which has the advantage of making the longevity of the game even more appealing, and gives it a more realistic feel to it. Gone are the days of winning 22-0 against Barcelona, you have to work for the win here. 

Pack openings have become an almost separate entity to the actual playing of games, the excitement of getting a walkout, or the player you really love, is addictive. 

You need only check youtube for countless thousands of fans recording their pack openings to see just how important it is to the game. And while it may not be vital to all players, the additional dimension that packs add to the game is a huge boon to its replayability. 

EA Sports has built a game so complete that FIFA Esports is now attracting fans in their droves, players competing against each other in tournaments, even being gambled on in countries such as the UK, where gamblers can bet on live FIFA games on sports gambling sites. 

And while that may not be your thing, it does strengthen the idea that FIFA is unlikely to be ousted as the best soccer game around. 

FIFA 23 is expected to be released around October of 2022, and unless we see the release of UFL taking the gaming world by storm, or eFootball having a miraculous turnaround, it’s hard not to see the future for EA and FIFA being very bright indeed. 

The Verdict


  • Still the best soccer game around 
  • Graphically impressive 
  • Gameplay is superb 
  • Longevity, you could lose years of your life on FIFA 
  • Difficulty factor 
  • Realism 
  • Esports 
  • A developer that knows how to make a sports game that lasts
  • Always another FIFA in production for the new season


  • Annual upgrade 
  • Lack of competition from other games (Hardly EA’s fault) 
  • Addictive, wave goodbye to sleep 
  • You either love FIFA or hate it 
  • We’re struggling to find more cons, FIFA is number one for a reason 

And there you have it, our list of the top 4 Soccer Games For The PS5, we hope you found it of interest, and maybe you’re ready to try a few of our picks yourself, we’re off to top the FIFA leaderboard.

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