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Sadio Mane’s Girlfriend: Who Is Melissa Reddy?

Bayern Munich and Senegal star Sadio Mane are now widely regarded as one of the finest soccer players in the world, his goals have proven crucial for both his clubs and his country.

Whilst with Liverpool the winger won the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, and Premier League titles and is also an AFCON winner with Senegal.

We know so much about the brilliant player and man that is Sadio Mane, but what do we know about his girlfriend? Well, today we are going to give you a look into the life and times of Mane’s girlfriend Melissa Reddy as well as a bit of information about Mane himself.

Who Is Sadio Mane? 

As we eluded to earlier, Sadio Mane is a former Liverpool winger that moved to German club Bayern Munich at the start of this season. It was a shock transfer that left many Liverpool fans mourning the loss of one of their star men from an iconic era for the club, his replacement Darwin Nunez has not hit the ground running either. 

Mane is also the captain of his national team Senegal and is arguably the best player that the African nation has ever had. He has made nearly 100 appearances for his country and scored 32 goals thus far, Senegal will feature at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

The former Liverpool man is also an incredibly charitable person, with him donating much of his earnings to projects in his hometown back in Senegal in an attempt to improve life for his family and friends in Africa. 

Who Is Melissa Reddy?

Sadio Mane’s girlfriend is called Melissa Reddy, she is a 36-year-old sports journalist and author from South Africa. She has written books such as ‘Believe Us: How Jurgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners’. This book proved popular in Liverpool and with their fans around the globe. 

Reddy currently works for global sporting powerhouse Sky Sports in her native South Africa and is regarded as one of the top journalists in the country. She also has a healthy following on social media, with Reddy currently having around 138,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Despite being from South Africa, Reddy actually attended school in Portugal where she honed her writing skills and became the excellent writer she is today.

Later she moved to England and became engaged with many prominent media organizations including the Independent newspaper where she became a regular contributor. 

Reddy is rather private about the details of her childhood, but it can be presumed that she lived a relatively middle-class lifestyle with her being able to move to Portugal from South Africa.

How Did The Pair Meet?

Mane had already completed his big-money transfer from Southampton to Liverpool when he first encountered Melissa Reddy, the two engaged in a number of professional interviews whilst they were working. It could be seen from these interviews that there was an instant connection between the couple. 

Mane is clearly a very cheerful person and attracted Reddy with both hos Soccer skills and charming personality that is simply infectious. After a few more interviews, it was revealed that the pair were now dating and had been for some time, one can only imagine how much those professional interviews were for the couple once they were an item. 

Not much is actually known about the details of their relationship, with both preferring to keep relatively quiet about it compared to some other Soccer players. It is rare that couples don’t post pictures of each other on social media too often, but everyone is different, and some people prefer to keep details of their lives more private. 

The pair have been dating for some time but are not yet married, the reason for this not known but Mane’s recent move to Germany could be a reason for this. Moving to a different country and league can be a stressful time for any player; therefore, a proposal to Reddy is probably not at the forefront of Mane’s current thinking. 

The Future For The Couple 

It is probably too soon for any talk of having children together could be considered for the couple, with them being focused on the progression of their respective careers at the moment.

This is becoming increasingly more common, with players more willing to accept that women want to have their own successful careers than they may have been in the past. 

Mane is clearly one of these players, his nature is kind, and this is something that should be praised. Marriage and children are surely in the future for Mane and Reddy. 

Mane is currently undergoing a tricky start to life in Germany and has not yet been at his absolute best with Bayern Munich. Still, hopefully, he’ll kick into gear soon and we’ll see the Senegalese international at his peak with Reddy at his side.