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Martin Odegaard’s Girlfriend: Who Is Oda Burud?

Norwegian superstar Martin Odegaard has already had a relatively long career in the media spotlight. From starting out as a wonderkid at Real Madrid to being a mainstay in Premier League side Arsenal’s midfield, it has been a largely successful career for Odegaard so far. 

We know all about the midfielders on-field exploits, as he continues to improve each season, but what do we know about his girlfriend?

Today we will be taking a look into the love life of Martin Odegaard and finding out exactly who his girlfriend is. 

Who is Oda Burud?

The name of Martin Odegaard’s girlfriend is Oda Burud, like Odegaard she comes from Norway and the two have already been dating for many years. Burud is only 22 years old and has a long way to go before being considered a ‘wag’ by the British media and fans alike.

Burud is known for her love of soccer (no surprises there), which is certainly one of the main reasons that she is in such a strong relationship with Odegaard. Bonding over a common interest is one of the major pillars of a good relationship and in Soccer both Odegaard and Burud have a clear passion. 

There isn’t much known about Burud’s personal life or career; however, she is pretty active on social media. The Norwegian’s Instagram page boasts a few thousand followers, and it can be seen from here that she leads a fun-filled life with plenty of time for adventures. 

It must be noted that there are actually very few pictures of the couple on Burud’s Instagram page, with her seemingly wanting to keep a relatively low profile when compared to her superstar boyfriend.  This makes a welcome change from the traditional ‘wags’ of English Soccer that want more attention than their partners most of the time. 

Burud is clearly very close to her friends, with her posting many pictures of them together in various different locations around the world. The money that Odegaard makes can certainly help with this lavish lifestyle. 

How Did They Meet?

Burud and Odegaard met many years ago in Norway, long before it was obvious that Odegaard was going to become a superstar of the world’s game. In this sense it is clear that Burud is not with Odegaard for his fame or fortune and that the pair clearly love each other deeply. 

The couple started dating when they were just 15 years old and have been together ever since, given their young age it is clear to see why they haven’t decided to tie the knot just yet. Though given the longevity of their relationship it can’t be long until the pair become a married couple. 

Are We Sure They’re Together?

Given the lack of Social Media updates about their significant other from either of the pair, some on the internet have begun to speculate whether the pair are actually still dating. Some have gone as far to suggest that Odegaard is now a single man and that Burud’s influencer lifestyle has continued without him. 

This would of course be a terribly sad thing for both of them but is something that they have done well to hide if it is true. In the age of constant updates and media scrutiny for Soccer players it is amazing to think that something as big as this could be hidden from the mainstream media and Arsenal fans alike. 

If Odegaard is now single, it surely won’t be long before he is back in the dating market. The Norwegian is easily one of the most handsome looking young players in the Premier League and there is no shortage of options when it comes to partners for these players. 

Is This All Speculation?

In a one-word answer, yes. There is never a shortage of speculation when it comes to the love lives of our favourite Soccer players and whilst some may not be keen on the limelight it is something that comes with the territory of being a professional athlete. 

For Odegaard, he may well be single, or he may still be in a happy relationship with Oda Burud; either way, he seems to be thriving in his career and that can only mean that he is happy off the pitch too. Having players that are thriving off the pitch is just as important as having them perform for the team on the pitch in the modern day.

So far this season, Martin Odegaard has registered 3 goals in 6 games for Arsenal and is clearly one of the best-attacking midfielders in the Premier League. The Norwegian is also one of the best value-for-money players in the Premier League Fantasy Football stakes if you are interested in such a thing. 

Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the love life and relationship status of Martin Odegaard, but as long as he is happy and healthy we are too.