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Neymar’s Soccer Cleats

Neymar is widely considered as one of the most skillful players in the world. With exceptional close control, balance, tricks, and pace, the Brazilian player consistently make a significant mark to the international and club soccer. With all the success on the field, there are a lot of people that are interested in what soccer cleats he uses to do his magic on the field. So, what soccer cleats does Neymar wear?

Neymar currently wears the Nike Silencio Mercurial Vapor. Neymar’s cleats are special-designed to match his on field skills and personality. The Nike Mercurial Range are painted with a SHH on the cleats that is a reference of Neymar’s ability to prove everyone wrong.

What Are Special About Neymar’s Cleats?

There is something more unique about the most recent Neymar signature cleats release, and it is very easy to spot what it is. The Nike air Neymar Jr Silencio contains text graphics across its upper, with several different sized “SHHH” to send out a specific message from Neymar – he wants to silence the haters and doubters.

Its design is made utilizing small white chevron symbols through the letters. On the underfoot, the letters progressively start in deep black and fade to gray as they move onto the top side. What makes these cleats more unique is that there are no two boots that look exactly the same. 

Nymar Jr. says that SHHH is not about him making the rest of the world silent, it is about him going silent and concentrating on what he has to do for future as a man and as a player.

Features of Neymar’s Soccer Cleats

The 2019 Neymar Silencio Mercurial Vapors are similar to the last Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 utilized on the previous Neymar’s signature boot Meu Jogo. One of the significant features of these Vapor cleats is that they are developed using a full FlyKnit upper. The material actually binds below the boot, and there is one layer of stitching along the back of the soleplate that joins them together.

You would expect to find a very flexible material. However, rather than getting the stretch feels like you would expect from a knit, the current design will feel more like it is a synthetic that requires some wear and tear to break in. The idea behind that is to have a design that locks your foot in place and eliminates unwanted movements.

Instead of using the Nike All Conditions Control as an outer layer, it is set in the Flyknit to eliminate additional skin while maintaining its toughness against all physical elements.

Control, Touch, and Shooting

Embedding the Nike All Conditions Control into the Flyknit upper material was one of the things the company did with their latest release to eliminate an additional layer. That is theoretical. What that does is making the upper part of the cleats more rigid, meaning you might lose out on the natural levels of touch on the ball. Thankfully that is not an issue with this boot. After wearing the boot, the material loosens to make natural touch less of a problem.

The Silencio Mercurial Vapors has an extra micro texturing across the Flyknit to provide additional traction on the ball. The texturing is very prominent and assists in increasing control at high speeds. The micro-texturing is exceptionally defined, way more than you would expect. They lie in a pattern of horizontal lines moving down towards the toes. 

Whether you are seeking to add some extra change of direction on a shot or an additional power on a goal targeted strike, the cleats play a significant role, and they have an additional surface area that enables you to totally wrap your foot around the ball when you need to add some extra spin. Also, this is a power style cleat that allows players to get some extra ping of strikes due to its placement through the shooting area.

The Collar

Neymar Jr signature Silencio Mercurial Vapors has a low cut Flyknit collar around the ankle. The collar offers a classic feel that does not allow much extension. Also, it has an additional slightly confining fit thanks to the Nike Flyknit material. It puts the player’s feet held in place without the fear of discomfort that you might expect from other more rigid materials. 

The Neymar Jr. Silencio is also fitted with Nike’s latest technologies, from its lightweight forefoot plate that bends with the foot to keep up with the speed of the player, to their internal NIKEGRIP footbed system that is targeted to hold your feet more into place inside the second layer of the 360 degrees Flyknit cleats.

The boot also features Neymar Jr,’s logo on the heel and it is supplemented by a crown and a diamond – two of his personal magic words, and elements of his body. That completes these fascinating signature release for Neymar Jr.

Who Should Use Neymar’s Cleats?

When compared to the previous releases of the Nike mercurial, the Silencio Mercurial Vapor is a lot more convenient and offers various extra features to suit a bigger audience. That means they still have the mercurial features that are geared towards speed. So the cleats are intended to be aerodynamic and sleek. 

In reality, the primary boot is the type of design that will impress players who have the same mindset as Neymar. We are speaking about those players that are prone to criticisms even when they outshine all the other players in the pitch. Players who take the challenge of making their team better every time they get the ball. And, players who are ever reliable and look forward to proving to the world that they are still among the best soccer players in the world.

The SHHH on the upper of the cleats highlights those type of people who shuts out the noise from haters and focuses on their inner game to enhance themselves as footballers. So, this shoe is for you if you feel like you can fit in Neymar’s personality.

Made For Everyone

The comfortable fit of the boot allows it to feel okay for all individuals. It fits individuals with small, medium, and wide fits. It leaves a sufficient amount of space for impact performance. However, if you can get a chance to try them on, I would definitely recommend you do so before purchasing. Simply put, they fit pretty comfortably when compared to the other cleats in the market.

Also, if you are a football fan and you love Neymar’s personality and skills, you can wear these cleats to represent his skills and internal silence to achieve what he wants as a player. You can also wear these boots if you love soccer boots from the Nike brand. This signature brand is made using the latest technology to ensure it is very comfortable and practical when on the pitch.

Do I Recommend Using Neymar’s Cleats?

When you get in the pitch during a soccer game day, you deserve the best possible cleats on your feet. Let us be honest; if they are sufficiently good for football superstar Neymar Jr, they can’t be bad for you. 

The cleats are durable and lightweight, and they have a natural toe-feel and excellent grip. These fashionable football boots will serve you well during the competition. There is a wide range of brilliantly engineered Neymar Jr.’s signature boots from Nike to choose from today.

The high-performance Neymar cleats have a solid footing that will assist you to increase your explosiveness and agility, enhance your power and accuracy in your passes and shots. As a soccer player, you understand that excellent traction is very crucial on the pitch. 

These cleats will provide you with the most exceptional traction ever to ensure that you will not be the one to cost your team the match. The shoe is designed to meet the high-standards that professional soccer players demand.

Final Thoughts

Neymar Jr. is currently one of the best players in the world at only twenty-seven years old. The forward has won the hearts of the Brazilian fans, Barcelona faithful, PSG fanatics, and the soccer fans in general over with his exceptional style of play and excellent skill moves that cause some of the cleverest goals that have been seen in the history of football. 

Few other athletes can dribble like Neymar, and his ability to finish with both feet is even rarer. Nike pays respect to his greatness with exclusive colorways that honor the natural talent of the star while still offering a top-quality cleat that is excellent for every level of the game from pros to amateur leagues.

The soccer cleats are a perfect match for Neymar and if you are thinking about buying his cleats, I can strongly recommend you to do it. The feel and comfort that you get with the special-designed Neymar cleats are just hard to find on any other model.