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Alex Morgan is widely considered to be one of the greatest women’s soccer players of all time. Apart from that, she has also become one of the most popular female athletes in the U.S. With her success and popularity, there are a lot of people that are interested in what cleats she wear on the soccer field, and that’s what we will go through in this post.

What soccer cleats does Alex Morgan Wear? Alex Morgan currently plays with a limited PhantomVNM boot. The PhantomVNM are painted like the American flag, since it’s decked out to celebrate her 100th career goal with the US National Team. The PhantomVNM are specially designed to match Alex Morgan’s play style.

What Is Special About Her Cleats?

Alex Morgan’s soccer cleats are specially made for her 100th career goal, therefore the boot itself takes on a look that’s reminiscent of her national team colors, a tonal American flag on a platinum Swoosh. 

The number 100 appears in the iconic T90 font, a nod to one of Morgan’s all-time favorite boots. The date and coordinates next to the strike zone represent her first international goal scored on October 6, 2010, in Chester, Pennsylvania.

As Alex Morgan said in a Nike interview ” My finishing is a balance between power and placement, It depends where I am in the box, but I’d say my focus is usually 60/40 accuracy versus power.” 

As she said that Nike created a special-edition shoe designed for that style of finishing. The PhantomVNM features a series of textured zones to facilitate a powerful strike, but with an understanding that only a lot of power won’t score without the accuracy to keep the shot on goal. They included the instep’s Precision Pwr strike zone.

The Strike Zone & Traction

The Precision Pwr strike zone consists of 13 ridges that are set at specific angles and ascending heights to help keep the ball down when it’s mishit and to provide bite on the ball. The strike zone is marginally bigger than the other hyper venom models. They increased the strike zone by covering the laces, which gives the PhantomVNM a 30% larger strike zone.

  • Fit: FlyKnit upper with dynamic flywire
  • Touch: FlyKnit upper with strike zone blades
  • Traction: Hyper reactive 2.0 outsole

The plate, which takes inspiration from Nike Free, is flexible in the forefoot for toeing off the ground with torque for sharp cuts. This iteration of the HyperReactive plate also strays from traditional plates by exposing its faceted structure.

When I tried the shoes for the first time I was shocked about how comfortable they was. Something I really enjoy is the area around the lacing, where Nike use a built-in tongue made of a knit material that stretched beautifully across your foot. 

This is one of the elements that allows them to fully engage with your shape from first wear. Across this material lies the lacing system, and on top of that is another layer of knit material that enhances a flatter strike area while also adding a layer of extra security, ensuring they don’t over stretch.

Who Should Play With Alex Morgan’s Soccer Cleats?

I would recommend using Alex Morgan’s soccer cleats to those who feel like they got the power, but struggling controlling their shots. If you are a player that like heavier shoes, this one is for you. It’s specially designed for finishers and strikers, but I can see midfielders and even defenders using this shoe.

If you are struggling to hit the sweet spot, the PhantonVNM could absolutely help you, since the Precision Pwr help you visualise how to hit the ball. It acts as an indicator of the sweet spot on your foot, ensuring the most efficient transfer of power from foot to ball. 

As anyone who’s ever hit a soccer ball knows, the most important part of the technique is where you strike the ball, and that’s outside the Precision Pwr’s area of expertise, but the sweet spot on this shoe feels a lot larger than on other soccer cleats.

As you should know, a boot alone won’t transform you into one of the deadliest strikers around. However, if you have the correct form, they can provide you with a little extra, the ability to add a little extra spin or get a shot off with a little extra power.

Can You Buy Alex Morgan’s Soccer Cleats?

Alex Morgan’s special-edition PhantomVNM was limited to only 100 units, so the likelihood of you finding the shoe online is very rare, getting a new one is pretty much impossible. 

However, if you want to buy a used PhantomVNM, there are sometimes pairs listed online. Although, if you are lucky to find a pair online, it will be hard to not break the bank with buying such a rare shoe.

The retail price for the PhantomVNM was €249 and when they came out the y were only available in North America. If you wasn’t of the lucky 100, and really want a pair, you should test your luck on ebay and, but be ready for some pretty hefty prices.

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