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7 Most Popular Soccer Cleats

It may sound obvious, but soccer cleats are one of the most important aspects of being good at the sport. You need to invest in some top-tier cleats in order to play the game to a high level and there are thousands of models to choose from, so which ones are the most popular and why?

Today we’ll be answering this question with a look at the most popular soccer cleats that are currently available, ranging from new models to some legendary cleats that have their own special places in the history of the sport. 

Here are the 7 most popular soccer cleats in the world right now.

7. Puma King

The most popular choice for relative beginners to the game, the Puma King range has long been known for its reliability and versatility on the field.

Some cleats are made for specific positions, with studs and other aspects of the shoe being tailored to this need, but not the Puma King.

The traditional color of the cleat is black, which is the most no-nonsense color for those who don’t intend to be flashy or in need of the highest specification cleat.

This lack of flair makes the Puma King a common choice amongst defenders that want to assert themselves as strong and reliable players, just like their cleat.

Some cleats are not designed to be used in certain playstyles either, but this is where the Puma King’s come into their own.

Puma themselves market the cleats on their adaptability to the various forms of the game that can be played these days, making them a great choice for those playing 11-a-side all the way down to youth Soccer (they are the ideal introductory cleat for children too). 

In terms of price, the Puma King’s are a mid-range cleat and come in at around $50 per pair and I believe this is great value for a pair of cleats this good. 

6. Puma Ultra Ultimate 

From Puma’s most basic and introductory level cleats, we move on to the most high-end and highest specification pair of cleats that the company currently produces. The Puma Ultra Ultimate are available at around the $190 mark, with them being available direct from the Puma website at the moment. 

The cleats themselves are designed for forward-thinking players that want to carry the ball at their feet. The marketing surrounding these cleats is based on this purpose, with them wanting technically gifted players to wear their cleats at the highest level. Expect to see many of Puma’s top athletes wearing the Ultra Ultimate at the FIFA World Cup in November. 

The specification of the cleat is based primarily on being lightweight, with Puma producing them with an ultra-lightweight that makes running in them a breeze.

Alongside this there is extra upper support to both the ankle and metatarsal area of the foot, making injuries to these areas less of a concern for forwards. 

Finally, at least 20% of each pair of Ultra Ultimate cleats are made from recycled materials according to Puma and this makes the cleats not only an excellent choice for their quality but also the ethical standards that have gone into their production. 

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 9

The Nike Tiempo range has long been a staple of the upper echelons of world Soccer and they are still just as popular today as they were many years ago.

We could have chosen any of the wide range of Tiempo cleats that Nike has on the market, but today we went for a newly released pair in honor of the legend that is Andrea Pirlo. 

Firstly, we have to say that these cleats are limited edition and their popularity in recent weeks could cause them to sell out rather quickly, so be fast if you want to grab a pair before anyone else can.

Alongside this is a limited-edition price point, which isn’t a surprise however it could make them unaffordable to many in the current climate. 

The cleats themselves have many great features, including the Italian flag to the rear and blue colorways all the way through the cleats. The sole of the shoe is a chrome silver design, with the iconic Nike swoosh also in the Azzuri blue of Italy. 

Made out of premium leather according to the Nike store, these cleats are incredibly high-end and were supposedly crafted in Pirlo’s hometown of Montebelluna. 

4. Adidas Copa Mundial 

Yet another iconic range of Soccer cleats that have stood the test of time, the 4th most popular cleat on this list is the Adidas Copa Mundial.

Similar to the Puma King’s we mentioned earlier, the Copa Mundial is one of Adidas’ more basic model of the cleat and therefore have long been available in the simple black colorway with white stripes. 

Unlike the Puma King’s though, Adidas has recognized the popularity of these cleats and has raised both the quality and the price in recent seasons. The cleats are marketed in a very similar fashion to the Puma King’s; however, the premium price point makes them a more popular choice amongst defenders and midfielders. 

The choice of studs on the sole of the shoes means that they are suitable for almost every weather condition too, many cleats have ‘blades’ fitted to the bottom that is only really useable on a sunny day and a relatively soft ground field.

Having studs fitted to the bottom makes these cleats versatile and could mean you don’t need to buy another pair for when it’s wet. 

3. Adidas X Speedflow.2 

Whilst many of the cleats we have featured today have been staples of the market, the next pair on our list are relative newcomers and have become very popular since they were released.

The Adidas X Speedflow. 2 cleats is the German brand’s new flagship cleats and are laced with amazing technology that many of their other models do not have. 

For example, the tongue on Soccer cleats can often be a distraction for players as it can sometimes rub on your feet, but with the Speedflows, there is a four-sided tongue that offers maximum coverage and comfort.

There is also a padded ankle section that can once again increase player safety whilst wearing the cleats. 

In terms of the feel of the cleats, the Speedflows are made from super lightweight fabric and are clearly designed for speed. Rather interestingly though, the cleats do not feature blades on the sole, instead, Adidas opted for more traditional molded studs. 

For such a technologically modern pair of cleats, you would expect a premium price point, however, this is where the Speedflows really become appealing.

The cleats are now a few seasons old and this means that they are available at many discount stores and websites, in our searches we managed to find these cleats for around $50 online. 

2. Nike Mercurial 

It’s back to the traditional favorites for the 2nd placed cleats on our list, the legendary Nike Mercurials. The Mercurial model has been around for many years now and there have been plenty of different iterations of the cleats, the most recent pair may be the best and most popular yet though. 

The cleats are now made in conjunction with Nike’s Air Zoom technology which is usually reserved for their running sneakers, making them super lightweight and amazing to run in.

The Mercurials are also made using a textured fabric that is designed to increase grip on the ball, this in theory should improve a player’s close control and improve the accuracy of their kicks. 

As one would expect for Nike’s premier pair of cleats, the price is not a small one. The cleats come in at around $250 per pair and this makes them some of the most expensive on the market right now. Despite this, they are proving very popular and will be seen around the world during the FIFA World Cup. 

1. Adidas Predator 

The most popular cleats in the world also happen to be our favorite and are a model that I have worn many times over the years, they are iconic and cannot be ignored when shopping around. We are of course talking about the legendary Adidas Predator. 

The Predator model has been around for decades now, with Adidas bringing out a new generation of their most famous models almost every season and they are still just as popular as they were 20 years ago. The latest version of the Predator is the Predator Edge.1, which is similar to the Speedflow cleats we mentioned earlier, they do have some differences though.

The new Predator model is made to be adaptive, with a curved finish that features a plethora of bumps and grooves, the accuracy of your shots will be second to none. There is also all of the other standard Adidas technology that we touched upon before. 

The cleats are not as expensive as you may think either, coming in at around $180-$220 a pair. This is perhaps the main reason why they are so popular; you can get an iconic pair of cleats from a reputable brand for much less than some of their major competitors.