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How Much Soccer Balls Cost (Price Guide)

It may sound obvious, but in order to play soccer, you first need to buy a ball to play with. The soccer ball is the very lifeblood of the sport and there a many different types that are currently available on the market.

The humble ball has come a long way since its pig intestine origins in England, nowadays any connection to the pig has long since disappeared and balls today can be filled with new innovations that continue to improve as the seasons roll on. 

With this in mind, it can often be difficult to choose which ball to buy when scouring the stores for one. Today, we’ll be helping you choose our short soccer ball price guide for low, mid, and high-end balls. Let’s get straight into it.  

Here’s how much soccer balls cost:

Soccer BallPrice


  • Price: $1-$5

Starting at the bottom of the pile, low-end soccer balls are primality aimed at young children and are not really meant to be used in proper matches or by older people. The reason that these balls exist is for fun and that is something that they certainly are. 

Whatever it is you call them, a ‘fly-away’ as I know them are incredibly cheap and can be found at most superstores or discount stores around the country. The price of these balls can range from between a dollar up to around 5 dollars at most (don’t pay any more for this kind of Soccer ball as you may end up being disappointed). 

Low-end balls can also come in other shapes and sizes, if you want to buy a cheap ball that you can still use to play proper Soccer then a training or ‘skill’ ball may be your best bet. These balls are usually made out of the same material as full-size Soccer balls but are much smaller and can be used to practice your skills. 

They often come in at a price range of between 5-10 dollars depending on which brand of ball you want to buy. Some of the best balls in the world, such as the official Premier League match ball are available in this variation so you can still enjoy the best whilst paying a much lower price. 


  • Price: $20-$50

Once you’ve outgrown the lower-end soccer balls, or simply want to move onto a bigger and better kind, you are probably ready to start considering an upgrade to a more standard ball that comes in at a more standard price. 

The mid-range soccer balls are usually full-sized and can be used in full-match situations or training exercises, this makes them the ideal choice for a kick-about with your friends or a youth Soccer team. 

There are many different soccer balls on the market, and you should always look out for good deals on mid-range balls that are made by companies such as Nike, Mitre, or Adidas. The reason for this is clear, they are the best that are made and are usually used by professional teams and leagues. 

Most professional league soccer balls come in this standard material and design, which is available at around the 20-dollar mark. This makes them both affordable and practical. 

These balls do not have the same technology that the actual match balls have (we’ll get to those soon) but are almost identical in design.

Unless you play soccer to a semi-professional level or higher, I wouldn’t recommend splashing out on anything higher than a mid-range Soccer ball. 


  • Price: $100+

As we’ve touched upon, you should only really consider buying a high-end Soccer ball if the sport is a major part of your life and something that you believe you need to invest in financially.

The reason I say this is because the best balls can cost you hundreds of dollars, which is not something many people can afford on a regular basis. 

This being said, the best balls are virtually identical to those that are used by professionals and are therefore marketed as ‘match ball’ specifications. They have the most up-to-date technology and can be kicked in ways that most balls cannot.

The balance between air and material is perfect and this means that they take flight in more dynamic ways than standard balls do. Having the ability to control the ball fully is something that you will notice when playing with a high-end Soccer ball The direction it travels is much more predictable and the weight feels lower which makes kicking it less of a risk.

High-end balls are also much more durable, meaning that they are far less likely to burst upon contact with another player or a sharp object like a stud or cleat blade. 

All this technology of course makes the price a hard pill to swallow, but it can be worthwhile if you want to truly experience what it is like to be a professional and even more so if you aim to become one in the future. 

I listed my high-end soccer ball recommendations in this post.

So, Which Soccer Ball Should I Buy?

Low-end – A ‘Flyaway’ ($1 – $5)

The best ball to buy for a simple game of passing with a child, they provide the most fun for young people and can teach them the basics of the game. They are also fun for decorating parties with and giving children something to kick around that won’t hurt them or anyone else if kicked too hard. 

These balls are delicate though and will burst if stood on or if they come into contact with anything sharp, for this reason, they should not be used if anyone is wearing cleats or if your child is scared of loud noises. 

Mid-range – Mitre Delta ($20 – $50)

Mitre is an English producer of Soccer balls that currently designs the official match ball of the English Football League (EFL). They also make some of the best mid-range soccer balls in the world that can be purchased for as little as 20 dollars. 

This is the perfect ball to use for basic training exercises or matches with friends as it will not cost too much to replace if it gets lost or bursts. Whilst bursts are unlikely, try to stay away from thorns when playing with the Delta as they are susceptible to punctures. 

You can check the current price on Amazon here.

High-end – Nike Premier League Flight ($100+)

The American manufacturer Nike is widely regarded as the godfather of soccer ball production and as such, they currently make the official match ball of the Premier League. The Premier League Flight is the most premium ball on the market that Nike produces and comes in at around 100 dollars online. 

According to Nike, this ball has taken 8 years of research to design just right, so you know that the experience of using it will be good. The ball features a grooved finish that makes the ball more stable when in the air, giving you full control of where you want the ball to go.

The ball also has a very classic feel to it, with it resembling the Premier League match balls from the 1990s. 

Hopefully, this short guide has helped you understand how much Soccer balls cost and which tier of ball is the right one for you to buy.