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Marcelo’s Wife: Who Is Clarice Alves?

Former Real Madrid megastar Marcelo (now of Brazilian side Fluminense) is one of the best left-backs to have ever stepped foot on a soccer field and has won countless honors for both club and country.

What do you know about his wife Clarice Alves, though? Well, if you have ever wondered about the relationship of this famous couple, you no longer have to!

Here’s everything you need to know about Marcelo’s wife, Clarice Alves.

The Life of Clarice Alves

Whilst many wives of famous Soccer players are considered to be ‘wags’, with some preferring to stay at home and care for their children, Clarice Alves is still a relatively big star in her own right. 

The Brazilian-born woman enjoyed a successful acting career following her marriage to Marcelo in 2008. While those in English-speaking nations may not be familiar with her work, Alves has featured in a number of popular movies in South America, such as Urubu (2019), 220 Volts (2011), and Diminuta (2018). 

Alves also has a major presence on social media, with the actress boasting an impressive 668,000 followers on Instagram. Her husband has 58 Million followers, though, so perhaps there is still some catching up to do in this regard. 

As for Alves’ childhood, she was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1988, but very little is actually known about her immediate family other than Marcelo. It is entirely possible that Alves just wants to keep her family out of the limelight and that they are perfectly happy with staying in Brazil to live a quiet life whilst their daughter enjoys the glamour of her acting career. 

When Alves got slightly older, it is known that she attended an acting school named ‘Casa a Companhia de Artes’ in order to refine her raw talent for acting and make a professional career out if. From this, we can gather that Alves likely led a relatively middle-class life during her childhood in Brazil.

Being an actress also requires linguistic talent, and Alves is not short of this. The Brazilian can speak Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English, which is to be admired. As you can see, Alves is far more than just Marcelo’s wife. 

How Did She Meet Marcelo?

The story of Marcelo and his wife is a truly wholesome one, with the two meeting whilst they were still teenagers in Brazil. Marcelo was already good friends with Alves’ brother when the latter decided to introduce his sister to his friend. 

This all occurred on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the two instantly had a chemistry and began to date each other shortly after. The pair eventually married in 2008 and have been happily together ever since. 

It is often considered rare for Soccer players to have such long-standing relationships in the modern day, but this is a common misconception that isn’t really fair to the players. Many great players have been loyal partners to their own spouses and have had long and happy marriages because of it. 

Marcelo and Alves are a perfect example of this, with their relationship remaining as strong as ever despite the move across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe when Marcelo joined Real Madrid. In fact, it could be argued that their marriage grew stronger in this period as they welcomed two children into the world. 

Marcelo and Alves’ Children

The couple soon wanted to have a child together after marrying in 2008, with their first son being brought into the world in 2009. Enzo Gattuso Alves Viera shares both of his parents surnames and is therefore recognizable to both Soccer and movie fans alike. 

It was a long time before the couple decided that Enzo should have a sibling, and as such, their second son Liam Alves was born in 2015. Both brothers have a keen interest in soccer and could easily be the next big star of Brazilian Soccer. 

It is unlikely that the couple will have more children in the future, given the large gap that would now exists between their eldest and youngest child however, it is not impossible. 

The Future for Clarice Alves

With her husband’s career nearing its end, the couple will soon get to enjoy his retirement from the game together and spend more time with their family. It is possible that they will return to their homeland of Brazil one day and live there with their children. 

It is unknown what acting projects Alves is working on at the moment, but she may well be able to enjoy her own career a bit more once Marcelo has retired, as he can take over some of the childcare duties that Alves will have been doing for many years already. 

Hopefully, this short piece has helped you to understand just who Marcelo’s wife Clarice Alves is and what their relationship looks like.