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5 Best Insoles For Soccer Cleats (2023)

Cleats are possibly the most important piece of equipment that you need to play soccer properly, but there are actually multiple things that go into making the best cleats, and some are not part of the ‘initial package’ so to speak.

What I mean by this is you can purchase extras to enhance your cleats and make them suit your feet better, such as laces and insoles. 

Today we’ll be focussing on the latter of the two products we’ve just mentioned by looking at the best insoles for soccer cleats out there.

There are so many different kinds of insoles available, each with different shapes and fits that make them ideal for specific ailments or injuries, or simply just for comfort.

These insoles vary in price, so we’ll do our best to give you a range of insoles available for those with different budgets. 

Here are the 5 best insoles for soccer cleats in 2023.

1. Scholl Active Sport 

We start today’s list with possibly the best budget-friendly option out there for those that need a little extra support from their insoles.

The Scholl Active Sport insoles are available for less than $15 a pair and are designed to improve both comfort and support while playing sports. The insoles are ideal for soccer; however, they can also be used for a range of different shoe types thanks to their gel base. 

This gel base is what gives the insoles their natural spring, which should help support the base of your feet from heavy impacts while running. If you struggle with high arches, these insoles will also help support this are of your foot by essentially padding it with gel. 

The insoles also help with foot hygiene, as they are coated with a special kind of material that doesn’t absorb sweat or any other odors. Perfect if you don’t have somewhere else to be after an intense soccer game. 

The thing to note about the Active Sport insoles is that they are not available in specific sizes, meaning that you may need to trim them down manually to make them fit inside your cleats.

This can be a problem if done wrong, as the insoles will not give the same level of support if they have been poorly trimmed.  

2. Move Game Day Pro 

From the best budget-friendly insoles, we move on to the best insoles out there for those with a larger budget.

The Move Game Day Pro insoles are those used by Nike in the majority of their premium soccer cleats and are used by plenty of professional players around the world. The price tag obviously reflects this, with the Game Day Pro’s coming in at around $60 a pair.

Unlike many of the more budget options, these insoles do come available in specific sizes, and this should mean that they fit better than if they were to be trimmed down from a larger original size.

Move also offers a 30-day free trial of the insoles if you order directly from their website in the US, so you can essentially try them out before fully committing, as they may not be the right insoles for your feet. 

The insoles themselves are filled with innovative features that make them the market leaders that they are.

To start with, the material they are made from is a carbon composite that moulds to the shape of your feet once used enough times, making them as snug as possible to your feet. 

There is also enhanced grip on both the toe end and heel of the insoles that prevent any movement of your feet inside your cleats, giving you more control of your passing and shooting. This added grip also helps to prevent injuries. 

3. FootActive Insoles 

While the two previous entries are the best budget-friendly and the market leaders, the next choice we’ve made is one of the highest rated by those that have used them.

The FootActive insoles are a similar price to the Scholl Active Sport’s, with them retailing at around $20 per pair. 

These insoles also don’t come in specific sizes. However, they do come in a smaller size range than some of the cheaper options on this list (two sizes rather than five). 

In terms of design, these insoles are very similar to the Scholl insoles we discussed earlier but are certainly the better choice for those that have struggled with foot injuries in the past.

Like some of the more expensive options available, the FootActive insoles feature technology that prevents movement of your foot while in the clear, relieving pressure and helping make playing a smoother experience all around. 

Other features on these insoles include a gel base, raised area to support your arches and metatarsals, additional cushioning to the middle, and a durable plastic covering. 

4. Storelli SpeedGrip Insoles

For those of you that don’t want to buy the absolute top-of-the-range insoles, but also want something a little more supportive than some of the cheaper options we’ve discussed, your best bet is to go for the mid-range Storelli SpeedGrip insoles available at $40 per pair. 

These insoles are marketed as high-performance and at a lower price than some of their competitors, it may make sense to take the plunge on the Storelli offering.

The ‘SpeedGrip’ technology that Storelli speaks of is essentially a method of keeping your feet in place while playing, much like most of the insoles we have already mentioned.

The difference with these insoles is that the movement is even less, thanks to the additional grip that runs along the entire insole. 

Heel support is essential while playing soccer, and there is perhaps no better at doing this than the SpeedGrip. Storelli’s innovative heel cup increases comfort and support to your heel by forcing as far back in your cleat as possible; this again prevents movement while playing. 

The only downside to these insoles is that they are not recommended for players with particularly sensitive feet; there is no reason given on the Storelli website for this. 

5. Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles

The final insoles on our list are the cheapest that feature, with them retailing at around $10 online. These insoles are not the most innovative or exciting that we’ve discussed today; however, as budget options go, they are pretty good!

Like the Scholl insoles, the Sorbothane’s need to be trimmed down to the correct size as they only come available in a few sizes at the moment. This can be a problem if you have particularly small feet, but it shouldn’t be a problem for those with average-sized feet. 

The insoles are designed to be used for a range of sports and are said to be particularly useful for any sport that involves high impacts and quick movements, such as soccer, tennis, and other racquet sports.

If you struggle with foot or ankle problems, then these insoles may also be good for you, as they are meant to help reduce the impacts of a range of ailments like tendonitis and shin splints. 

Final Thoughts

So, they are the five best insoles for soccer cleats currently available. Hopefully, this short buyer’s guide has helped you with your hunt for the right insoles.

As a final point, I would always recommend trying out any insoles you want to buy before committing to them, as your feet can be damaged by the wrong insoles.