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How Much Soccer Cleats Cost

Investing in a pair of soccer cleats is one of the most important financial decisions for any player. They are essential for moving around properly and competing with everyone else on the field.

It’s virtually impossible to get away with not wearing cleats, which is why even youth players need a pair for each season.

Soccer is a relatively inexpensive sport, but it’s required to make an investment in footwear to be prepared. 

How Much Do Soccer Cleats Cost?

Soccer CleatsCost
Entry Level$30-$60
Middle Range$70-140

Soccer cleats can range from around $30 for entry-level options, all the way up to $250-$300 for top-of-the-line cleats. It all depends on the brand, technology, level of play, and age. 

Cleats also come in designs for different surfaces and weather, so keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Most brands are very upfront with customers on what surface they work best for. If soccer is played on different surfaces during the year, players must get different cleats for each.

What Makes Soccer Cleats Expensive?

Entry-level soccer cleats look affordable enough, but they jump up in price pretty quickly. Why are soccer cleats so expensive?

Keep in mind that footwear for soccer players might be more important than just about any other sport out there. Not only do they need to provide proper support, but they also need to allow players to control the ball and feel like they can play up to their full potential.

Below is a look at a few of the reasons why soccer cleats jump up in price very quickly. People will always pay a little bit more of a premium if it is a name brand or a style that’s endorsed by a professional, but everything else comes down to these factors.


The materials used by brands to make the soccer cleats can ultimately dictate whether they are expensive or not.

For example, genuine leather is going to cost a lot more than synthetic leather or some other type of cheaper material. The same goes for any type of carbon fiber in the shoe, as it’s an expensive way to stabilize the shoe while making it comfortable.

Materials impact feel, comfort, weight, and more with every pair of shoes. Brands are always touting the premium materials they use to entice shoppers.


Youth soccer cleats will always be a little cheaper than adult soccer cleats, with everything else being the same. It is a simple fact that less material is needed to create smaller shoes. Companies aren’t going to charge the same amount of money for a shoe that could be half the size of an adult option.

Since youth players are still developing, a lot of companies will also take some shortcuts with youth soccer cleats. Maybe they won’t use all the same technology in them, only focusing on them looking similarly from an aesthetic standpoint.

It’s good news for parents who don’t want to pay a crazy amount for soccer cleats, but it likely means they won’t last as long.

Brand Recognition

The most well-known brands always cost a little bit more than those considered a tier below. There is a market for cheaper brands out there, but not everyone wants to go with a smaller brand.

The price difference can be fairly significant in some cases, but it’s important to do a true head-to-head comparison before making a decision. They might seem similar at first, but the cheaper version could take a few shortcuts.

Top brands have all the money to spend on marketing to make what they offer that much more enticing. It is tough to not fall victim to some of the top brands and everything that they tout with their cleats.

Can Soccer Cleats be Purchased Used?

There is always the option of buying used soccer cleats if a person wants to save money. The trickiest part is figuring out whether or not they have enough life left in them to make it worth it. Even if they seem gently used, soccer cleats can get damaged or mold to someone else’s feet before they decide to sell.

If possible, try on the used shoes before purchasing. That’s not always possible when shopping exclusively online. Ask for as many pictures as possible to get a better understanding of the condition. While there can be considerable savings, pictures are sometimes deceiving and tough to judge.

Tips on Finding Cheap Soccer Cleats

Frustrated with the cost of soccer cleats? Some tips help people find cleats that are a bit more affordable. It might take a little bit of extra work, but the savings are hard to deny.

I listed the best cheap soccer cleats in this post.

Shop Old Models

The big soccer brands come out with new cleats every single year. Buying old models usually comes with a good discount. Soccer cleats seem to go on steeper discounts than most other shoes, since they only target a fairly small demographic.

They won’t have the latest technology, but most soccer players won’t know the difference. It’s not like that much has changed on a year-to-year basis. Maybe the hardest thing is finding the right size still in stock.

Color Flexibility

Some pairs of soccer cleats are just not that popular based on their color. They might be a little too loud, or they have a color that’s hard to match. Some soccer players are very particular about matching their cleats to their uniforms, but others don’t care at all.

Retailers will often discount colorways that aren’t moving as quickly as the others. This is a way to get a discount on even a fairly new shoe. The technology and performance are still there, but the color just stands out.

Online Research

Finally, every soccer cleat shopper should at least check out online retailers before purchasing. It’s without question worth trying on cleats in person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a person has to purchase in person.

Once the size is determined, use that information and shop anywhere in the world from a computer. Some stores will price match in person, so that’s worth the research as well.

A lot of people are still worried about purchasing shoes online, but companies offer easy returns and fast shipping to eliminate some of that concern. I listed my favorite soccer online stores in this post.

What’s the Future of Soccer Cleats Look Like With Pricing?

Soccer cleats don’t appear to be going down in price anytime soon. There are just too many factors that go into the rising cost. Not only is soccer continuing to grow as a sport, but new materials are released to make them better than ever.

They will always be entry-level models, but even they are starting to shoot up in price because of inflation. If there’s any consolation, soccer cleats are one of the only major purchases players need to make before each season. Take good care of them, and they could last for quite a while as well.