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15 Greatest Premier League Teams of All Time

Ranking the best Premier League teams is always going to ruffle a few feathers. Especially considering the game of football and league itself has changed a great deal in almost three decades.

Is it fair to compare the title-winning sides of the ’90s, with the near international standard squads you see today? These teams were undoubtedly impressive, but may have been limited in their capacity to sign more than a few world stars? 

With this in mind, to determine the best teams, we must look at more than just points earned. Wins, losses, and draws are important, but they should not be the only determining factors. 

Furthermore, the ranking includes features such as dominance, swagger, goals scored and conceded, and the standard of the opposition they faced. Here are the 15 greatest Premier League teams of all time.

#15. Manchester United – 2000/2001

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 79
  • Goals Conceded: 31

Manchester United won the Premier League title for the third time, while Arsenal came in second place for the second season. Despite losing three of their last four games, the Red Devils pulled away for an easy win by ten points.

Teddy Sheringham, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Solskjaer, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, and Andy Cole all shared more than eight goals, a feat no other team in the league could match.

  • Star Player: David Beckham
  • Unsung Hero: Paul Scholes

#14. Manchester United – 2012/2013

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 86
  • Goals Conceded: 43

As this was Sir Alex Ferguson’s last campaign in charge, United was desperate to win the title. Especially after losing to their newly wealthy rivals from across the city the previous year.

The victory came with five games to spare, as they won the league at a canter. On his way to picking up the golden boot, Robin van Persie was the star of the show with 26 goals for the season.

  • Star Player: Robin Van Persie
  • Unsung Hero: Micheal Carrick

#13 Arsenal – 2001/2002

  • Titles: Premier League, FA Cup
  • Goals: 79
  • Goals Conceded: 36

Despite the lack of dominance by one single team, the 2001/2002 season will be remembered for a five-way fight for the title. A year in which Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Leeds, and Newcastle switched positions a record 29 times.

Arsenal came out on top after remaining going on an unbeaten run after Christmas, winning 13 of their last 14 matches. They also won the FA Cup for good measure.

  • Star Player: Robert Pires
  • Unsung Hero: Sylvain Wiltord

#12. Manchester United – 1999/2000

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 97
  • Goals Conceded: 45

Scoring 97 goals in a dominant season, United won the Premier League by a record 18 points. Led by Yorke with 20 goals and Cole with 19, the front two were ably assisted by Giggs and Beckham, who played superbly from the wings.

Jaap Stam and Roy Keane were dominant in defense and midfield to ensure the title once again made its way to Old Trafford.

  • Star Player: Ryan Giggs
  • Unsung Hero: Jaap Stam

#11. Chelsea – 2009/2010

  • Titles: Premier League, FA Cup
  • Goals: 103
  • Goals Conceded: 32

Despite their low points total of only 86, Chelsea broke numerous Premier League records this season. The Chelsea team ended the season with a record-setting goal difference of +71. They may have only edged Manchester United by a single point, but it was done in style from start to finish.

During his first season at Chelsea, Carlo Ancelotti assembled an exceptional front line and was rewarded with stamina, prowess, and 103 goals. The team scored at least seven goals in four of those games.

  • Star Player: Didier Drogba
  • Unsung Hero: Nicolas Anelka

#10. Chelsea – 2016/2017

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 85
  • Goals Conceded: 33

This season, Chelsea achieved a league record of 30 wins and finished on 93 points. After a slow start, Conte’s team recovered to win the title in his first year at the club, with Costa and Hazard scoring 36 goals between them.

Even though Spurs were seven points back in second place, scoring more goals and conceding less. Chelsea was in no mood to compromise

  • Star Player: Eden Hazard
  • Unsung Hero: Marcos Alonso

#9. Blackburn Rovers – 1994/1995

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 80
  • Goals Conceded: 39

It was a memorable season when Blackburn won the title at Anfield on the final day of the season despite losing to Liverpool, and Manchester United failed to beat West Ham securing the title.

Rovers signed Chris Sutton for a record £5m fees that season, creating the now-famous SAS partnership. As a result, Blackburn won their first title in 1914, while Sutton and Shearer combined for 49 goals between them.

  • Star Player: Alan Shearer
  • Unsung Hero: Mark Atkins

#8. Manchester United – 1993/1994

  • Titles: Premier League, FA Cup
  • Goals: 80
  • Goals Conceded: 38

Following their initial title triumph the previous year, UTD had to fight to the finish line this season. Even though they topped the table through week four right up to the end of the season.

Cantona was mercurial as ever, but the key to UTDs success were two Irishmen, a young midfielder, Roy Keane, who would dominate Old Trafford on and off the pitch for the next decade, and Denis Irwin, who had a remarkable season in United’s dominant backline. 

  • Star Player: Eric Cantona
  • Unsung Hero: Roy Keane

#7. Manchester City – 2018/2019

  • Titles: Premier League, FA Cup
  • Goals: 95
  • Goals Conceded: 23

Despite facing the fiercest challenge in EPL’s history, Manchester City came out on top in the title race despite facing the fiercest challenge in EPL’s history.

The 98 point total was impressive in and of itself, and it helped the Manchester City team win the championship. Their closest rivals Liverpool, accumulated 97 points, yet didn’t win the league. This says it all about Pep Guardiola’s magnificent City team this season.

  • Star Player: Sergio Aguero
  • Unsung Hero: David Silva

#6. Chelsea – 2004/2005

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 72
  • Goals Conceded: 15

In June 2004, “The Special One” arrived at Chelsea Football Club and revolutionized the club. Even the more cynical among us could view the $$$’s of a particular Russian oligarch as being just as important.

The former Porto manager brought a freshness to the club, undoubtedly inspired by his Champions League success the previous season, and he caused a revolution.

In its place, Kings Road had become defensively ruthless and unyielding.

  • Star Player: Frank Lampard
  • Unsung Hero: William Gallas

#5. Manchester United – 1998/1999

  • Titles: Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup
  • Goals: 80
  • Goals Conceded: 37

This was the season of the famous treble-winning squad. The club famously came from behind to win the Champions League late, and the same thing happened in the Premier League, where they edged Arsenal by a point to win the title by a point.

Even though their league win was not remarkable in itself, they were still deserving of 5th place because they managed to win the treble. 

  • Star Player: David Beckham
  • Unsung Hero: Dwight Yorke

#4. Leicester City – 2015/2016

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 68
  • Goals Conceded: 16

Some will argue that a ranking of 4th place on the list does not do this team’s achievement justice. One of the most incredible football stories of our time.

It didn’t matter that they were 5,000-1 cannon fodder and that they were managed by the man Greece fired after its Faroe Islands loss; they went on to win the title by ten points.

What makes this team’s achievement all the more remarkable is the fact, the title-winning squad was assembled for less than $35 million.

  • Star Player: Jamie Vardy
  • Unsung Hero: Shinji Okazaki

#3. Liverpool – 2019/2020 

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 85
  • Goals Conceded: 33

Liverpool winning the title for the first time in 30 years isn’t enough to place them at the top of the list. But this was another remarkable season for an excellent team. The key to this incredible season is that they won the championship faster than any other team, with seven games to spare

The team also equaled the most wins in a season, 32, and the most consecutive victories this season. There was a point before the COVID shutdown, where they were threatening City’s 100pt record and even Arsenal’s unbeaten season. 

  • Star player: Virgil Van Dijk
  • Unsung Hero: Jordan Henderson

#2. Manchester City – 2017/2018

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 106
  • Goals Conceded: 27

Some of you may find it shocking that they are not ranked #1, but that’s how football works. This was a genuinely remarkable side. Scoring 106 goals helped them win the title with five games to spare, and they became the first team to amass 100 points in top-flight history. 

In addition to the longest winning streak (18), goal difference (+79), points margin (19), and wins (32), they also set some other records during their history. The team won 11 straight away games, a new record. Additionally, this squad had the best defensive record in the league conceding only 27 goals.

Much of their success was down to Sergio Aguero, who managed 21 goals in 25 appearances. When added to the contributions of Ederson, John Stones, Kyle Walker, and Fernandinho’s brilliant defensive work, City was not only a destructive force going forward but also resilient and disciplined at the back.

  • Star Player: Sergio Aguero
  • Unsung Hero: Fernandinho

#1 Arsenal – 2003/2004

  • Titles: Premier League
  • Goals: 73
  • Goals Conceded: 26

Known as ‘The Invincibles’ they were an era-defining team. An undefeated league run is a rare achievement. Only Preston North End had achieved the same feat way back in the 1888/1889 season.

This was a remarkable campaign, while some argue that they should not be top of the list. Until another team manages to repeat their feat, nobody can tell me that a couple who went a whole season unbeaten does not deserve their place at #1.

Best Premier League Team!

How did Arsenal remain the best premier league team, and unbeaten? It wasn’t because they scored the most goals, 73, or won the most games, a mere 26. They were just an amazing team, with stars like Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, and Ljungberg in their prime, who combined for a series of outstanding performances.

Thierry Henry scoring 30 goals and winning the Golden Boot by eight goals, was the undoubted star of the show. The media, his peers, and his fans selected him as Player Of The Year.

  • Star Player: Thierry Henry
  • Unsung Hero: Fredrik Ljungberg

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