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FC Köln: Player Salaries

FC Köln is one of those teams that always are in the bottom of the table, but still somehow manages to avoid relegation. Being one of the worst teams in the league, definitely shows in the players payroll.

Player salaries in the Bundesliga are pretty good compared to other league in Europe. With that said, salaries in FC Köln are far away from the top teams in the league.

The average player salary in FC Köln is €1,050,089 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €29,402,000. Which makes them the 11th highest paying club in the Bundesliga.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in FC Köln


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Timo Horn€3,180,000€60,986
Ron-Robert Zieler€1,000,000€19,178
Julian Krahl€106,000€2,032


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Sebastiaan Bornauw€780,000€14,958
Jorge Meré€2,500,000€47,945
Rafael Czichos€700,000€13,424
Frederik Sörensen€1,500,000€28,767
João Queirós€175,000€3,356
Robert Voloder€53,000€1,016
Noah Katterbach€106,000€2,032
Jannes Horn€1,000,000€19,178
Kingsley Ehizibue€1,000,000€19,178
Benno Schmitz€600,000€11,507


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Ellyes Skhiri€1,500,000€28,767
Jonas Hector€3,000,000€57,534
Marco Höger€1,250,000€23,972
Elvis Rexhbecaj€800,000€15,342
Salih Özcan€700,000€13,424
Christian Clemens€1,500,000€28,767
Ondrej Duda€1,150,000€22,054
Dominick Drexler€1,000,000€19,178
Jens Castrop€26,500€508
Ismail Jakobs€79,500€1,524
Florian Kainz€1,246,000€23,895
Jan Thielmann€149,000€2,857
Tim Lemperle€26,500€508


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Sebastian Andersson€775,000€14,863
Anthony Modeste€3,500,000€67,123

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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