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Eintracht Frankfurt: Player Salaries

Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the most impressing clubs in the Bundesliga. Despite having a very tight budget, they keep performing like many of richer teams in the league. A prime example that money isn’t everything in soccer.

Player salaries in the Bundesliga are very good compared to most other leagues in Europe. Eintracht Frankfurt are not among the clubs that pays the best, they are actually slightly below average as far as payrolls are concerned.

The average player salary in Eintracht Frankfurt is €1,141,968 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is €36,543,000. Which makes them the 10th highest paying club in the Bundesliga.

Below is a breakdown of each player salaries in Eintracht Frankfurt


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Kevin Trapp€3,000,000€57,534
Markus Schubert€500,000€9,589
Elias Bördner€26,500€508


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Evan N’Dicka€500,000€9,589
Martin Hinteregger€2,500,000€47,945
David Abraham€1,400,000€26,849
Fynn Otto€26,500€508
Jetro Willems€2,000,000€38,356
Erik Durm€1,500,000€28,767
Danny da Costa€780,000€14,959
Almamy Touré€1,800,000€34,520
Timothy Chandler€750,000€14,383


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
Stefan Ilsanker€850,000€16,301
Makoto Hasebe€1,040,000€19,945
Lukas Fahrnberger€53,000€1,016
Djibril Sow€2,150,000€41,232
Dominik Kohr€1,200,000€23,013
Sebastian Rode€2,000,000€38,356
Marijan Cavar€399,000€7,652
Daichi Kamada€442,000€8,477
Aymen Barkok€234,000€4,487
Ajdin Hrustic€207,000€3,967
Filip Kostic€2,500,000€47,945
Steven Zuber€850,000€16,301
Amin Younes€2,775,000€53,219


PlayerAnnual SalaryWeekly Salary
André Silva€1,335,000€25,602
Bas Dost€2,800,000€53,700
Ragnar Ache€442,000€8,477
Jabez Makanda€53,000€1,016
Gonçalo Paciência€1,195,000€22,918
Dejan Joveljic€1,000,000€19,178

If there are any new signings or any other updates to the current player salaries, I will update the information above.

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