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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife, Kids & Untold Stories

Arguably the most recognizable name and face in the world of soccer, Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo has led an interesting and sometimes challenging life that has led him to the superstar status that he has today.

Hailing from the small island of Madeira, Ronaldo began his career with one of the best teams in the country, Sporting Lisbon, before eventually making his big move to Manchester United and later both Real Madrid and Juventus (as well as an eventful second spell at Old Trafford). 

Today though, we are not focussing on the soccer side of Ronaldo’s life, instead taking a look at his family. It is fair to say that Ronaldo’s personal life hasn’t always been plain sailing, with him facing a wide range of personal and external conflicts during his time in the spotlight.

Through it all though, Ronaldo has maintained that his family is at the core of everything he does. So let’s go and meet them. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s FamilyNameDetails
ParentsJose Dinis AveiroDied from liver damage.
Maria Dolores dos Santos AveiroSurvived breast cancer and stroke.
SiblingsElma AveiroEldest sibling, born 1973.
Hugo AveiroBorn 1975, supported Ronaldo’s soccer.
Katia AveiroBorn 1977, Ronaldo’s second sister.
WifeGeorgina RodriguezMet Ronaldo in 2016, prominent model.
KidsCristiano Ronaldo Jr.Born 2010, trains at top soccer academies.
Alana Martina dos Santos AveiroBorn 2017, daughter of Ronaldo and Rodriguez.
Mateo RonaldoTwin, born 2017.
Eva Maria dos AveiroTwin, born 2017.
Tragic LossBella EsmeraldaBorn and died in 2022.
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Cristiano Ronaldo Parents

  • Father: Jose Dinis Aveiro
  • Mother: Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on the 5th of February 1985 to a working-class family on the island of Madeira. It is believed that the great star was actually named after former President of the United States Ronald Reagan as his parents were big fans of his acting career. 

Cristiano translates to “Christian” in English, a name influenced by his mother’s devout Catholic faith. Ronaldo’s father, José Dinis Aveiro, served as a kit man for a local football club, offering Ronaldo an early glimpse into the world of football. Despite initially wanting her son to pursue a career outside sports, Maria Dolores became Ronaldo’s biggest advocate once he chose the path of football. His siblings too, Hugo, Elma, and Katia, frequently voice their pride on social media and are regularly seen at his matches.

It was a pretty tough start to life for the young Ronaldo who grew up surrounded by the issues of his parents, all while living in a house made out of tin. His father Jose Aveiro was known to be a struggling alcoholic during Ronaldo’s childhood and would often be drunk while at home.

While Ronaldo did get to spend his younger years with his father at his side, Jose never got to see his son turn into the star he is today as unfortunately, he died when Ronaldo was just 20 years old from Liver damage. 

His mother Maria is still alive and is still the center of everything that Ronaldo does today, Maria was forced to care for her children alone after the death of Jose and took up cleaning in order to do so.

Ronaldo has often spoken of the admiration he has for his mother that was supporting her family so well in such difficult circumstances, and I believe this is something we can all echo. 

In more recent times, Maria has lived a life of comfort thanks to her sons’ triumphs though she has also been through some major health challenges. Maria developed breast cancer in 2007 and was forced to have an operation to remove the tumor, she also had a stroke which left her in the hospital for some time. 

Furthermore, Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo’s sister, has paved her own path as a singer. With several albums under her belt, she has even represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Cristiano Ronaldo Siblings

  • Sisters: Elma Aveiro, Katia Aveiro
  • Brother: Hugo Aveiro

Cristiano is just one of four Aveiro siblings and is actually the youngest of the bunch. His eldest sibling is his sister Elma who was born back in 1973, making her 12 years her brothers senior.

Next up came Hugo, who was born two years later in 1975, making him a decade older than Cristiano. Hugo is known for supporting his brothers soccer career and helping him practice as a child. 

The final of Cristiano’s three siblings are his second sister Katia, who was born in 1977. Cristiano is therefore quite a bit younger than all of his siblings and was supported by them all during their difficult childhood.

Given the struggles that they all faced together, it is no surprise that the family remains a close-knit group despite Cristiano’s success. 

The group is pictured together regularly as they often get together to celebrate their mothers birthday, given that their father died while they were all still relatively young the group has long since protected their ill mother whenever they can.

Since making it as a professional, Cristiano has ensured that all of his direct family have lived a comfortable life that they did not have when they were younger which is something we’d all do if we could afford to. 

Ronaldo’s family is deeply rooted in philanthropy, often donating to charities and hospitals, especially within Madeira. While Ronaldo dominates the headlines with his football skills, his family’s life is equally vibrant. They share a love for animals, owning several pets like cats and dogs. Ronaldo has spoken about the culinary skills of his mother multiple times, often attributing his athletic stamina to her home-cooked meals.

Preserving their bond, Ronaldo has invested in a luxurious home in Madeira for his family, boasting modern amenities and an awe-inspiring ocean view. But amidst the glitz and glamor, the footballer has always prioritized his family’s privacy, often keeping his personal life away from media glare. Despite his towering fame, he remains resolutely committed to his kin. Such dedication even influenced his professional decisions – his move to Juventus was partly rooted in what he believed would be best for his family.


  • Wife: Georgina Rodriguez

As one of the most prominent soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has a dating history that most people can only dream of. The soccer star has previously been known for dating people such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and a plethora of other top models in his younger days.

Since then though, Ronaldo had decided to settle down and is now married to another model, Georgina Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez first met Ronaldo back in 2016 when the Portugal legend was still at the height of his powers in Madrid. At the time, Rodriguez was working in the Gucci store in the Spanish capital and quickly took the fancy of Ronaldo when he came to shop there.

It was evidently a quick courtship, that evolved into a fully-fledged relationship soon after when the couple was sighted on holiday together in Paris. 

After meeting Ronaldo, Rodriguez left her sales career behind in favor of pursuing her dream to be a model. The Argentinian is now a prominent model in Europe and has worked alongside some of the top brands on the continent.

Rodriguez is now incredibly rich herself having made her fortune as a model, it is believed that she is now worth over $10 million on her own. Partnered with Ronaldo’s gargantuan earnings as a soccer player, the couple is among the richest in the sporting world. 

Despite being together for 6 years, the couple is not believed to be married despite some reports suggesting that they may have married in private some time ago. Either way, it is clear that the couple is very strong having experienced plenty of personal heartbreak in their time together. 

Ronaldo’s Kids

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. (Born 2010)
  • Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro (Born 2017)
  • Mateo Ronaldo (Born 2017)
  • Eva Maria dos Aveiro (Born 2017)
  • Bella Esmeralda (Born 2022)

All About Ronaldo’s Childrens

Cristiano Ronaldo currently has four children, three of which are from relationships dating back to before he met Georgina Rodriguez. The eldest of Ronaldo’s offspring is Cristiano Jr. who is a bright talent himself when it comes to soccer.

Ever since he was a young boy, Cristiano Jr has trained at some of the top academies in soccer as his father instructed him to feature as part of his contract negotiations at both Real Madrid and Manchester United. 

It is not yet known whether Cristiano Jr has been pulled out of the Manchester United youth setup following his father’s controversial departure from Old Trafford, as he was flourishing at the club alongside children such as Kai Rooney.

The next eldest of the Ronaldo children are his twins Matteo and Eva, both are still young, but could you imagine if we one day got to see the pair competing at the highest level in the men’s and women’s game? 

The youngest of Ronaldo’s children is Alana, who is mothered by his current partner Georgina Rodriguez. Despite not actually being a biological mother to his other children, Rodriguez is said to have taken them all under her wing and has been an excellent stepmother to her other three children. 

Most recently though, the couple has experienced trauma at the loss of their latest child at birth. It is no secret that Ronaldo struggled with the loss of his baby while with Manchester United and has since spoken out about the toughest period of his life.

While nobody will ever truly recover from this kind of loss, we all hope that Ronaldo can move on from it and enjoy a happy life with his partner and other children and that one day he may be a father once more. 

Ronaldo’s commitment to family is palpable in every aspect of his life. For instance, Cristiano Jr.’s growing interest in football sees him training under his father’s watchful eyes, with Ronaldo frequently sharing their playful sessions on his social platforms.

In the face of adversities, Ronaldo’s family has displayed immense resilience. The 2020 health scare of Ronaldo’s mother, when she suffered a stroke, was a testament to their strong bond. Immediately flying back to Portugal, Ronaldo was by her side, seeing her through to a full recovery. This event, and the untimely demise of his father, emphasizes how deeply Ronaldo cherishes his family. Whether it’s spending quality time with his nephews and nieces or ensuring his family’s well-being, his actions consistently reflect his values.

So there is the story of the family of one of soccer’s greatest players, it may not have been an easy life for Cristiano Ronaldo at times but he and his family remain close to this day.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s family is the backbone of his illustrious career. Their unwavering support, combined with Ronaldo’s dedication to them, paints a picture of a global superstar who, at his core, is a devoted family man. Despite the challenges and the spotlight, the bond they share remains unbreakable.