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Lionel Messi’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife & Kids

The great Argentinian trickster Lionel Messi may well be the greatest player to have ever graced the game, and with him just a few short years away from leaving the beautiful game forever we know so much about the little man from Rosario.

While so much is known about Lionel Messi, some of you will be less familiar with the other members of the Messi family that helped to raise and support one of the most famous sportspeople in history. 

Today we will be doing just that though, by looking into the family tree of Lionel Messi and telling you everything you need to know about his parents, siblings, wife, and kids.

After reading this piece you should feel far more familiar with the wider Messi family than you previously did, so let’s get into it. 


  • Father: Jorge Messi
  • Mother: Celia María Cuccittini

When a young Lionel left for Europe aged just 13 he left behind a strong and stable family back in Rosario, Argentina.

Messi himself is very proud of his heritage and still speaks in the Rosarian accent that he picked up from living and learning in the region as a child and despite being in Europe for so long he still cares very much for his homeland. 

The parents of Lionel knew from a young age that their son was a talented soccer player and encouraged him to pursue this talent by joining a local youth soccer team called Grandoli, he would later move to Newell’s Old Boys a team his remains in contact with to this day, with many expecting Lionel to end his career with the club. 

Messi’s father was the main instigator of his son chasing his dreams of being a great soccer player and to this day is still closely involved with Lionel’s career. Jorge Messi is currently the agent of Lionel Messi, meaning he is still in constant contact with his son as both a loving father and business partner.

Many believe that Jorge pulls many of the strings in Messi’s career and was crucial to his son’s transfer to PSG a couple of years ago. 

On the other hand, Messi’s mother is the one he is closest to out of anyone in his immediate family and this is shown by the prominent tattoo that he has of his mother on his arm. Celia Messi is known to be a very charitable woman and helps to run her son’s foundation alongside her other son Mathias. 

As touched upon, Messi still remains loyal to his local area and will certainly return there in some capacity one day. The Argentinian still owns his family own in Rosario as well as a lavish penthouse that his mother currently resides in, and an entire estate in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires. 


  • Brothers: Rodrigo Messi, Matias Messi
  • Sister: Maria Sol Messi

Lionel Messi has three siblings that are all very close to their superstar brother, the first that is involved with Lionel’s career is Mathias who as we mentioned earlier is a key member of his brother’s foundation.

Mathias is actually very similar looking to his brother, with some often mistaking them for each other when they were younger. 

His other brother is named Rodrigo, with him being perhaps the most involved in the development and later flourishing of Lionel’s career.

Rodrigo was instrumental in getting his brother to play soccer despite his small size and has been a big part ever since, he is now Lionel’s manager of public relations who deals with the media and other inquiries. 

The final Messi sibling is Lionel’s sister Maria who is a prominent Instagram model and influencer back home in Argentina, with her having many followers on the platform. Maria may not be as involved with her brother’s soccer career as her other siblings but is said to watch most of Lionel’s matches whenever she can. 


  • Wife: Antonella Roccuzzo

The story of Messi and his wife Antonela is a rather lovely one, especially when compared to the love lives of many of the Argentinian’s star teammates from years gone by.

The pair both come from the Rosario region and are known to have been introduced to each other at an incredibly young age, some believe the pair have been friends since they were as young as 5. 

Messi is said to have been close friends with Antonela’s cousin as a child, with the pair playing soccer together from time to time. After a short while, the pair became a couple and are known to have been with each other since they were children, making them an envied couple in the soccer world. 

As for Antonela’s personal upbringing, she also came from a supporting family that wanted her to achieve many things.

At first, Antonela wanted to train to become a dentist and even went as far as joining dentistry school when she was younger, though later she would leave this career behind in favor of becoming a model. 

Once she has become a star in Argentina, Antonela began to make waves in Europe and has worked alongside a number of high-profile fashion brands across her modeling career.

Nowadays she has a close working relationship with Luis Suarez’s wife, with the pair being in business together.

It is known that Messi and Suarez are close friends after their successful stint at Barcelona played together, they were of course two parts of the famous ‘MSN’ strike force alongside Brazilian star Neymar Jr. 


  • Thiago Messi Roccuzzo (Born 2012)
  • Matteo Messi Roccuzzo (Born 2015)
  • Ciro Messi Roccuzzo (Born 2018)

Lionel and Antonela have three children, all of which are boys. The Messi kids are all of a similar age and are showing promising signs of being top class soccer players themselves.

It is no secret that as young children go they have enjoyed a closeness to legends of the game like few others have, their godfather is Sergio Aguero who happens to be married to the daughter of the great Diego Maradona. 

The eldest of the three Messi boys is Thiago, with him being born back in 2012 while his father was arguably enjoying the greatest days of his career in Spain.

With Thiago now aged 10, he is rapidly progressing through the youth ranks at Barcelona and has been pictured performing some tremendous skills and scoring fabulous goals during his time in the youth team. Time will tell if he is to become the next great Messi in history. 

The next eldest son of the Messi family is Matteo, who was born a few years after Thiago and is now aged 7. Less is known about the younger Messi children for obvious reasons, but I think it is fair to assume that all three are going to be decent soccer players.

With this in mind, the youngest son of Lionel Messi is called Ciro with him being born in 2018. Given Ciro’s incredibly young age, it is far to early to say whether he has inherited his fathers’ talent.

Charitable Work and Initiatives by the Messi Family

Venturing beyond the pitch, the Messi clan has a heart as big as their reputation. Jorge and Celia, along with their children, have embedded generosity into their legacy. The Lionel Messi Foundation, established in 2007, is a testament to their commitment to philanthropy, focusing on access to education and health care for vulnerable children. This isn’t just a side project; it’s a full-fledged mission to give back, and the results are nothing short of inspiring. Through this foundation, the Messi family has funded numerous projects, from refurbishing a hospital ward in Rosario to supporting a pediatric cancer center in Barcelona.

Dive deeper, and you’ll discover the family’s involvement in global initiatives. Whether it’s UNICEF campaigns or collaborations with other charities, the Messis are on a quest to make a world of difference. Their charity work is not just a footnote; it’s a headline of their family story.

Public Appearances and Media Coverage of Messi’s Family

Now, shifting gears to the glitzier side of things, the Messi family isn’t a stranger to the limelight. Their lives, interwoven with Lionel’s astronomical fame, are part of the broader narrative that captivates fans and media alike. When it comes to stepping out in public, they do so with a blend of style and subtlety. From glitzy events like the Ballon d’Or ceremonies to the more somber charity events, the Messi family navigates the spotlight with grace.

Jorge and Celia, while protective of their private life, have occasionally shared the stage with Lionel during pivotal moments of his career, reflecting a united front. Rodrigo, Matias, and Maria Sol, despite each carving their own path, are often caught in snapshots cheering from the stands or gracing red carpets. Their presence in media coverage extends the Messi brand beyond football, showcasing a family united in both triumphs and trials.

Messi Family’s Involvement in Local Community Projects in Rosario

Back in their hometown of Rosario, the Messis are not just a name but a force of community development. They haven’t forgotten their roots and have actively contributed to the growth and upliftment of their local neighborhoods. The family’s efforts range from supporting small businesses to fostering local sports talent. It’s clear that for the Messis, Rosario isn’t just a dot on the map; it’s the heart of their identity.

Local initiatives, especially those involving children and sports, often bear the Messi hallmark. From sponsoring youth soccer tournaments to funding community centers, they’ve made sure Rosario’s next generation has a fighting chance for success. These acts of kindness resonate with the townsfolk, creating an enduring bond between the Messi name and the city’s cultural fabric.

The family’s touch can also be felt in educational outreach, with scholarships and school programs designed to keep kids in school and dreaming big. It’s not just about creating the next superstar on the field, but empowering the leaders, thinkers, and creators of tomorrow.

There we have it, that is all you need to know about the family of Lionel Messi. The little man has enjoyed a happy life all in all and looks set to raise three talented children. Perhaps there will be more on the way, and maybe even a talented women’s soccer player with the name Messi?