15 Best Soccer YouTube Channels 

YouTube, whether you love it or hate it, it’s still the go-to destination for almost 122 million daily users looking for topics ranging from fashion, sports, or people falling over. And cats, lots of cats. 

For sports fans, especially soccer fans, YouTube is a great way to keep up to date with team news, match highlights, blooper reels, and any of a hundred other kinds of clips to keep the average fan well-stocked on their soccer fix. 

From a highlight reel of yesterday’s big game, to transfer news and players showing off their skills, the internet, YouTube, and unlimited cheap internet access have allowed people access to millions of hours of information that is updated almost constantly. 

Mobile devices account for almost 70% of YouTube viewing, and soccer fans can now check out their team, league, or favorite player with ease. And the quality of the content is staggeringly good too. 

Soccer documentaries, match analysis, and every other soccer-related material, all in bite-sized and informative videos that you can watch anywhere, what’s not to love? 

Some of the most popular soccer channels on Youtube have millions of viewers, so today we will be looking at 15 of the best soccer YouTube channels around, soon you’ll be able to talk confidently about Financial Fair Play, Lionel Messi’s favorite food, and why the German 4th division is where the action is at. 

15. HITC Sevens 

If it’s short football lists you’re after, then look no further than HITC Sevens for your soccer videos. 

A stalwart of YouTube since 2017, this great channel primarily focuses on the “best, worst, funniest, oldest or just plain weirdest” around the soccer world. 

Called HITC Sevens because the team usually does lists comprising of 7 items, such as the 7 youngest owners in world football, or the 7 highest paid MLS soccer players. 

This channel is superb for bringing you information that you may not have needed to know, but find that now you do, you can go into any soccer quiz armed to the teeth with trivia.

14. The Redmen TV 

All things Liverpool FC can be found on The Redmen TV channel, an uncensored deep-dive into the stats, analysis, and interviews of Liverpool players past and present. 

With an estimated 103.1 million Liverpool fans around the world, it is little wonder that channels devoted to one particular club, in this case, Liverpool FC, have sprung up on YouTube over the years. 

And having been active since 2010, The Redmen TV shows no signs of slowing down with its content. 

From being able to watch along live with the panel as games are aired live, to player reviews, match reports, and anything else that is Liverpool orientated, this channel is an absolute must if you love all things Anfield. 

13. FIFA channel 

If it’s the men’s or women’s World Cup you crave or even the FIFA World Club Cup, the FIFA channel has you covered if you want to follow the sports governing body. 

The channel has documentaries, interviews, classic games, greatest goals compilations from multiple FIFA tournaments, and covers every country’s games as they battle for World Cup qualification. 

With such a broad range of videos, and covering such a huge spectrum of the soccer worlds fan base, it is no surprise that the FIFA channel has well over 3 billion views so far, and is well worth adding to your favorites list to keep up to speed on world soccer. 

12. U.S Soccer Channel 

National team analysis doesn’t come much better than the U.S Soccer channel, with almost 7,000 videos uploaded since 2006. Here you can follow everything the men’s and the women’s national teams get up to, game by game, competition by competition. 

From the FIFA World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Youth championships, and even Olympic soccer and CONCACAF Gold Cup games, you won’t find a better place to see how well the U.S national teams are getting on. 

With expert analysis, top coaches, and all the coverage that you’ll ever need, this is the place to go for interviews and press conferences regarding the games and players of every level of U.S soccer. 

11. The Athletic

A relatively new addition to the YouTube universe is The Athletic, an award-winning channel that not only boasts some of the best available content on soccer that you can find on YouTube but has some of Europe’s most popular soccer writers bringing fresh content your way every week. 

With a primary focus on the Premier League and English soccer, The Athletic nevertheless has something for all soccer fans to sink their teeth into as they do cover many European leagues too. 

With well-researched and well-executed videos that are well worth watching, each video usually focuses on one particular theme. 

You always come away feeling like you are better informed than before, there is no fluff, each video is of serious quality on this channel, well worth a look. 

10. LaLiga 

Spanish soccer has long been one of the most-watched leagues in Europe, and with good reason, with great teams, and great players, it’s hard not to love the soccer played there, and the commentary is often incredible. 

Match highlights are concise on the LaLiga channel, ideal viewing if you don’t have a great deal of time but want to keep up with the latest scores, many videos run around 3-4 minutes long, perfect viewing while on the commute to work. 

The channel also has full matches of key games so fans can re-watch their favorite teams at their leisure, with categories for La Liga, El Clasico, and hundreds of player profiles to check out. 

For fans of Spanish soccer, LaLiga is a must-have channel to bookmark, the sheer volume of content will have you blitzing the videos for hours at a time. 

9. Seria A Channel 

Similar in format to the La Liga Channel, the Seria A channel covers all things Calcio, with comprehensive coverage of the Italian top division. 

With almost 3 billion hits, and 22000 videos to sate your appetite for Italian soccer, the Seria A channel covers highlights of all games, compilations of the best goals, saves, and teams of the week. 

From goal and player of the month to classic games from the golden era of Italian soccer, you won’t be disappointed with this superb channel, with visits back to the days when Kaka and Shevchenko were strutting their stuff, you’ll keep going back for more.


With over a million subscribers having access to over 10,000 videos, the ESPN soccer channel covers practically every major league in the world. 

From the MLS to Ligue 1, Bundesliga to La Liga, Premier League to the Mexican third division, ESPN has an eye on everything soccer-related. 

Team coverage is excellent, as is the access to star players, Video is updated quickly for all leagues, so you can be sure you will never miss out on anything important going on in the soccer world. 

More people subscribe to the ESPN soccer channel than the NBA and NHL channels combined, which gives some indication of its qualities. 

7. BT Sport 

BT Sport covers a multitude of sports, although having paid a large sum of money for the rights to the Champions League has meant they lean heavily towards soccer videos on their channel. 

The channel covers every big game from the group stages up to the final of the Champions League, Europa League, and Premier League. 

The videos are of high quality and are usually around 3 minutes long, which is perfect for binge-watching an evening of soccer games during your lunch hour. 

6. Amazing Football Skills 

Amazing Footballs Skills is a vine-sharing channel that specializes in funny soccer vines from all over the world. 

The channel is certainly growing in popularity, and given that many players, even the top players in world soccer, are essentially young men with a lot of free time, there is no shortage of star names popping up with amusing vines for the viewers to enjoy. 

With hundreds of short videos on the channel, it is perfect for those looking for a quick laugh at soccer players’ expense. 

5. F.C Barcelona 

Teams don’t come much bigger than Barcelona, and neither seems the YouTube channel. 2 billion hits and a subscriber base of 13.1 million is an incredible number, and given the illustrious history of the Catalan club, we’re not surprised.

Covering everything you need to know to be kept in the loop at FC Barcelona, the channel covers everything from pre-season, kits, player profiling, and press conferences. 

The videos range in length from 3 to 30 minutes long, perfect for a quick dose of soccer between classes or while on lunch. The channel has direct access to the team and management, allowing for live streaming of press conferences, and even some training sessions. 

If you love all things Barca, then this is the channel you need in your life, you’ll never miss any news or goals. 


For Champions League, Europa League, and access to some of the elite players of European soccer the UEFA YouTube channel has it all. 

From the greatest goals in the history of the Champions League to the award ceremonies that UEFA hosts to hand out the most coveted individual prizes in soccer, 

If international tournaments are your thing, the channel has extensive coverage of the teams, goals, winners, and losers of the European Championships. 

3. F2 Freestylers 

A complete twist on the usual soccer channel, this YouTube stalwart has match tutorials, soccer entertainment videos, general pranks, and as a nice change, looks for the funnier side to what is now a serious global business. 

Trick shots, pranking managers and players, the guys running the channel put a great deal of work into making the videos as entertaining as possible. 

You’ll also see some pretty incredible soccer skills, with tricks, free-kicks, and randomly, soccer on ice. 

For a light-hearted soccer fix, F2 Freestylers could have you laughing one minute, and trying an impossible shot the next. 

2. Sky Sports Football 

With some of the most comprehensive access to the Premier League, Championship, Leagues One and two, as well as club access through their reporters, the Sky Sports Channel is one of the best around.

Regardless of where you are based, this UK-based channel has coverage of every Premier League game, with a great highlights package and a panel of ex-players commentating on every move. 

If you have never heard of Roy Keane before, the ex-Manchester United player is well worth looking for on the Sky Sports channel, as his scathing match analysis leaves both fans and players in tears, although the players for very different reasons. 

A great way to keep up with managerial comings and goings, the channel is well worth adding to your subscribed list. 

1. Tifo Football 

With only 1092 videos and a “mere” 1.1 million subscribers, you may be forgiven for wondering how the Tifo Football channel made it to number one on our list. 

Unlike most of the channels we have on our list, where many are showing match highlights, the Tifo team has gone down a different route to spread the word about soccer. 

With some of the most in-depth and informative videos available on the great game, the channel uses stats and graphics to discuss and analyze relevant and current issues in soccer. 

With videos ranging from video refereeing to explaining the issues with the loan market, the Tifo channel is incredibly well presented, thoughtfully designed, and offers insight into the workings of soccer that a highlights reel simply cannot match. 

If you haven’t seen the channel yet, we urge you to check it out, the reporters are all heavily involved in the game, and recently the Tifo team became part of the Athletic, a group of quality reporters that cover every major tournament in world soccer.

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