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11 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer is extremely popular in different parts of the world. Those that have to deal with inclement weather often will play a lot more indoor soccer than others, but it is very much its own sport in a lot of ways.

Not only is the game different and the field a lot smaller, but players need to switch up their shoes as well. Instead of wearing cleats, indoor soccer shoes are essential for any player to have the right grip, touch, and so much more.

What are the best indoor soccer shoes on the market right now? These 11 are all great for players wanting to take their game to the next level, all while staying under a budget.

1. Adidas Samba Classic

There might not be a more iconic soccer shoe out there than the Adidas Samba Classic. Although it is no longer considered a great option as far as cleats are concerned, some people are huge fans of them playing indoor soccer. It’s hard to beat the classic, especially when people can get a very comfortable feel every single time.

The grip with the Samba has always been its huge calling card, as it is very stable and thick. Players will get a lot of use out of these indoor soccer shoes, and that’s about all someone can ask for when they are so inexpensive.

It’s not all a bunch of positives with the classic shoe, as it does miss some of the modern technology people want to see out of performance soccer shoes at this point. It doesn’t make as much of a difference with indoor shoes, but players would like to have a bit more durability with the upper. Not only that, but some slightly better breathing material could make them feel a little more lightweight.

All in all, most people like the shoes because they perform well, have a classic look, and are built to last. They are going to fit the vast majority of people out there, and there’s a reason why it hasn’t left the rotation for Adidas despite so many other versions being released.


  • A timeless classic
  • Provides outstanding, durable traction
  • Comfortable enough for daily wear


  • Not stuffed with modern technology
  • Break-in process takes a little bit of time

2. Adidas Predator 19.4 Indoor Sala

For a very basic indoor soccer shoe that still performs extremely well, the Predator 19.4 Indoor Sala is one option worth considering. It is made up of synthetic leather, keeping things relatively lightweight and durable. It is an overall very comfortable shoe for the price, and one that players have been relying on at all skill levels for quite some time.

The low profile is also one of the major reasons why people gravitate towards this model. Players who don’t want to have any restrictions whatsoever in the ankle area will be very happy with how it performs.

It’s not considered a high-end model from Adidas by any means, but that’s perfectly fine for players who might not take the game seriously. Younger players can also benefit from this affordable price if they are constantly changing sizes. All in all, it’s a good starter indoor shoe for plenty of players and foot types.


  • Lightweight for the price
  • Low profile design allows for easy angle movement
  • Durable


  • Feels a little cheap to some players
  • Doesn’t provide a great amount of touch on shots

3. Adidas Predator 20.4 Indoor Sala

For a new version of the popular indoor shoe, the Predator 20.4 Indoor Sala is an excellent choice for players wanting to play with extreme confidence. Available in a low-cut and also an option with a collar for added support, players can get a very locked-in feel every single time they play indoors.

The build of the shoe certainly doesn’t reflect one of the budget options from Adidas. Players get a lot of technology in this shoe, from a very durable rubber outsole to a textured upper to provide excellent control in touch. The ball just goes where it needs to when using these shoes, and having an extra bit of control and confidence makes a huge difference.

It’s important to remember that these do have a very narrow fit, so people with wide feet might need to look elsewhere. Most are looking for a very locked and fit overall, and it might just be a little too tight to play full matches in for wider feet.


  • Small upgrades compared to the 19.4
  • Textured upper provides excellent control
  • Collar and collarless options


  • Feels a little stiff, even after breaking in
  • Collarless model doesn’t make a player feel locked in

4. Adidas Copa 20.4 Indoor

The COPA 20.4 indoor soccer shoe provides a considerable amount of grip for all types of players. Those looking for a more classic look with modern cushioning will love what this model brings to the table.

Made of synthetic materials, the shoe is very lightweight for players to run around the field. It’s one of the few soccer shoes that also do well for people who have wider feet, so keep this in mind if finding the proper fit is a struggle. There are only limited colors available in this style, but most will be more than satisfied with what it brings to the table.


  • Great grip
  • Lightweight
  • Performs consistently for many skill levels


  • Not that durable
  • Narrow feet might struggle with a locked-in fit

5. Adidas Messi 15.3 Indoor

A lot of quality shoes from Adidas are pretty inexpensive, so spending a little bit more for the Messi 15.3 might seem counterproductive for some. However, there are a few features with the shoe that make it worth a price for a lot of players.

Built for the competitive type of soccer player playing at a high-level, the shoe is noticeably more lightweight than some of the cheaper versions. It has a molded midfoot and a very supportive heel piece, so players are incredibly stable on the court at all times. It’s not a rigid shoe by any means, as it’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Those who have a problem with sweaty feet during long matches will enjoy the sock inside, as it does a great job of wicking any moisture away. Players don’t have to deal with a lot of sweat accumulating inside the shoe, and they also don’t have to deal with any type of slippage.

The shoes come in a wide range of sizes, making it a good indoor shoe option for youth players and adults. It’s a step up from some of the entry-level models, and worth the investment for players who need just a little bit extra in performance.


  • Excellent wicking to handle sweat
  • Great stability
  • Overall durable shoe


  • Some color choices are hard to find
  • Shoes should be a little lighter for the cost

6. Nike Superfly 7 Academy MDS IC

Many soccer players put the Nike Superfly near the top of the list for indoor shoes. They have used technology and research to pinpoint exactly how players move on the court, giving ultimate support where a player needs most. With added durability and stability in certain spots, players never feel like they are not in control.

Not too many companies pour in a lot of time coming out with a high-end indoor soccer shoe. There are not that many players, relatively speaking, and they spend a lot of time creating outdoor cleats for top-end players. This version is also available with cleats on them, but the indoor model doesn’t make any sacrifices.

From the soft upper to a very snug fit after minimal use, this is one of the best indoor soccer shoes in the game right now. People might be forced to spend a little more than a lot of the shoes to make this list, but it’s a worthy investment with all the positives.


  • Outstanding traction
  • Stability in the right places
  • Lightweight upper


  • A little more expensive than most on this list
  • Collar might take a little time getting used to

7. Nike Phantom VSN 2 Academy

As a very clean looking indoor soccer shoe, the Nike Phantom VSN 2 Academy scores high in performance as well. Made of very flexible materials all around, players feel like they can get a customized fit wearing them just a little bit before going all in. They provide excellent traction indoors, and players feel like they are entirely locked in once they are on foot.

Some players love the fact that certain soccer shoes come with a hidden lacing system. That’s the case with these shoes, which might help with accuracy and control when using the top of the foot. They also just make things look a little sleeker, which is about all people can ask for in some cases.

The multi-plate sole might feel a little stiff at first, but beneficial overall for better traction. This makes it a shoe that is actually useable on artificial turf and even grass as well.


  • Sleek design
  • Hidden laces
  • Very snug fit


  • Multi-plate sole takes time to get used to
  • Could be slightly more breathable

8. Nike Mercurial Victory V Indoor

For a premium type of indoor soccer shoe that matches up great with the cleated version, the Nike Mercurial Victory V Indoor is a simple and practical choice. It provides a glove-like fit that players can enjoy, and it feels very comfortable even during a long match.

Some subtle changes and general technological advances really make a difference. For example, the top cloth inside the shoe allows players to have a comfortable fit while also getting plenty of cushioning. Everything begins to mold to a player’s foot, so they feel more and more like cleats that are actually made specifically for the player.

Traction is some of the best out there for an indoor shoe, so it is a huge and popular option for players who rely on quick turns and general shotmaking. If players enjoy these on the field, they are great options indoors as well.


  • Very comfortable, even after extended use
  • Slightly molds to a player’s foot
  • Durable design


  • More expensive than most other indoor shoes
  • Limited color choices available 

9. Kelme Star 360 Michelin Leather & Mesh

For people who love a classic type of look and feel, Kelme makes an outstanding shoe for exactly that. Players don’t have to spend much money at all to get this classic looking soccer shoe, and it still holds up well in today’s game thanks to some small tweaks.

The biggest selling feature here is the Michelin rubber outsole that is utilized with the shoe. People don’t have to worry about having any durability issues with this type of rubber, as these shoes will last for a long time even under heavy use. Not only is a durable, but it provides a great amount of grip, so players do not have to worry about any type of slippage on the floor.

It’s not the latest option out there, but it’s still light enough that people don’t feel like they are too bulky. It would be nice if they were able to lose a little bit more weight on the upper, but no one should be expecting a super-light shoe at this price point.

Buying online can be a little tricky with this option, simply because they have a large fit. Going down half a size or even a full size is the general recommendation. This can be a little complicated without being able to try them on, but once a person finds their actual fit, they can go from there.


  • Michelin rubber provides great durability and traction
  • Solid leather on the upper
  • Classic look


  • Feels just a little bit bulkier than other options in the same price range
  • Sizing is a bit tricky

10. Puma Momentta Vulcanized Sala

Puma found a way to make a classic looking shoe modernized in some ways, providing many indoor soccer players with the perfect option. A clean looking performance shoe that will last a long time, the Momentta Vulcanized Sala is worth trying out.

The upper is the perfect blend of synthetic leather and breathable mesh. Players won’t feel like the shoe gets too heavy, but they also get to benefit from the uniqueness of leather. The synthetic option doesn’t scuff as much as real leather, so the shoes stay looking great for a long time.

The traction with these are great, and players can change direction without any type of slippage. They don’t feel like they are not going to hold up over a long time, so players are pretty confident whenever they are playing.


  • Classic look and feel
  • Modern technology allows for great breathability
  • Minimal scuffing


  • Feels just slightly bulky after long matches
  • One-touch feel is a little off

11. Puma King IT

Another classic look with performance in mind is the Puma King IT. It might not look like it has much cutting technology overall, but it is still a very reliable indoor shoe people play with to this day. They love the fact that it has 100% leather on the upper, which means a softer feel playing all day long.

The outsole is also extremely durable, which many people like so they don’t have to make a switch with shoes too often. Some cheaper models just don’t hold up after a lot of miles, but players can get a good amount of matches out of these.

Players who have never used these shoes in the past will notice that it has a pretty high profile, which might not exactly feel comfortable at first. The shoes definitely take some getting used to, and most players will spend an hour or two training with them to break everything in.

It makes a list because those who love them won’t play with anything else. It might not stack up that well against modern indoor shoes, but once broken in, people feel like they have a significant amount of control overall.


  • Very classic look and feel
  • Molds to a player’s foot well
  • Durable


  • Sits a little too high off the ground for some
  • Feels tough on the feet while breaking in

Making The Final Decision

Pound for pound, it is really hard to argue with the Adidas samba classic. It might be the easy answer since it has been a favorite for so many years, but there is just too much to overlook to not have it tops on this list. You can check the current price on Amazon here.

Is it the top-performing shoe out there for advanced players? No, but that has not been the case for decades. The truth is, a lot of indoor players are only playing occasionally indoors, and it is not as intense as outdoor soccer. Personally, I was wearing this show 25 years ago. Players want something that is comfortable and molds to the foot for consistent use every single time. The Adidas Samba Classic does just that, and the price point is outstanding.

Regardless of which indoor soccer shoe you choose, don’t bring them to the outdoor turf fields.

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