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7 Best Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet

Flat feet in soccer can cause a lot of problems if the right cleats aren’t purchased. Too many people try to wedge their feet into shoes that don’t fit properly, and their game suffers because of it. Just minutes into a match, the feet feel sore, stretched the wrong way, and more.

What are the best soccer cleats for flat feet right now? Coming from a lot of the top brands, the shoes have all been tried out and work well for those having trouble finding a fit for them.

It’s always recommended to still find a way to try pairs on first if possible, but these provide great starting points to be extremely comfortable on the pitch.

1. Adidas Performance Copa Mundial

For someone with flat feet, finding the right soccer cleats can be a struggle even with the newest releases. After trying out the classic Adidas Performance Copa Mundial, it feels and works well for many who strive for a perfect fit.

The cleats have an insole made of memory foam, providing extra cushioning and support for the feet. The arch support is also excellent, helping to alleviate any discomfort or pain often felt during the match.

In addition to the superb comfort level, the cleats also perform well on the field. The studs on the sole allow for great traction and agility while playing. There’s no type of slippage inside the cleat or outside when connecting with the playing surface.

Affordable and offering a classic look, the Adidas Performance Copa Mundial is a great starting point for anyone with flat feet looking for a comfortable and high-performing soccer cleat. Even though it might look simple, it offers performance people can get behind.


  • Affordable
  • Standard colors match most uniforms
  • Eliminates slippage


  • Not the most modern-looking shoe with tech
  • A little heavy

2. Nike Tiempo Genio II

This Nike option is made up of high-quality leather that can be used in all types of conditions. It has a traditional lace-up design that still holds up well despite companies trying to come out with more innovative options.

This is an older style option players gravitate to after years of using leather cleats in general.

The EVA insole is great for both comfort and cushioning. Flat feet players will love that they feel like they can be broken in within minutes. Once they start to form to a player’s feet, it’s one of the most comfortable options there is.

Nike isn’t always amazing with their cleats fitting different types of feet, but this one is a bit more of an exception to the rule. Try out the Tiempo Genio II and see if it is comfortable enough to play at a high level.

A lot of people come away surprised with the more traditional option and how it fits flat feet despite a relative lack of technology.


  • EVA insole works well
  • Form-fitting
  • Builds off the previous version in multiple ways


  • Still slightly heavier compared to more modern options
  • Outer skin prone to tears and rips

3. Mizuno Morelia 2

Mizuno has been a very popular brand for quite a few years in soccer. The Mizuno Morelia 2 is known as a pretty solid option for advanced players looking to have high-quality and superb craftsmanship with their cleats.

Well known for its “Made in Japan” label, it will last a very long time even under very harsh playing conditions.

This version of the cleat has been around since the 1980s, but they work on making it more lightweight and natural than ever before. For people who have flat feet, having the cleat adjusted to a person’s foot makes it perfect.

Those who have grown up playing soccer barefoot will gravitate towards this as one of the best options out there. It’s hard to find a better option on the market with that level of closeness.


  • High-quality leather
  • Molds to foot
  • Classic design and feel


  • Feels slightly heavier than some of the other options
  • Takes time to break in

4. NB Furon 6.0 Pro

New Balance isn’t as well known as a lot of other companies in soccer, but this cleat has received great reviews for people with fat feet.

It’s packed with a lot of different technology to make it a high-end option that also comes in a wide fit if it is not that comfortable. New Balance has always done a great job catering to the wider-footed players.

Even though the shoe looks pretty simple, there’s a lot that goes into the shoe. Players like the minimalist outside of the cleat so that they can have great control with the ball. Inside, there’s a very lightweight nylon plate that keeps things feeling very speedy on the pitch.

New Balance received some quality feedback from players about the fit offered and made tweaks with this release. After doing some changes, it now has a lighter and cleaner feel to it for most.

As this cleat takes off in popularity, they are adding more options to match different uniforms. Flat-footed players should start here with any New Balance choice.


  • Very lightweight
  • Minimalist look
  • Added colors for more matching


  • New Balance isn’t as well-respected as some of the other companies in soccer
  • Cleats with more technology exist

5. Puma Future Z 1.3

A lot of professional players have gravitated towards the Future Z 1.3 from Puma. This latest version is more comfortable than any other release so far. Being able to run around and be as agile as possible is very important for all types of players.

Puma does a great job building on the Fusion Fit + technology. This means that each cleat adapts to the shape of the foot, giving a customized fit for any type of size. That works perfectly for people with flat feet, who still need proper support and flexibility.

On the outside of the cleat, it provides plenty of technology as well. Players feel confident that they control the ball with ease and create opportunities with the ball. Different textures grip the ball enough for complete control in all facets of the game.

Puma might not get the love of some of the other brands out there, but it’s hard to argue with their technology. For flat feet players, this cleat does a great job hiding that discomfort that comes with traditionally-built cleats.


  • Fusion Fit + technology works well
  • Easy to control passes and shots
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Somewhat limited color options

6. Adidas X Speedflow .1

A lot of players have fallen in love with the Adidas X Speedflow .1. It’s meant to feel lightweight and easy on all types of feet, and flat feet players have had nothing but great things to say about the fit after a very light break-in period.

Using the signature Primeknit with the collar, players will get perfect comfort and fit right away. There’s also a 3D molded heel that provides support for those with flat feet. A laser-cut agility cage rounds out the overall design for the cleat.

Once playing, the cleat does a very good job of offering outstanding traction. The feet never slip, and they can handle adverse weather conditions as well.

On the outside of the cleat, there’s texture in the strike zone area for control on passing and shooting. There’s not much else added to the cleat so that it keeps a minimalist silhouette.

Not everyone’s a fan of the traditional lacing being fully exposed, but the laces lay flat and don’t get in the way during play.


  • Lightweight
  • Built entirely with speed in mind
  • Excellent traction


  • Exposed laces
  • Might be too minimalist for some

7. Nike Phantom GT2 Elite

A very popular Nike option that builds off the success of the original Phantom GT, the Nike Phantom GT2 Elite plays extremely well.

Flat-footed players will love that they get the fit they need inside, while also having complete control to do whatever they want on the outside. It’s also one of the best soccer cleats for players with Orthotics.

Most of the focus goes on performance with this cleat. A raised pattern on the cleat offers more control for players. They’ve also made the lacing off-center so that there is a bigger strike zone to pull off any type of move.

The upper feels lighter than the previous version, and using a one-piece Flyknit upper helps out a lot. Nike also incorporates its All Conditions Control technology so that the shoe performs well under any weather conditions.

One of the most technologically advanced cleats out there, it’s nice that it fits flat-footed players as well. Mose will want to try them out before committing since they cost so much, but it is worth looking into.

They are a great option for different types of feet, but flat-footed players particularly love that they don’t have to make any sacrifices.


  • Tons of technology built-in
  • Better patterns on the outside for improved control
  • Many unique colorways


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to break in

Why Proper-Fitting Soccer Cleats Make a Huge Difference

Taking extra time to get perfectly fitted soccer cleats will make a huge impact on comfort and performance. It might be tedious trying to find the perfect pair, but they can be re-purchased later on when sizing and fit become apparent.

Flat feet cause a lot of frustration in finding a proper pair of shoes for any type of use. With soccer’s worldwide popularity, it was important for flat feet options to exist to give players a chance to succeed.

In addition to getting the right footwear, players do other things so that they can absorb the shock that usually comes with a proper arch. Just make sure that the body doesn’t change the strike of each foot when walking or running, as that can add injury risk elsewhere on the body.

Proper footwear helps a ton. For additional help, putting orthotics in will help out flat feet as well. Play around with all the different tricks, and flat-footed players still have a chance to enjoy the game.