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4 Best Soccer Cleats For Orthotics

Many people suffer from issues with their feet that can cause a great deal of pain to their feet and heel areas in particular, this can often result in a prescription from your doctor for orthotic shoes insoles.

These insoles work exactly like any other but differ from regular insoles in the sense that they provide increased levels of support to certain parts of the feet. 

Soccer players are some of the most commonly affected groups when it comes to needing orthotic insoles and this has meant that many brands have designed cleats that cater for orthotics.

Today we are going to be exploring some of the best soccer cleats for orthotics, with the aim of helping you choose your next pair. 

What Are Orthotics? 

Orthotics (or orthotic insoles) are a type of insole for any kind of shoe that help improve general comfort when walking or running for the wearer.

This kind of insole are usually prescribed by a doctor to those suffering with severe discomfort or pain when undertaking physical activity and are relatively cheap to purchase. 

There are many ailments that require the use of orthotics however, they are most commonly prescribed to those with high arches. By using the insoles, the contact area of the feet and the ground is increased which reduced pressure and relieves pain. 

Like any medical product, there are many different manufacturers of orthotics, and each claim to be the best.

In terms of those available on shop shelves, the best out there are Scholl-branded orthotics. Brands such as FootActiv and Kalenji are also quite good too. 

If you can afford to though, I would recommend having your orthotics custom-made as this gives you accurately measured insoles that are designed for your feet specifically.

They may cost more than shop-bought orthotics, but in the long term, they are a better investment. 

Here are the 4 best soccer cleats for orthotics.

1. Asics Tigreor IT

As far as brands that cater to those with specific foot problems go, Asics is one of the market leaders.

While they are primarily a running brand, Asics do still make a range of soccer cleats that are of very good quality and are designed to be used with the brand’s own range of orthotics. 

One of the best models that Asics currently produce is the Tigreor IT cleats, which are among the more expensive of the cleats that Asics make but are often found on sale at various online retailers. 

Alongside being designed for use with orthotic insoles, these cleats feature a raised heel area that is there to increase the support to this part of your feet. This should help reduce the pressure that is being applied to other parts of your feet and legs, therefore reducing pain. 

Giving players a more balanced footing is something many brands are trying to achieve nowadays. However, Asics have been doing it for a long time and are a trusted brand by thousands of those suffering from foot-related ailments.

For this reason, these cleats are the best out there when it comes to using orthotics. 


  • Trusted Brand
  • Raised Heel
  • Comfort


  • Price

2. Nike Phantom GT Elite

Despite being one of Nike’s newer models of soccer cleats, the Phantom Elite range have quickly become some of their most popular among consumers.

These cleats do tend to be on the more expensive side of things when it comes to casual players buying them, however, at just over $100. There are some cleats in the range that are somewhat more affordable. 

The Phantom GT Elite is one of these models, with it being one of Nike’s best in terms of comfort and durability for those with foot-related problems.

Featuring the now common collar technology on the ankle part of the cleats, the Phantom GT Elite provides excellent support to those feeling discomfort or pain. 

Unlike the Asics model we have just discussed, Nike cleats are not specifically optimized to be used alongside orthotic insoles but are perfectly compatible with them.

The Phantom GT Elite’s are already considered some of the most comfortable cleats that Nike currently produce as they have increased levels of padding to the inner and outer parts of the shoe.

Partner this with a pair of orthotic insoles and you have an excellent pair of soccer cleats.


  • Famous Model
  • Collar Technology


  • Price

3. New Balance Furon v6 Dispatch

As far as ranges that vary in price go, the New Balance Furon range is one of the best. From the outset it may look as if each of the models that are currently for sale are the same. However, taking a closer look at each pair shows that there are subtle differences between each variation. 

While all of the Furon models are great, we are looking at the Furon Dispatch cleats today. This pair of cleats are the cheapest in the Furon range and are available for less than $50 when purchased directly from New Balance, making them both affordable and stylish. 

These cleats are designed to feel as minimalistic as possible, meaning that a player should feel lighter on their feet as they run. This of course relieves pressure on this area of your body, something that is very helpful for those that suffer pain when running.

The lightweight nature of the cleats does mean that internal comfort is sacrificed, so you would have to improve this via the use of your orthotics if you were to choose this pair of cleats. 

The important thing to note about the Furon Dispatch variant is that they are made to be used on artificial ground only, which means that they are not suitable for use on grass.

Many soccer leagues are played on artificial surfaces these days and they can be particularly unforgiving for those with foot pain as the ground is much firmer than usual.

This is why having cleats that cater to orthotics is necessary on this kind of playing field.  


  • Price
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be used on grass

4. Adidas Copa Sense 

The final pair of cleats we are looking at today is one of Adidas’ most legendary models, loved by soccer fans around the world. The Adidas Copa Sense is the best cleat that Adidas makes when it comes to playing on firm ground. 

Like with the previous cleats on this list, it is helpful to know the distinction between firm ground and artificial ground cleats. Firm ground cleats are for use on natural surfaces like grass that is particularly firm on game day (slightly dried out or frozen for example). As we have already explored, artificial ground cleats are to be used on surfaces like Astroturfs.

Comfort is one of the top priorities for the Copa Sense cleats, they include a range of comfort-orientated features such as a foam padded heel that reduces rubbing and a soft material lining that helps the cleats slide on and off comfortably. 

The inside of the cleats also has a specifically designed sock liner, meaning that they can be used alongside any kind of sock. This is also helpful for use with orthotics, as it gives the cleats space to slide them in neatly. 

When these cleats were first released they retailed at around $200 but has been out for a short while now they are available for less than $100 these days. 


  • Comfort
  • Protection to Heel
  • Famous Model


  • Price
  • Hard to Find