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10 Best Liverpool FC Kits of All Time

One of the biggest soccer teams in the world, the famous red jerseys of Liverpool FC are known by fans across the globe. Their vivid colorways and designs have long been loved by fans of the sport, with their rivals often being left with jerseys less distinctive than the Merseyside-based giants. 

Liverpool has been in existence since 1892 after s split from their now inter-city rivals Everton saw the red side of Liverpool come into being at their new Anfield stadium, now one of the most legendary arenas in global sport.

The reds have been champions of England an impressive 19 times, just one shy of the record set by Manchester United back in 2013. They have also won 6 UEFA Champions League titles as well as many other domestic and continental honors. 

Today though, we will be focussing on their kits and letting you know what the 10 best Liverpool kits of all time are. So let’s get right to it. 

10. 2008/09 Away

We start today’s list with a kit that wasn’t all that popular when it was first released by Adidas in 2008, many fans of the club disliked the change from a yellow-away strip to a more muted grey one.

The kit also featured a red trim on famous three-stripes that run down the sleeves of most Adidas kits over the years. 

After a while, the fans began to come around to the idea as the players began to perform well while wearing it.

This kit is most loved by the fans that watched their team dismantle Manchester United at Old Trafford while the red devils were still at the peak of their powers under Sir Alex Ferguson, Liverpool won the match 4-1 in one of their best performances in Manchester ever. 

This kit featured the famous Carlsberg sponsor whom the club became synonymous within the 2000s era as well as a centralized Adidas logo on the jersey, a peculiar choice as the kit would likely have been even higher on this list if it wasn’t for this slight faux-pas. 

9. 1995/96 Away

It’s fair to say that the Premier League era hasn’t been as kind as those proceeding it were for Liverpool, having won a plethora of domestic titles in the 1900’s it took the reds over 20 years to take home the Premier League title.

At the start of the 1995/96 season, they were considered to be the favorites for the trophy though, with Stan Collymore joining the club for a then-record transfer fee of £8.5 Million and stars like Robbie Fowler still performing things were looking bright for Liverpool.

The kits for the season also gave supporters something to enjoy, the club had been experimenting with green away kits for some years now and they were proving popular with the fans, so Adidas continued the trend for this season.

The jersey features a two-color style that is segmented into a window-like design that saw the green and white panels appear on opposing sides of the jersey, making it a design like no other for the club. 

8. 2009/10 Away

As we’ve already touched upon, the 2000s were a troubling time for Liverpool (domestically at least) as despite having talented players like Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, and Fernando Torres play for them at their prime, the Premier League trophy would never quite fall into their hands.

At the start of the 2009/10 season, Torres was still the talisman of the team, and even though the squad wasn’t as strong as in previous seasons a push for the Champions League places was still expected. 

Liverpool would attempt this in a stellar black and gold away kit made by Adidas, the kit was similar to many of those that proceeded it and featured a black main body and gold trims to the three stripes on the sleeves and the Adidas logo.

This design continued down through the shorts and socks to complete a sleek look that most teams envied.

It proved to be a poor season for Liverpool though, as they could only manage a 7th-place finish in the Premier League. 

7. 2017/18 Home

In manager Jurgen Klopp’s second full season on Merseyside it was clear that the German was trying to build something at Anfield.

He made a number of top signings and was beginning to get the players to play in his style of soccer, adopting a high-press approach that other teams hadn’t been able to master in the past.

Much was again expected by this rejuvenated Liverpool side, with Champions League qualification a must. 

By this time, the deal with Adidas was a thing of the past as New Balance has stepped in to produce the kits for a short while. The kits were not overly popular with Liverpool fans, but the 2017/18 home kit is an exception to this rule.

The kit was of course mainly red, but also featured a white trim around the collar and sleeves, with pinstripes running through the jersey.

The design harked back to some classic Liverpool jerseys and was highly sought after by fans around the world. 

6. 1992/93 Away

Still one of the most popular jerseys among fans of the club, the 1992/93 away by Adidas was the away kit of choice during Liverpool’s centenary season under the guidance of club legend Graeme Souness (who you may now recognise as a pundit).

As always plenty was expected of the club that had just won the FA Cup in 1991/92, with fans wanting them to carry this success into the league campaign. 

It was again a poor season for them though, as their Scottish manager could only muster up a 6th place finish in the Premier League as well as a number of early exits from domestic and European competitions. 

The kits were perhaps the best thing to come from this season, with Adidas using their popular template design for both the home and away.

The away was green with white stripes to the top of the jersey and the bottom of the shorts, giving the whole design a symmetrical look that the fans still love today. 

5. 1982/83 Away

Liverpool really has had a mixed relationship with yellow away kits, as more recently the designs have come under fire for resembling the work uniforms of a prominent burger restaurant chain.

In the past though, they were very popular and are considered to be one of the classic colors when it comes to Liverpool away kits. 

In 1982, the club was still at the peak of its powers under Bob Paisley and had a squad that nobody in England could match at the time. The defending champions of the First Division again took home the trophy, as well as the Charity Shield and League Cup to complete another stellar season. 

The away kit was not that different from the one from the season before, though this time featured a red trim on the sleeves and collar that gave it a touch of home whenever it was worn. 

4. 2010/11 Home

By the end of the 2010s Liverpool fans were beginning to get impatient as to when their fortunes would change, and the Premier League title would, at last, make its way to Anfield (remember most of their titles came during the First Division era of English soccer).

Hopes were beginning to vanish, and expectations became much lower than they once year as the club continued to disappoint on all fronts. 

As many predicted, the weak team of the 2010/11 campaign finished 6th in the Premier League and failed to challenge in any of the other competitions Liverpool competed in, manager Roy Hodgson was sacked in the middle of the season and replaced by club legend Kenny Daglish. 

In terms of the kit, it was a lovely design from Adidas that as usual produced a simple yet spectacular kit for a team that was struggling on the field. An all-red design featured subtle hints of white throughout that just helped to break up the block of red on the jersey.

3. 1964/65 Home

When a soccer fan thinks of Liverpool, they will almost certainly picture them playing in an all-red home kit that strikes fear into the hearts of any opposition that comes to challenge them at their famous Anfield home.

Put more simply, they’ll probably come to think of the 1964 home kit as it really is the archetypal Liverpool home kit. 

The design is a simple one, with the Liverpool badge being the only thing to break up the all-red colorway on the entirety of the kit. It’s simple, but it is effective and is of course highly sought after by Liverpool fans today. 

2. 2004/05 Home

Like many teams best kits, there is always a story to go with them and the 2004/05 Liverpool home kit is one of those in question.

The kit itself is not actually that spectacular, as it is simple an all-red home kit like dozens of those before and after it, but the tale of Istanbul has made this one of the most famous home kits in soccer history. 

During the Champions League final in Istanbul, Liverpool trailed AC Milan by three goals at half time and looked out of the fight.

Yet in a miraculous turn of events, Liverpool scored three times in rapid succession to level the score and take the match to penalties where they overcame the Italian giants to take the most legendary of all their European titles. 

Stories make kits as much as designers do. 

1. 1989/90 Home 

It had to be one of the famous ‘Candy’ sponsored kits that takes the number one spot on our list today. Candy are a prominent Italian appliance maker that sponsored Liverpool in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, with their logo becoming one of the club’s most famous sponsors nowadays. 

The kit was of course red but featured dashes of white throughout in a design that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. This kit is one of the most reproduced of any in our list as fans want to wear one of Adidas’ finest designs, the away kit is also good and is identical in every way but the color of course. 

Liverpool would win the First Division title wearing this legendary kit thanks to the exploits of players such as John Barnes and Ian Rush. 

Do you agree with our choices, or would you have picked some other great kits? One thing’s for sure, they’ll be plenty more great Liverpool kits over the years.