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10 Best FC Barcelona Kits of All Time

FC Barcelona is the biggest club in Catalunya as well as one of the most successful in the Spanish La Liga and UEFA Champions League.

Their history is well documented, with them being home to some of the greatest players to have ever graced the game such as Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, and Iniesta.

Alongside these special players, there have always been iconic kits to go with them and today we are going to be taking a look at the 10 best Barcelona kits of all time. There really have been so many great kits, so let’s get into and see which one was the best. 

10. 2018/19 Away Kit

The first kit on our list comes from an era of relatively turbulent times at the club, however, this does not take away from the fact that this Nike jersey is one of the sleekest designs in recent seasons. 

The kit is a fabulous shade of luminous yellow. and features black markings on the sleeve that give the jersey a nice breakup in the block of yellow, this color choice continues throughout the kit and is present on both the shorts and socks. 

Block patterns are not everyone’s favorite, but this kit worked especially well in night games when the floodlights would illuminate the players wearing the kit.

It was worn in a handful of UEFA Champions League matches, though the teams’ campaign ended in heartbreak this year after a 4-0 defeat to Liverpool.

Domestically, there was more success though with the club storming to the La Liga title ahead of their bitter rivals Real Madrid. 

9. 1977/78 Away Kit 

The next kit to feature on this list comes from a much earlier period in the teams’ history and was worn by one of its foremost legends, the great Dutch hero Johan Cruyff.

The Dutchman was an influential part of Barcelona’s history, with him creating new ways to play the game and building on his legend that had already been created whilst he was at Ajax. 

The kit itself is one of the simplest the club has ever had, and this is what makes it so famous, resembling a Real Madrid kit more than a Barcelona one, it is all-white with blue shorts and socks.

Whilst it may seem like a subtle dig to their Madrid rivals, it is unlikely that the designers thought of this clash in colors. 

It wasn’t an iconic season for the club though, with them falling short of the La Liga title by six points. The club did win the Copa del Rey though and qualified for the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. 

8. 2008/09 Home Kit

Speaking of iconic seasons and legends, the 2008-09 season is one of the best in the history of Barcelona, mainly due to their fantastic UEFA Champions League victory against a Sir Alex Ferguson led Manchester United (the holders of the trophy at the time) in Rome. 

The kit is one of the most recognizable on this list and features a block of two colors that come together in the center of the jersey, these colors are of course the famous red and blue of the Catalan giants.

It is another relatively simple design by Nike that was not very popular when it was first released, but an iconic season can change opinions. 

This era of the club’s history is epitomized by a long-haired Lionel Messi and an in their prime Xavi and Iniesta in midfield. The team would win a famous treble under their new manager Pep Guardiola. 

7. 1998/99 Home Kit

Known as the centenary kit (due to it being released in the club’s 100th season of existence), this famous Nike jersey is actually quite similar to the previous kit we mentioned as it features the same block patter with the two colors meeting in the middle of the jersey. 

This kit does have a distinct difference from its 2008 counterpart though, it features a collar at the top of the jersey, and this is something that I really like to see on team jerseys.

Having a collar just gives a jersey another element that makes it stand out and looks really classy when worn by legends of the game. 

On the field, it was not a particularly amazing season for the club, but they did win the La Liga title with Brazilian superstar Rivaldo top scoring for the team (29 in all competitions). In Europe, the club was eliminated in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. 

6. 2022/23 Home Kit

The latest effort by Nike is a kit that really has divided opinion around the globe and I for one am firmly in the camp of this kit being one of the best that Barcelona has ever had the pleasure of wearing on the Soccer field. 

The jersey features a striped design, with all the team’s colors running through it. This pattern is cut off at the top of the jersey by a block of Navy blue that goes around the shoulders of the player. 

As for the sponsor, this is truly what fans have been debating. The golden logo of musical giants Spotify is now emblazoned across the front of the jersey and has become a controversial choice during a time of turmoil for the club. 

The biggest stars are gone, and it looks like we may be experiencing a period of major decline for the Catalan team. 

5. 1978/79 Away Kit

As we have mentioned plenty of times before, Barcelona is found in the Catalonia region of Spain. This region is fiercely opposed to Spanish rule and has long tried to gain independence from the rule of Madrid (partially where the rivalry between the cities’ biggest teams has come from). 

This independence was reflected in the 1978/79 away kit thanks to its colorway that resembles the Catalan flag.

The yellow jersey featured a sash of blue and red that resembles the fact that Barcelona was indeed from Catalonia and not Spain, this has been a feature of many of the club’s change strips for many years. 

On the field, the club did not have a great domestic season with them only managing third in La Liga. They did win the UEFA Cup Winners Cup though, making this a well-remembered team and kit. 

4. 2021/22 Third Kit

This kit is another that some loved and some hated, personally I think it is stylish and simple with a finish that makes it stand out from the crows.

The kit is a shade of light purple all around and features a chromed version of the club logo, making it clearly distinct from anything that has come before. 

The jersey also features the iconic UNICEF sponsor to the rear as well as the stylish Rakuten sponsor at the front of the kit, one that has now been removed. 

It would be a season to forget for the club though, as their first year without the goals of Lionel Messi left them without a talisman that Memphis Depay could not be.

They finished second in La Liga and crashed out of every other competition before the final. 

3. 2004/05 Home Kit

One of the most iconic players of all time is known for donning this famous jersey, with Brazilian megastar Ronaldinho truly becoming the legend that we know today by winning his second FIFA World Player of the Year award.

This season also saw Samuel Eto’o perform well alongside the emergence of a young Argentine called Lionel Messi. 

The kit itself is once again iconic for its simplicity, with it featuring no sponsor to the front. Just the club logo and Nike swoosh are prominent on this block-striped effort from the American brand.  

Despite the iconic nature of the jersey, it was not a phenomenal season for the club. They did win La Liga under the guidance of Frank Rijkaard though. 

2. 2004/05 Away Kit

With that many legends in one team, it was only right that they stepped out in an iconic away kit as well. This is again a sponsorless jersey by Nike that is a blue and black color scheme.

Ronaldinho put in some of the best performances of his stellar career with this jersey on his shoulders and is often seen pictured in it when discussions regarding his ability come up. 

1. 2014/15 Home Kit 

Here we are, the best Barcelona kit of all time is the 2014/15 home kit by Nike. This jersey has come to symbolize Barcelona for me, with it being the closest that I would imagine a jersey for the Catalan giants. 

It features the Qatar Airways sponsor that was nontrivial, but stylish and a simple striped design of the blue and red of the club. The club logo is also prominent near to where the heart would be, and this is the best place for it to be when iconic jerseys are being discussed. 

Perhaps most famously of all though, this was the kit that was worn when Sergi Roberto completed a legendary comeback at the Nou Camp by scoring the final goal in a 6-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain.

This famous night is now known as ‘La Remontada’ and is possibly the greatest comeback in Soccer history as Barcelona trailed 4-0 after the first leg in Paris. 

There we have it, the 10 best Barcelona kits of all time! Do you agree with our list, or would you have put some other great kits in there instead?