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Ratcliffe’s Dream: Zidane to Lead Man Utd

A bald man in a suit and tie flashes a smile.

Here’s a more casual spin on the latest scoop about Manchester United and their big dreams under Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS. They’ve got their eyes set on Zinedine Zidane as the top pick to steer the team back to glory. Just recently, Ratcliffe sealed a hefty deal, snagging a 27.7% slice of the club, and boy, does he have plans!

Imagine stepping into Old Trafford and feeling the buzz—Ratcliffe’s not just thinking big; he’s planning a complete facelift for this iconic stadium. And there’s talk of shaking up the squad too. Summer’s going to be interesting with players coming and going.

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Despite Erik ten Hag’s efforts, United’s sitting in a spot they’d rather not be in the Premier League. So, whispers are getting louder about Zidane stepping in. The guy’s a football legend and has a shiny collection of Champions League titles to prove it. Plus, he’s hinted he’s got that coaching itch again.

While all this is stirring up, Ten Hag’s keeping his cool, focusing on the now, especially with a big game against Nottingham Forest on the horizon. But let’s be real; the future’s looking as thrilling as a last-minute winner.