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What To Wear For a Soccer Game

Attending a soccer match can be one of the most exciting experiences for sports fans. This is especially true at the professional level in a marquee game, or an international match with a lot on the line.

Soccer is one of those sports that isn’t just about sitting around and observing the game. Even older fans will move around during the game, participate in chants, and be a more active fan in general. That all means wearing the right attire for a soccer game.

Looking for tips on what to wear for a soccer game? This is a good starting point for those who are looking to be comfortable and fit in with everyone else. While it’s not required to dress a certain way, this gives most an idea of expectations.

Supporter’s Gear

Soccer games can have some of the most supportive fans out there. Everyone wants to show that they love their team, and one of the best ways to do that is to put on team logo gear consistently.

Whether it’s a jersey, a scarf, some type of jacket, or anything in between, this is a perfect way to show support. Some will decide to go with the team colors to stand out in the crowd. People either already arrive with the clothing, or they decide to buy it at the team shop.

For those who truly support their team and are always looking to have some variety, there’s the option of purchasing a few different items and rotating them.

Not everything is super expensive, so this can still work under a tight budget. It’s best to shop for team gear before heading to the stadium, as it’s cheaper at stores away from the stadium and online.

Keep in mind that some stadiums are not very friendly to anyone who is wearing the away team’s gear. Sit in the right section, or run the risk of getting some jeering here and there. Most won’t have an issue with it and still be in relatively good spirits as long as a fan for the other side isn’t being a jerk.


Having layers to turn to at a soccer match makes a huge difference. There are way too many people who show up with just a little bit of clothing, and they end up paying for it in the end.

There are a lot of temperature changes throughout a match, and being prepared can help make everything as comfortable as possible.

The great thing about soccer matches is that they fit nicely into a two-hour window. The bad thing is that it can be hard to gauge exactly how it feels inside the stadium.

If it’s a sellout or there are a lot of fans in general, it can be a lot warmer than anyone can realize. This means significant sweating throughout the match, especially when sitting in a supporters section.

At the same time, seats up near the top of a stadium can be windier and cooler in an open-air stadium. This might make it seem pretty cool if the sun goes down and it’s a night match. Being able to throw a jacket on helps.

Easy-to-Move-In Clothes

There’s a lot of walking around when going to a soccer stadium. After parking, getting to the seats can sometimes be a mile walk or more. This is not even accounting for any stops to get a snack or anything like that around the stadium.

Wear clothes that are easy to move around in. They come in handy when there’s a lot of cheering going on. During the most rabid soccer matches, fans jump up and down and do chants throughout the game.

Fans become part of the game in a lot of ways because they are doing this. Clothes that are not easy to move around and will make it so much more difficult to participate.

Clothing For All Weather Conditions

It’s very hard to predict the weather for a soccer match throughout the year. In Europe, soccer matches can be played in very warm conditions, or they can be played in the middle of a snowstorm.

The best thing to do is to have clothing for all types of weather so that everything is covered. This is more of a precaution to take if the plan is to watch multiple matches in a single season.

Make sure that when wearing multiple layers, they are easy to put on and take off. No one wants to feel stuck wearing too many layers when it gets very warm inside the stadium. It’s always crucial to check the weather for the day before heading to the stadium.

Comfortable Footwear

Since there is quite a bit of walking around, comfortable footwear is always recommended. No one wants to be walking around in challenging footwear when the stadium feels packed. Getting back to the car or other forms of transportation after the match is also much more difficult when the feet are hurting.

Sitting in a supporter section means that a fan will be standing up the entire time. Comfortable footwear comes in handy in this situation. Even those in traditional seats might find themself standing up during key parts of the match.

Most opt for athletic shoes as the best option overall. If it’s warmer, wearing sandals or something lighter can be perfectly fine as well. Women should mostly stay away from heels, and men should think twice about wearing dress shoes.

While some people do dress up for a soccer match if they are sitting in suites, most opt for slightly more comfortable footwear.

Prescription Eyewear and Binoculars

A soccer pitch is very big, so even great seats can cause people to have some eye strain if they don’t wear corrective lenses. If there is a prescription, throw in the contacts or wear glasses to the game. It will be so much easier to see all the action without feeling stressed.

Sitting in cheaper seats might mean that binoculars can come in handy at a soccer match. Being able to zoom in on players makes it so much easier to identify where the ball is at all times.

It might seem a little tedious to use them during the match, but some will have them just for the key moments. It’s inexpensive to purchase binoculars, so it doesn’t add too much to the mix.

Sun Protection

Whether it is a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, or all the above, soccer matches are almost always outdoors. This means that if it’s a day match, the sun could cause some pretty serious issues.

Sunglasses are probably the most prominent option of the three. Take a look around at any soccer stadium, and there are plenty of people wearing sunglasses during the day. It makes it so much easier to see the players, and it reduces any type of eye strain overall.

Hats are more common in the United States, but people wear them worldwide to help protect against the sun as well. The great thing about them is that they have a brim that’s easy to tilt one way or the other so that the side is properly blocked. Teams will sell hats with the logo on them so that supporters have something to wear also.

Finally, sunscreen technically falls in this category, even if it isn’t an actual piece of clothing. Spraying on some sunscreen during a day match will help protect any exposed skin. Whether it is trying to avoid a weird-looking tan line or just looking to keep skin healthy, sunscreen comes in handy for the fan.

Creating a Unique Look

Keep all of the suggestions above as just starters for a truly unique outfit. People don’t have to follow these guidelines, but it at least gives people an idea of what others are wearing.

Too many first-time soccer game goers don’t understand what to wear, and they were something that might not look that great.

Weather is always going to dictate what’s worn at a soccer match. Soccer is a sport that can be played in 100-degree weather, or it can be played when there is a snowstorm going on. With so much variety, having options for all seasons helps out the most for true fans.

Why The Right Outfit Matters For Soccer

Fans go to a soccer match to relax and have a good time. With the right clothes on, it makes it so much more laid back.

Planning just a little bit before a match makes a huge difference in overall enjoyment while at the stadium.