15 Teams With The Best Soccer Fans 

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, with more fans watching their favorite teams every week than in any other pastime. With an estimated 3.5 billion people calling themselves fans, that’s almost one in two people on the planet, successful teams can captivate fans not just locally, but worldwide. 

The bigger a club gets, and the more successful it becomes, the easier it is for that club to reach further afield to find loyal fans. Worldwide audiences are great, but there is nothing quite like the home fans in a stadium screaming their team on to victory to really make a game stand out. 

Some teams seem to have fans that are louder, more passionate, and more fanatical about their team than others, regardless of the success on the pitch. A team with these types of fans feels like more than just a club, they quickly become institutions, fortress-like stadiums that opponents fear entering. 

Sometimes a fanbase can become almost as famous as the club itself, such as the infamous Ultras of Italy, fans so fanatical and influential that they can literally stop games from being played. There are many notable instances in Italian soccer where unhappy Ultras have interfered during games, either stopping play or threatening players they felt had been disloyal. 

Thankfully though, most fanatical fans are just that, passionate beyond belief about their local club, often with families going to games for decades, as sons follow fathers, who followed their fathers, and so on. But out of the countless clubs, and the 3.5 billion fans, which team has the most passionate fanbase?

Let’s take a look at the 15 teams with the best fans. 

15. Galatasaray S.K.

Home games for Galatasaray can be one of the most spectacular sights in soccer, with a sea of fans bouncing and chanting in support of the biggest club in Turkey. The Istanbul club that boasts nearly half of all soccer supporting fans in Turkey has some of the most loyal fans anywhere in the world. 

The Nef Stadyumu stadium can hold 52,000 fanatical fans, and one of the signature shows of affection and intimidation displayed by the supporters is often setting off hundreds of flares, filling the stadium, and lighting up the stands. 

With the largest fan base in Turkey, and one of the largest in Europe, teams rarely enjoy a warm welcome, and even outside the stadium itself, away fans traveling to the games often encounter trouble with fans of Galatasaray.

14. A.C Milan 

Italian royalty AC Milan has always been one of the best-supported clubs in Europe, let alone Italy, with a tradition of working-class fans flocking to the San Siro in support of the team. Despite AC Milan sharing the San Siro with hated city rivals Inter Milan, the club has always been able to call upon a huge following. 

A stadium capacity of 80,018 has allowed AC Milan to fill the stands with their fans for every home game. With a rich history in both European and domestic competition, the Milanese have had plenty of opportunities over the years to display their fanatical loyalty to their club.

A surprise league title in 2022 will only further the cause, with new fans supporting the team, and veteran supporters hoping for a new era of dominance. 

13. Newcastle United 

Loyalty to their club is ingrained in Newcastle United fans, invariably wearing the Toon Army shirt with pride from cradle to grave. The Magpies have played their home games at St James’ Park since 1880, and the 52,405-capacity stadium has always been filled to the rafters. 

Some of the most vocal, optimistic, and loyal fans in English soccer, Newcastle has been through many turbulent years, with managers coming and going, and relegation a near-constant threat.

Yet despite these problems the fans keep turning up, every home game feels like a Cup final, away fans applaud the atmosphere, if not the soccer on display. 

A recent and controversial takeover by Saudi-owned company Public Investment Fund has seen a real turnaround in the club’s finances.

The team is being revamped and several high-profile signings are expected over the coming seasons. Finally, Newcastle fans might have something to cheer about, even if there are questions over the new club owners. 

12. AS Roma 

Italian soccer has always had its fair share of fan issues, especially from the Ultras who often rule the stands with an incredible degree of influence. AS Roma are no different, with several high-profile fan groups constantly vying for control. 

It’s not all bad though, with Roma estimated to have the fifth most supported club in Italy, and the 70,643-seater, Stadio Olimpico holds some of the most energetic and passionate supporters in the country.

Current Roma manager, Jose Mourinho, has finally brought a European trophy to the Italian capital, and the fans, and team, are thirsty for more success.

11. Leeds United 

As well as being one of English soccers’ most successful clubs, Leeds United is in the envious position of being the only club in Leeds, one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom.

A partisan crowd at Elland Road is a sight to behold, with the screaming horde of fans baying for their opponents’ blood. 

Ever since the glory days of Don Revie, when Leeds was a domestic powerhouse of a club, the fans of this Yorkshire team always stood out for their passionate chants from the stands.

The fans’ complete disregard for what others thought of them, and their fierce loyalty to their team make them one of the best-supported clubs in the Premier League. 

10. Olympiakos FC

The most successful club in Greek soccer history, Olympiakos boasts one of the biggest fanbases in Europe, with an estimated 30% of all Greek soccer fans supporting the club.

It’s no surprise the club is so popular either, winning brings the fans in, and Olympiakos are an unstoppable force in the Greek Super League, winning 47 league titles and 28 domestic cups. 

Fans of Olympiakos are some of the noisiest in soccer, with flares being set off almost constantly throughout matches.

The fans also spend a great deal of time creating banners and huge pieces of art which are displayed at games, making their home games some of the most spectacular sights in the league. 

So many flares are set off at once that it becomes hard to even see the fans, with a wall of red smoke engulfing the entire stadium.

The chants, synchronous bouncing in the stands, and incredible passion for their club make the fans of this Greek superclub some of the best in the world. 

9. Feyenoord 

The key to having a great atmosphere in a soccer stadium is having it full of fans that are excited to watch their team playing great soccer.

Another bonus is to have a great stadium, too big, and the fans feel disconnected, too small, and you can’t get the atmosphere right. Luckily for Feyenoord, they have all the key ingredients to have a fantastic fanbase.

One of the most consistent clubs in Holland, Feyenoord has a large and loyal fanbase, even the first training session of the season finds over 20,000 fans attending to see their team go through its paces.

Fans get to enjoy Feyenoord home games at the DeKuip stadium, commonly known as “The Tub”, a 51,117-seater stadium that is widely regarded as the most atmospheric in Holland. 

Supporters of the club have been described as the most loyal fans in the Netherlands, always backing their team through good times and bad. As a mark of appreciation for their fans, the club has refused to assign the number 12 to any player, preferring to associate the fans with the 12th player.

Nicknamed “The Legion” the fans of this popular club always loudly support their team, rarely having an empty seat in the stands. 

8. Atletico Madrid 

Despite being the third most successful club in La Liga, behind only Barcelona and hated city rivals Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid has always boasted one of the most passionate and fiercely loyal fanbases in all of Spain. 

The working-class club of Madrid has always, rightly or wrongly, felt in the shadow of their city rivals, although since the appointment of Diego Simeone in 2011, the club has become one of the true superpowers of European soccer.

Atletico fans always back their team and try to make their home ground one of the most intimidating in Europe. 

Notorious for a style of play that is best described as combative, Atletico Madrid fans are equally as keen to intimidate opposing players and fans throughout games, with a wall of noise and a sea of color resonating throughout games.

Filling their stadium week after week, over 68,456 spectators can be seen at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium for home fixtures. 

7. Olympique de Marseille

With one of the highest attendances in French soccer, Marseille has a superb following at the Stade Velodrome, averaging over 50,000 fans per home game. Renowned throughout France, and the rest of Europe, as some of the most energetic, passionate, and at times ruthless fans in soccer. 

Historically, Marseille is one of the top three clubs in France, with nine Ligue 1 titles to its name, and has built up a loyal following throughout its history.

Marseille is another team that has long ties with Ultras, and several sections of their stadium are run with iron discipline by ensuring tickets at each end of the stadium are only sold to supporters group members.

While this may be a questionable tactic, one thing it does ensure is an atmosphere unlike any other in soccer, as fanatical, choreographed, and incredibly loyal fans ensure each game is a battle both onfield and in the stands. 

6. SSC Napoli 

Neapolitans are besotted with their soccer team, bringing supporting their team to levels almost unseen anywhere else on earth. Murals of past players adorn the city, trophies won are celebrated in the streets for weeks, and soccer is almost a religion to the fans. 

Napoli itself is a poor city, divided by Mafia control and unemployment, but one unifying ingredient that seems to make all other issues vanish is the fans’ passion for their local team. Nowhere else in the world feels like Napoli, and when a goal is scored the entire city erupts. 

A fanbase that expends far beyond the borders of Napoli itself, there are an estimated 35 million Napili supporters worldwide, and as the only club in town, there is little competition for the hearts of locals.

Without a local rivalry, Napoli has had to look elsewhere, and as a poor southern club, have a huge rivalry with many of their richer northern rivals. Passionate beyond belief, fans of Napoli are amongst the very best soccer fans around. 

5. Boca Juniors 

With over 16 million fans, Boca Juniors are one of the best-supported clubs in the world, boasting a rich and successful history.

The Boca fans are renowned worldwide for their almost frenetic support of their home team, who play their games at the Estadio Alberto J. Armando, better known to soccer fans as La Bombonera. 

Boca Juniors have always produced world-class players, and include legendary Argentinian Diego Maradona as one of their past players. Boca is the best-supported club in Argentina, although due to their fanatical support, have built a worldwide fanbase, with replica jerseys sold worldwide. 

There are very few stadiums that have the energy or sense of intimidation that La Bombonera has, a packed-out home game against a fierce rival is one of the most incredible sights in soccer.

Many soccer fans from all over the world go to watch Boca Juniors play, as much for the experience of being in the stadium as for the game itself. 

4. Glasgow Rangers FC

One of the first choices a child makes when living in or around Glasgow is which soccer team they are going to support. One of the most popular, and also one of the most successful in Scottish history, is Glasgow Rangers. 

Strutting their stuff at the famous Ibrox Stadium, the Glasgow club has one of the biggest fanbases in world soccer, always in the top 20 teams in the world for attendances, and boasting an incredible 27% of all Scottish soccer fans as loyal to Rangers.

There are Rangers fans in every country you can think of, with supporters groups numbering well over 600, and that’s just the registered ones. 

Part of the Old Firm, Rangers have a long and bitter rivalry with fellow Glaswegian club Celtic, and the two great clubs have been vying for dominance of Scottish soccer since soccer was invented.

One reason for the rivalry was religious, with fans and players of Rangers often being Protestant, and those of Celtic being Catholic. For many years, an unofficial rule at Rangers was not to buy Catholic players. 

Thankfully, times have changed, and the Glasgow giants have seen a real resurgence in fortunes in recent years, culminating in a 2022 UEFA Cup final appearance. There is no doubt that the battles with Celtic will go on, and just as surely, that the fans of Rangers will be there to support their team. 

3. Liverpool FC 

With a sea of red jerseys and scarves covering every corner of the stands, and the iconic “You’ll Never Walk Alone” being sung by an Anfield crowd of 53,394 besotted fans, Liverpool has some of the best fans in the world. 

Liverpool FC is not only one of the most passionately supported clubs in England but also boasts one of the biggest worldwide fanbases of any club, and with the club battling it out for major honors year after year, the red side of Liverpool has a lot to shout about. 

With a fierce rivalry with local team Everton, and a hatred for Manchester United that borders on a vendetta, Liverpool has families supporting them that can look back on several generations worth of support.

Being a Liverpool fan is as much about being a part of the city as it is about the club, as the club is so ingrained into the culture and history of the city it can be hard to separate the two. 

2. Glasgow Celtic FC

There are few nations with fans as fanatical as those found in Scotland, a country with one of the biggest soccer rivalries in the world. Celtic became the first British club to win the European Cup in 1968, and with over 10 million fans worldwide, is one of the most widely followed clubs in soccer. 

Celtic fans are renowned for their ferocity at home, and their sportsmanship while traveling abroad for European away ties, with the club receiving fair play awards for the fans’ conduct at the 2003 UEFA Cup Final. One game that gives Celtic fans to be less than accommodating, however, is the Old Firm Derby. 

Celtic versus Rangers is one of the oldest and bitterest rivalries in world soccer, with many a player receiving a red card during some of the toughest games ever played. And as for the fans, they too seem to find a whole new level of hatred for their bitter rivals, with the noise from the crowd becoming almost deafening.

It is no overstatement to say that Celtic has some of the most vocal, and passionate fans, anywhere in the world. 

1. Borussia Dortmund 

The Yellow Wall, as the fans of Borussia Dortmund are affectionately known, are quite possibly the best soccer fans around. Completely engulfing one end of the 81,365-seater Westfalenstadion, the fans of Dortmund are obsessive to the point of lunacy, loyal to a fault, and passionate about their soccer. 

The fans can be so loud during games it is hard to concentrate, and for opposing players the atmosphere can be intimidating to the point of freezing up. Huge yellow flags, massive banners, and over 80,000 fans screaming for their team can be enough to terrify even the most stoic of players. 

Having all that hysteria on your side can lift your players, with many current and former players expressing their awe at just how powerful a great crowd can be. Nowhere else has the same electric energy throughout the game, the noise levels rarely drop, and the flags never drop, even when losing. 

The beating heart of most clubs is their fans, as the Covid pandemic showed, stadiums without fans are sterile, unhappy places.

Now that fans are returning in force, soccer feels like it’s on the mend, and nowhere is this more obvious than at the Westfalenstadion, with the best fans in soccer supporting their team as loudly as they can.

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