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Raheem Sterling’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife & Kids

Raheem Sterling has evolved into one of the top talents in the world. Still just 27 years old, he’s been a stand-out at the international and club level.

Whenever a soccer player starts to gain recognition in the game, people want to know more about them in general. This is a closer look at Raheem Sterling on and off the field.

Here’s everything you need to know about Raheem Sterling’s Family:

Raheem Sterling FamilyName
ParentsNadine Sterling
SiblingsKingston, Lakima, Kimberley
GirlfriendPaige Milian
KidsThiago, Melody, Thai-Cruz Sterling

Early Life

Sterling was born in Kingston, Jamaica. His mother competed on the Jamaican National Athletics team, and he believes she’s a big reason why he is so fast on the pitch.

Having the athletic gift genetically helps a great deal in soccer, as many of the top players these days have at least one former athlete as a parent.

When he was five years old, his mother joined him in immigrating to London. as a professional soccer player now, he considers himself English when representing the national team. Like anyone born in Jamaica, he had the opportunity to commit to their side for international competition. 

Once he realized he had a chance to have a solid role for the England National Team, it made his decision that much easier. In interviews, he also is quick to note that he feels like England is his home since he grew up in the country.

His first real taste of highly competitive soccer came when he signed with Queens Park Rangers at 10 years old. He was scouted by plenty of top-level academies, but he opted for Queens Park and stayed with them for eight years.

Liverpool finally found a way to sign Sterling out of the academy at Queens Park Rangers. They use him for a few seasons on the youth team, before making his initial debut in 2012 for the senior level team.


Sterling‘s mother, Nadine Clark, competed for the Jamaica National Athletics Team. She was one of the fastest women in the country during her prime, and her technique transferred well over to her son. Even as a young child, Clark would run around with Sterling and encourage him to participate in sports.

At just two years old, Sterling’s father died in a gruesome incident. He was murdered in Jamaica, instantly changing their family. Sterling has said that he has very little memory as far as the incident is concerned. He also doesn’t remember much about his father, as the incident forced him to be the man of the household right away.

At five years old, Sterling and his mother decided to move to London. Getting a chance to move away from the area his father was killed to open up better opportunities seemed like a no-brainer for Sterling’s mom. After playing on a few different youth teams early on, he caught the attention of academies before the rest became history.


Raheem Sterling is an only child. He grew up raised by a single mother, since his father was murdered soon after Sterling was born. At just two years old when the horrific incident occurred, he rarely brings up the incident with only vague memories.

Unlike some single-child star athletes, Sterling did not come from a spoiled childhood. In fact, with just him and his mom arriving in England from Jamaica, they had to fight through challenges just to get an opportunity to start playing soccer.

Wife and Kids

Raheem Sterling is currently not married. He’s also never been married. He does have one daughter, Melody Rose, who was born after having a brief relationship with a woman named Melissa Clarke. This relationship ended shortly after Melody’s birth in 2012.

After getting back together with current fiance Paige Milian, the couple celebrated the birth of two kids of their own. Thiago was born in 2017, while Theo was born in 2019. Although the couple has remained engaged for a few years now, there’s currently no official date for the wedding.

Pro Career Overview

Since turning pro in 2012, Raheem Sterling has spent his entire club career in the English Premier League. He made 95 appearances for Liverpool between 2012 and 2015. Although he experienced an incredible breakthrough as a top talent for Liverpool, contract disputes started to add up and caused him to look elsewhere.

Manchester City stepped in as a suitor for Sterling‘s talents. After bidding an incredible amount of money, Liverpool finally agreed to a transfer to Manchester City for 44 million pounds. With additional add-ons, he became the most expensive English player of all time.

With Manchester United, he experienced his best success individually and from a team perspective. Not only did Manchester City have team success, but Sterling made appearances on the PFA Premier League Team of the Year as well as picking up the PFA Young Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year. In the 2019-2020 season, he finished with over 30 goals to prove that he’s one of the most prolific goal scorers in the game.

After a successful run with Manchester City, Chelsea offered him a contract as a free agent for five years and 47,500,000 pounds. Just this year, he made his debut with Chelsea.

On the English National Team side, he’s made a total of 77 appearances for the senior team. In those appearances, he’s found the back of the net 19 times for his career. His best run with the national team came in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as the BBC rated him the best performing player on the squad. Unfortunately, England underachieved as a country, finishing last in Group D of that World Cup.

After being removed from the World Cup team in 2019 after having some issues with Joe Gomez, he was added back a couple of years later and should be in the mix for at least a few more years. At just 27 years of age, Sterling still has a chance to add to his legacy at the club and international level.