Portland Timbers: Player Salaries

Portland Timbers have had some decent success the last years, which is impressing considering that their budget is not even close to the richest clubs in the MLS.

While MLS payrolls can’t be compared to the top leagues in Europe, they still pay pretty good considering the quality of the teams.

The average player salary in Portland Timbers is $421,250 and the yearly wage bill for all the players combined is $11,788,000. Which makes them the 3rd highest paying club in the MLS.

Below is a breakdown of each players salary in Portland Timbers (divided by position)


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Jeff Attinella$175,000$188,000
Aljaz Ivacic$150,000$150,000
Steve Clark$140,000$140,000


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Larrys Mabiala$750,000$750,000
Jorge Villafana$600,000$617,500
Jorge Moreira$545,000$545,000
Dario Zuparic$350,000$375,250
Chris Duvall$285,000$310,000
Julio Cascante$170,000$170,000
Williams Velásquez$125,000$125,000
Marco Farfan$81,500$81,500


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Diego Valeri$2,320,000$2,420,000
Sebastian Blanco$1,300,000$1,375,000
Diego Chara$550,000$550,000
Yimmi Chara$500,000$550,000
Christhian Paredes$252,000$283,500
Bill Tuiloma$100,000$100,000
Blake Bodily$81,375$81,375
Eryk Williamson$81,375$81,375
Renzo Zambrano$81,375$81,375
Andres Flores$70,250$70,250
Marvin Loría$63,500$63,500


PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Jaroslaw Niezgoda$600,000$625,000
Tomás Conechny$396,000$396,000
Felipe Mora$275,000$310,000
Dairon Asprilla $200,000$200,000
Andy Polo$150,000$150,000
Jeremy Ebobisse$125,000$125,000

If there are any new signings or other updates to the player salaries, I will update the information above.

Here are the player salaries for all the teams In the MLS.

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