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Mohamed Salah’s Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife & Kids

Egyptian soccer hero Mohamed Salah has become one of the most sought-after players in world soccer. Thanks to a scoring record at Liverpool that’s drawn admiring glances from every top club in the world, the Egyptian international is now one of the most important players in the Premier League. 

It’s not all been plain sailing, though; after moving to Basel from Egyptian side Al Mokawloon in 2012, Salah spent two seasons at Chelsea, playing only 13 games in two years. It looked like the striker’s Premier League story was over, ` 

After being sold to Roma in 2016 after a successful season-long loan, it looked like Salah would be better suited to the pace of the Italian league. Still, after another great year, where he scored another 15 league goals and provided multiple assists, Liverpool took a chance on the Egyptian. 

Six years and 125+ league goals later, Mohamed Salah is one of the most well-known and respected strikers the Premier League has ever seen, and after securing a new contract, the player looks set for further success at Anfield.

Everyone knows Mohamed Salah, the player, but few know about his personal life, so today, that’s exactly what we’re going to look at. 

What makes Salah tick? Who does he live with? Does Salah have any family? Is Egypt’s greatest-ever player married? Are there any little Salahs at home? Let’s find out. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Mohamed Salah’s family.


  • Father: Salah Ghaly 
  • Mother: Name unknown 

Very little information is known about Mohamed Salah’s parents, both of whom are alive and well and are huge supporters of their famous son. Salah’s father, Salah Ghaly, and his mother, whose name is still a mystery, certainly played a part in Mo Salah becoming a professional soccer player. 

Both parents came from the Egyptian middle class and, as such, had hoped their son would choose an academic career rather than one in sports. Unfortunately for Salah Ghaly and his wife, Mohamed showed a natural aptitude for soccer from an early age, and the young Egyptian soon began playing for the youth team of El Mokawloon.

It quickly became apparent to Salah’s coaches that the player had real talent, and after only two years, he was moved into the first team at the tender age of 15.

Despite his parent’s misgivings, Salah continued to progress, often having to miss school to make the long journey to the club’s training ground, a round trip of over three hours. 

In 2012, Salah moved to Switzerland to play for Basel, and his steady rise to the top of European soccer would begin. It would take five years and several clubs before the Egyptian superstar would find a home at Liverpool, but by this point, his parents had become his biggest fans. 

Despite very little being known about Mohamed Salah’s mother, she does occasionally comment on her son’s life and career. In a recent photograph of Mohamed Salah being hugged by an attractive female fan, his mother was quick to give her eldest son a telling-off.

After seeing the picture on Twitter, Mrs. Ghaly declared that had she seen Mohamed’s father in a similar pose, she would have divorced him! 


  • Brother: Nasr Salah (born 1993)

Mohamed Salah has one sibling, a younger brother called Nasr, and it’s uncanny just how alike the two brothers look. Despite only one year separating the two brothers, their lives have taken very different directions. 

Nasr Salah still lives in Egypt and is one of the most well-known public figures in the country. A keen supporter of his older brother, the two spend a lot of time together, with Mohamed playing a key part in the wedding ceremony of his younger sibling. 


  • Wife: Magi Sadeq (born 1994)

A devout Muslim, Mohamed Salah has always avoided controversy where possible. With many soccer players being tempted by the nightlife and notoriety that their profession often brings, Salah has taken a more traditional route. Whether it’s due to his upbringing or his religious beliefs, Mohamed Salah has stayed away from 

Mohamed Salah met his future wife while they both attended the same school as children. Magi Salah is also from Basion Gharbia, the Egyptian village where Salah grew up, and the two would grow up alongside each other through elementary school and junior high.

The two remained close friends throughout Salah’s early career, and the couple was eventually married in 2013. 

Magi Sadeq is an Alexandria University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology.

The Salahs married in their village of Basion Gharbia, with Magi dressing in traditional Muslim clothing and Mohamed wearing a fashionable tuxedo. Magi has followed Salah throughout his moves across Europe and can often be seen supporting her husband at Anfield during games. 

Mr. and Mrs. Salah often make journeys back to Egypt to their hometown, especially during Ramadan, the religious festival, to share their wealth with local residents. Mohamed Salah, as a devout Muslim, appreciates his good fortune and tries to make sure that he never takes his wealth for granted. 


  • Daughter: Makka (born in 2014)
  • Daughter: Kayan (born in 2020)

Mohamed Salah has two children with his wife, Magi, both daughters. The couple’s eldest daughter, Makka, was born in 2014, almost a year after the Salahs were married.

Makka Salah was named in honor of the Muslim holy city of Mecca. Makka has been pictured many times on the soccer field with her father, often joined by her mother as they celebrated alongside Salah after another Liverpool trophy. 

The family was further bolstered in 2020 with the birth of Salah’s second daughter, Kayan. While we’re not in the business of speculation, it’s worth mentioning that Kayen was born around nine months after Liverpool’s incredible Champions League victory in 2019. 

As is often the case, whenever a nation or a club has an outstanding season or wins an unexpected trophy, there’s often a baby boom. Every time Italy wins a championship, the population rises the following year. It also seems to be true of Liverpool; whenever the Anfield faithful (or players) win a trophy, there’s a rise in births in the city. 

The Salah family may very well be complete, but with both Mohamed and his wife Magi still young, there’s every chance of the patter of even more baby footsteps in the future.

Doubtless, all of Egypt would like to see a son being born; the prospect of another Salah leading the line for Egypt in the future is certainly appealing.