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Man City’s FFP Troubles: Charges Hold Steady

Despite what you might have heard buzzing through the grapevine, the 115 charges slapped against Manchester City for breaching UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules are still on the table. Yep, those whispers about everything being dropped? Not true.

Now, you might wonder where all this chatter started. It seems some comments by Premier League CEO Richard Masters got the rumor mill churning. Last week, he mentioned at a European Leagues group press conference that a hearing was on the horizon, but no specifics could be shared. “The case will resolve itself at some point in the near future,” he mentioned.

But hold your horses, because according to Mail Sport’s Mike Keegan, the case is far from closed. On social media platform X, he shut down the rumors with a swift, “Told it’s not true.”

The charges themselves are pretty hefty. We’re talking about a list that runs the gamut from 2009 to 2018, including 54 charges of failing to keep their financial info up to snuff and 14 for not being on the up and up about how much they pay their players and managers.

It’s worth noting that Manchester City isn’t the only club feeling the heat. Everton and Nottingham Forest have both faced points deductions this season for FFP missteps. Especially Forest, who’s barely a hair’s breadth away from relegation.